Music Career Masterclass ✅
4.6 (84 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Music Career Masterclass ✅

Learn how to Build your Professional Career in Music
4.6 (84 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
719 students enrolled
Last updated 8/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Discover all the possible avenues that you can explore to make money from your music
  • Learn how to Build your Brand, Market and Promote yourself as a Music Maker, and Grow your Authority and Fanbase
  • You should be a music maker with computer experience, and a willingness to pursue your music path.
  • You should know how to make music in commercial quality

Level Up your Music Career Today
Now is your chance to Discover and Learn all the Essential Steps to Build your Professional Career in Music, so that you can Make Money from your Skills and Experience as a Music Maker and Artist.

Make Money from your Skills and Knowledge
How much Money would you like to Make from your Music Skills and Knowledge? Whether you are aiming for a Full Time Professional Career in Music, or to Create a Nice Side Income on top of your day job, this Masterclass will help you Advance on Your Journey.

Masterclass Modules:

  • Kickstart your Journey to a Professional Music Career
  • Game Music and Audio
  • Music Licensing - Your Music in TV/Film/Games
  • Create your own Brand - For Creatives and Artists
  • YouTube Success - For Music Makers and Artists
  • Designing Audio Logos
  • Teaching your Music Skills - With Screencasting

You will gain from 30 Years of Experience
The two instructors of this course (Mikael Baggström and Gary Hiebner) will share from the experience and knowledge they gained from all their years composing and producing music, which in total is well over 30 years. They have also experience in teaching online for 5+ years each. And together they have created this Masterclass to Guide and Help you Advance your Music Career.

Start Today - And Create Your Future
Don't wait for a better time, because time always runs out in the end. Invest in yourself today, and thank yourself tomorrow.

Greetings from your instructors,
Mikael Baggström and Gary Hiebner

Who this course is for:
  • Music Composers, Producers, Beatmakers, Songwriters and anyone making music
  • Music Makers who want to take their passion further and start making money from their music
Course content
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+ Kickstart your Journey to a Professional Music Career
16 lectures 01:01:49

Your Complete Guide to Develop your Music Career
This introduction video will present to you, the two instructors of this course, as well as go through the modules of the curriculum to briefly explain what you will learn in the masterclass.

Preview 03:16

Hey Friends and Creative People! Do you have big dreams as an artist? What are you waiting for? Go for it!

Preview 04:33

So you want to become a professional in your creative field? A Music Composer, Producer and Artist with great success, that people admire. Do you want to become truly successful, and develop a professional music career, where you can make money, grow your fanbase, and eventually live your dream?

Action: Define your End Game

How are you going to succeed as a music composer, producer and artist? How are you going to fulfill your dreams, and how are you going to finally reach your endgame for your professional music career journey.

Action: Create your Success Masterplan

Now it's time to evaluate which is going to be your main direction for your music career. Your path to success. You need to choose the road for your journey.

Choose your Hero Path

Alright, now let’s talk about the most important thing in any professional career. Actually making money. I’m sure you would like to get a list of ways to make money from your skills and knowledge in music.

How to Make Money in Music

Your Energy, Motivation, and Positive Mindset are worth incredibly much. In this video I'm going to give my tips on avoiding negativity to protect yourself from getting dragged down. And instead find sources of positive energy that will push you forward on your creative journey, your dream.

Don't let People KILL your Dreams

To get a professional career in any field you need to develop your skills and knowledge. Go from beginner, to intermediate, to an advanced...and finally a professional. But what skills are most important for your future professional career in music?

Your Skills

It is very important to get a good perspective over your professional journey as you move forward. We tend to forget things easily, including our own achievements. That is why I have created a milestone tracker. And you are going to get it as a bonus in this course.

Your Milestones

Here's a newsflash for you. If you want a professional career in music as a composer, song writer, or any kind of music actually need to build up a product portfolio, and it's not only music.

Your Portfolio

Imagine if you owned several assets that all worked for you to help you advance your professional career as a music composer? Wouldn’t that be amazing? 

Your Assets

Professional business connections. It is not only important, it is crucial for any career. That's why I save all connections I get in a special document, so I have their names, field of expertise and where they work, as well as their contact information...all in one place. And that's what you should do too. I have even set it all up for you in your special bonus which you will get later in this course.

Your Connections

I make a difference between business connections, and people that are more like colleagues in your field. Meaning they do similar things that you do. It can for example be a fellow music composer, producer, or basically any person within the music industry that share the same kind of talent or asset that you have.

