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Starter pack contains: self discovery activity, know your fears, gain awarnes of your personality type, track your time, predecided your day.


  • No knowledge required just an interest in being motivated to achieve in life. A journal and pens to complete activities. Printer to print activity sheet.
  • Prepaired to engage in activity sheets


This is course is a coaching model, coaching moves you forward by asking you questions to evoke a curious mindset.

Coaching is not tell you the answers and is not counselling. If you are needing to address an experience from the past please contact your GP or counselling service.

This course has powerful questions for you to take actions on.

Life can be anything you wish for.

We must know Who we are warts and all

Have a dig deep attitude and take the fear test

What we want and of course what we don`t want (Have a plan & Predecide your day)

Know what makes you tick and move (Your personality type)

How to have a mircle morning.

Life Coaching with a Transformation Coach builds strong resilient and driven minds.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking for answers to the key to motivation.
  • prepaired to do some self reflection

Course content

1 section7 lectures31m total length
  • Welcome to the starter pack of Motivation
  • Who are you
  • Take the Fear Test
  • Let`s Get Real
  • What`s Your Plan
  • Let`s get Motivated
  • Want More ?


Transformation Coach
Deborah Cassie
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Life Coaching with a Transformation Coach is a powerful tool, enabling you to identify barriers/blocks that are hindering you from making powerful choices in areas of your life. You are able to gain clarity about your thought patterns while acquiring the tools to reframe your language. Giving you the ability to gain direction to be able to maximise personal and professional growth.  When the key areas are addressed clients genuinely have healthier, relationships and work life balance. Coaching uncovers the main issue and concentrates on the future rather than the past we focus on solutions rather than the problems we support you to find the answers.

How coaching works:

By asking you challenging and powerful questions which will enable you to view and think about your situation very differently.
When you are challenged to think differently you come up with answers and solutions which you may not have thought of before. Coaching empowers you to operate from a place of authenticity, which opens doors to create strong lasting change.
We naturally avoid challenging ourselves as it can be time consuming physically and emotionally. With my support you will be able to implement actions needed for long term permanent change. 
Identify your fears which maybe sabotaging your success.
Coaching supports you to set strong intentions while keeping you accountable