How to Automate Mouse Actions with Selenium WebDriver

All you need to know about automating UI/UX element interactions on webpages using Selenium WebDriver and Java
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Working with Actions Class in Selenium WebDriver
How to automate mouse actions using Selenium WebDriver
Performing Mouse Hover operation using automation
Actions class in Selenium WebDriver
Performing Drag and Drop operation using Selenium WebDriver
Right-Click, Double Click Operations


  • Basic understanding of Java and Selenium WebDriver is required to perform hands on exercises mentioned in this course.


What is Actions Class in Selenium WebDriver?

  • An API that simulates complex Keyboard events and mouse operations.

  • We can build a series of actions using the Action Interface and Actions Class. This process is widely known as Action Chaining.

  • Actions class is also useful in working with complex web elements like - working with pseudo elements - which is very hard to work with usual WebDriver operations.

This course covers:

  • Implementation of Actions class for mouse operations using Selenium WebDriver

  • Automating mouse hover operations

  • Automating drag and drop objects on webpages

  • Automation of resizable elements on webpages

  • Automating context click (right-click) and double click

  • Working with Sliders (slider bars) on webpages

  • Automating multiple key operations (Ex. TAB + F1)

Bonus Sessions:

  • Working with JavaScript Alerts

  • Working with Prompt Box

  • Working with Confirmation Box

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn How to automate mouse actions using Selenium WebDriver.
  • QE Testing Professionals
  • Selenium Testers
  • Automation Test Engineers
  • QE Automation Engineers
  • Automation Aspirants
  • Manual Testing Professionals
  • Software Testing Professionals

Course content

3 sections11 lectures41m total length
  • Mouse Hover
  • Right Click (Context Click)
  • Drag and Drop


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