Your Partners

In this video you are going to learn something that 99% of music artists forget, or even neglect to design and produce. Your own professional brand.

Your Brand
BONUS: Track your Music Career Journey

Congratulations for getting this far in the course. It means you are indeed an action taker, and take learning seriously. Now, I am a huge believer in learning by doing. So I want to recommend you, to not rush through this course too fast. Instead, take a moment now, to reflect on what you have learned so far. And then take action, to start implementing your new knowledge. It can be as easy as writing a list with key points and principles you have learned. And also, writing a list of action items you intend to start doing, right after this course.

Congratulations + Your Next Action
+ Exploring Game Music - For Music Makers and Artists
7 lectures 49:36

What is game music and why is it an exciting field? This will be covered in this lesson. I will go over how music is used in games, and how the ever changing nature of this industry makes it a really interesting field to work in

Preview 04:36

In this lesson I will go through the different types of game people you'll meet at a Game Studio, plus the music and audio roles that exist in the gaming industry.

The Different Roles in Game Audio/Music

One of the roles is a Game Music Composer. In this lesson I will go through what type of work a game music composer will do, and how you can excel at it.

Being a Game Music Composer

You could also look at being a Game Sound Designer. In this lesson I will show you what type of work a Game Sound Designer will get involved in, plus giving you some working examples of types of sounds you will create.

Being a Game Sound Designer

You could also look at work with game audio dialogue and voice overs. Imagine all the types of character voices you hear in games. And you could be a creator of these. In this lesson I'll take you through what type of steps you can go through to perfect game dialogue and voice overs.

Game Dialogue and Voice Overs

A vital part of working with game producers is being a part of the team. In this lesson I will go through the attributes you'll need to be a perfect team player in the game industry

Being a Team Player in the Game World

Finally I'll get you to take some action steps in building up your own Game Audio/Music Portfolio, that you can shop around to potential Gaming Studios.

ACTION: Build a Game Music Portfolio
+ Music Licensing - Your Music in TV/Film/Games
10 lectures 52:24

In this lesson Gary's gives a brief introduction into what Music Licenisng is and how you as a music maker can take advantage of this avenue

Preview 02:31

This lesson with go through some of the common terminology used the Music Licensing field.

Fixed Fees, Royalties and Exclusivity

The Audio Jungle Stock Library platform will be explored to show a resource you can use to showcase and sell your music.

Audio Jungle Stock Library

Gary's explains the different types of music you can submit to Audio Jungle

Types of Submissions for Audio Jungle

Now Gary will explain how to get your song ready to upload to audio Jungle by showing how to embed watermarks into your songs

Getting a Song Ready for Upload

Tags and Keywords are key in your songs being more successful on audio Jungle. This lesson explains how to use them and some best practices with them.

How to Use Tags and Keywords

If you want to use another platform then it's still important to add tags and keywords to your songs. In this lesson Gary shows how you can tag your tracks with iTunes and on Soundcloud.

Using Metatags in iTunes and Soundcloud

In this lesson Gary shows you how you can use other platforms like your social media platforms to promote your music.

How to Promote Your Music

If you don't want to go the stock library platform route, then you can source and contact music libraries direct. Gary gives you some advice on the best way to do this.

Contacting Music Libraries

Now it's your turns to take some action steps and build up your music portfolio either to upload to stock library platforms or to send to music libraries.

ACTION: Create Your Music Portfolio
+ Create your own Brand - For Creatives and Artists
12 lectures 01:14:13

What is Branding? It's essentially everything people can recognize and remember you by. Let me explain to you what branding really, and why you need to create your own branding profile.

Preview 05:05

Designing your own branding profile is not an easy task. And Since it is critical that your brand looks, and feels, professional to your audience, I would advice you to outsource some of the graphical design work, like the logotype for example. Perhaps you have a friend who is good at design. However, if you do have design skills and think you can create most parts of your branding yourself, I'm now going to share my top tips and tools for designing your brand.

Mike's Graphic Design Tips

Now, before you start designing all the visual elements of your brand, and then continue to design images and graphics for your products, marketing etc, you need to get good design tools first. And I want to share my top list of design tools with you in this video, and you can of course pick and choose whichever tools you like, and that suits your personal workflow.

