Mr. K's Grammar World: Gerunds and Infinitives as Objects

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Confidently and accurately use the correct verb form (gerund or infinitve) when it is the object of a verb.
Understand what gerunds and infinives are in the English language.


  • Basic knowledge of English.


This course will give students information to help them use gerunds and infinitives more accurately.  They will learn about the different forms of verbs in English and when to use them.  Students will also receive lists of verbs commonly followed by gerunds and infinitives and html quizzes to help them learn the patterns.

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate or higher English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) learner

Course content

1 section8 lectures42m total length
  • Introduction
  • Part 1: What are the five forms of verbs in English
  • Part 2: Spelling Rules for Gerunds
  • Part 3: Full and Bare Infinitives
  • Part 4: Direct Objects
  • Part 5: Common Errors
  • Gerunds and Infinitives Lists
  • Gerunds and Infinitives Quizzes


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Luther Killebrew
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I have been teaching English as a Second Language for almost 30 years.  I hold a Master's Degree in TESL and have taught in Japan, the United States and the Middle East.  My areas of expertise include grammar, writing, editing, testing, material writing and curriculum design.  I have taught at the junior high school, high school and university levels, including holding a tenured Assistant Professor position at a Japanese university.  I have presented at international conferences, including the TESOL Conference and published in several journals, including the TESOL Journal.

I began designing my own classroom materials in the 90s because I was dissatisfied with the off-the-shelf materials provided to me by my schools.  Twenty five years later, I have an extensive library of unpublished material but lacked a forum for publishing that suited my style and material.

I also have an extensive background in Instructional Technology application in the classroom.  I have used many different tools including SMARTBoards, Moodle, EDLine, personal websites and social media.

I've been there, done that, and now I'm ready to broaden my teaching beyond a brick-and-mortar classroom.