Build your Design Toolkit

The main purpose of your brand, is to be a unique avatar for people to remember, so that they recognize your brand and your products, every time they see, hear, or read, any content you made with your brand. Now, take note on this…“Before you Design your Brand, you need to Define your Brand”…And in this video, I’m going to teach you the action steps I recommend, to define your own brand.

Define your Brand

So you have your Brand Definition ready, right? The Brand tags that you will use as a foundation for your complete Branding Profile, and all design work and communication you will do in the future. Well, now let’s talk about your brand name.

Your Brand Name

The first visual part of your brand you should design, is your color theme. Why? Because it will set the tone and foundation for basically every visual element you create.

Your Color Theme

The logotype of your brand is the single most important visual element you need to create. Because it will represent your brand everywhere.

Your Logotype

Branding is not only your visual appearance. Many companies also have complete sound design profiles, and the most important element of a sound that you can incorporate in your branding, is your audio logo.

Your Audio Logo

Now it’s time to communicate what you do, who you do it for, and why…in one single sentence. Your brand slogan.

Your Slogan

It’s time to create one profile picture to rule them all. It’s time to create your avatar.

Your Avatar Image

This lecture is about the visual aspect of text. And by this I mean fonts. There are thousands of fonts you can use, and each one looks and feels a certain way.

Your Main Font

Now it’s time for my favorite type of branding. It’s also the one that will have the biggest impact on your audience if you truly go all in. Personal Branding.

Mike's Personal Branding Tips
+ YouTube Success - For Music Makers and Artists
12 lectures 01:30:45

Why is YouTube so super important to focus on for building your fanbase as a music maker and artist? Well, in this video I am going to share my top 10 reasons why YouTube is my number one platform for building my audience. I hope these insights will help you decide to take action and make YouTube a high priority in your success journey as a music maker and artist.

Preview 08:57

Now, it's time to kickstart your YouTube Channel. And you should start by creating your own YouTube Master Plan. There's so much you can do, but I will make it easier for you by sharing the 7 main things I recommend you to focus on first, when you create your master plan and overall strategy for your YouTube Channel.

Kickstart your YouTube Channel

YouTube is about you. Your story, your journey, your life and experiences. That is one of the key points you should focus on if you are truly determined to become successful on YouTube.

Your Story

One of the best strategies I have found for gaining more views and subscribers, is riding waves.

What do I mean by riding waves? Well, I am talking about sudden peaks in search on YouTube. If you act fast, you can ride the full cycle of that wave. 

Riding Waves

Now I am going to share the absolute best way in my experience to boost your YouTube Channel as a Music Maker and Artist.

Here's how you can turbo charge your Music Channel on YouTube. Make Covers of popular songs.

Music Covers

A great way to add quality and value to the audience of your youtube channel as a music maker and artist, is to make music videos.

Music Videos

YouTube Collaborations. It's one of the super chargers for boosting your subscribers and views. So how does it work?


How can you get people to link to your YouTube Channel so that you can get more subscribers and fans of your music? Share your music for free.

Share for Free Strategy

In this video I am going to teach you the essentials of how the YouTube Algorithm really works, and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

YouTube Algorithm Explained

SEO stands for, "Search Engine Optimization". And it is basically everything you add to your video publishing process in an effort to boost your rank in the search results. I am now going to give you a list of the things I have personally found most important for SEO on YouTube.

YouTube SEO

Whether you are a small, medium or big YouTuber...Keyword Research is key. But if you don't have that many subscribers, it is even more important.

So what is keyword research? Basically, it's trying to find out what people actually search for within your niche.

Keyword Research

In this video I will share my complete 21 step quick guide to succeed on YouTube, based on my personal experience, as well as studying YouTube Experts, Big YouTube Channels, YouTube Analytics and so on. I want to really ignite your energy, empower you with knowledge as fast as possible, and boost your motivation. This is my YouTube Success Guide.

Mike's Step by Step Guide to YouTube Success
+ Designing Audio Logos
19 lectures 01:25:30

In this lesson I  give a brief explanation of audio logos and how they help your brand.

Preview 01:31

We take a quick look at the audio logo we'll be designing to give you, the student, an idea on the scope of this course and what we're aiming to create. 

Previewing an Audio Logo

In this lesson we cover what you'll need from a software side to complete this course. This includes the Digital Audio Workstation, software synths, and sound effects that can help in the design process.

What You'll Need to Create an Audio Logo

If you don't have an animated logo to work with, I show you how you can easily create an animated logo using a simple video editor software to get you off the ground with audio logos. If you already have an animated visual logo you can skip this step.

How to Create an Animated Logo

This lesson takes a look at how to add a movie into a DAW so that you can sync your audio to it. Adding a movie into your DAW will help you sync the audio with the logo.

Importing Video into your Project

This lesson takes a closer look at creating markers in your project as guides for scene changes and sound design elements like impact hits and fade outs. These are key points for creating interest in your audio logos.

Making Markers for Hits and Scene Changes

Finding the right tempo for your project can change an audio logos feeling and mood. In this lesson I show you how to line up a marker in your movie onto a bar change, plus we look at how editing the tempo changes how the logo plays out.

Finding the Tempo for your Audio Logo

In this lesson you learn how to make an impact hit sound by taking a regular drum kick sound and processing it with an EQ, and reverb.

Adding a Hit When the Logo Lands

This sub hit is taken further in this lesson with some extra processing to really help give it some impact. I export out the previous hit sound, add some extra EQ processing and compressor to enhance the sub hit sound.

Turning this Hit sound into a Sub Hit

In this lesson we take a look at how you can create your own unique whoosh sound effects by taking a white noise sample and editing and processing it. I use a synth with a white noise oscillator, and then export this out to an audio track and add extra processing to it.

Creating your Own Unique Whoosh Sounds

In this lesson I show you how you can use sound effects to further enhance your audio. For example, using explosion sounds to give sub hits more impact. These sound effects layered with the sub hit, really help hype up the audio logo.

Extra Sound Effects with Impact Sounds

In this lesson we take a look at how you can reverse sounds, and then use these reversed sounds to help create a build up to the hit sections. For example a reverse sound building up to the hit.

Creating Reversed Sound Effects

This lesson takes you through how to add some extra sparkle to your logo in the higher registers. Things like chimes, crash swell, and harp run samples work really well in this area. 

Embellishing your Logo with Sparkle Effects

This lesson covers adding some color to your audio logo with chords or chord progression. I will show how to use pad sounds playing chords to give the logo a tonal flavour.

Adding Tonal Chords

This lesson takes tonal coloring further by adding in some extra instruments to create a layered up wall of sound. By layering up different pads you can get a complex chord sound.

Layering Up Your Chords

This lesson covers how sequenced parts can help add a pulse and movement to your audio logo. I will explore some patches that have sequencer parts in them so you can hear how this gives the logo some movement.

Add a Sequencer Instrument Part for Movement and Pulse

This lesson covers how sequenced parts can help add a pulse and movement to your audio logo. I will explore some patches that have sequencer parts in them so you can hear how this gives the logo some movement.

Creating Melodies with Arp Sequences

In this video I show you how to make some mix adjustments, plus how to add some mastering processing on your main output. This will get your audio ready for the final export.

Editing Your Mix

We'll export out your audio from your DAW, and look at how to embed it with the video. I will demonstrate how to embed the audio to the video within the DAW, plus how to do it with a video player, like Quicktime.

Exporting your Audio to Movie
+ Teaching your Music Skills - With Screencasting
9 lectures 54:33

Gary explains how you can use your music skills to produce screencast tutorial videos. It can be another extra source of income for you as a music maker.

Preview 01:44

This lesson goes through the screencasting software options you can look at using.

Screencasting Software Options

Gary takes you through the best possible microphones you can use in your screencasting setup, and best way to record your voice with the microphone.

Microphone Choices and Setup

Gary gives a live demo on how to record a video with the screencast software.

Live Screencasting Demo

In this lesson Gary gives some editing tips and tricks on how to make your tutorial videos more engaging.

More Engaging Screencasts

Gary takes it a step further with this lesson, and gives some extra tips and tricks to give your music tutorial to top notch quality.

Tips & Tricks for Making Great Screencasts

Gary shares his audio tips and tricks in this lesson on how to get the best audio edit from your voice over.

Audio Tips & Tricks

In this lesson a look is taken at the best export settings to use that can be used across multiple online platforms.

Best Export Settings to Use

In this lesson you will take action steps at creating your first screencast music tutorial.

ACTION: Create your First Screencast
+ Bonus Module: Your Final Bonuses included
3 lectures 04:42
Mike's Bonus Gifts

In this lesson Gary mentions the bonus gifts that you get for getting to the end of the masterclass.

Gary's Bonus Gifts
Bonus Lecture: Congratulations + You are Invited =)