Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 12 weeks to 24 weeks
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Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy 12 weeks to 24 weeks

Continuing on your journey through pregnancy
4.0 (1 rating)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • We will continue to explore the 10 pregnancy skills fathers developed for themselves, how they are applicable to you as a pregnant woman and how each skill morphs through each of the 5 phases of pregnancy.
  • No prerequisites

Phase 2 of pregnancy Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy course 12-24 weeks. We continue on learning the 10 skills that we focused on in phase 1 of pregnancy conception to 12 weeks. You do NOT need to have taken the first if that phase of pregnancy has passed you by! 

These skills developed as a continuation of Birthing Better birth and birth-coaching skills developed by mothers and fathers in the early 1970s and the childbirth preparation skills that evolved from those birth management skills. 

At a certain point Birthing Better fathers came to realise they were feeling left behind by the time they should start preparing for the birth of their baby much less by the Time the Birth arrived. From their keen interest to keep up, these 10 skills were developed. 

Through the Udemy global community, Common Knowledge Trust, is passing on these legacy skills. 


We stuck to a firm pattern of having an introduction of each skill and how each was applied to yourself, the baby and baby's father. 

In this phase we'll be more relaxed and cover how each skill morphs. Some settle down and others stimulate a high level of attention. 


  1. From 12-24 weeks many things just plan settle down ... and it's ok to feel more relaxed and a relief.  
  2. You'll realise that each skill has it's own flavour and changes profoundly and subtly even during these 12 weeks. 
  3. Your confidence will grow. 
  4. If you're working on these skills with your baby's parent then together you will grow in ways many families never experience
Who this course is for:
  • Pregnant women, birth professionals and others interested
Course content
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+ Introduction
1 lecture 01:16

This is a continuation of Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy Conception to 12 Weeks. But pregnancy moves along so fast in that funny slowish way that if you're now 12-24 weeks don't go backwards. 

Where did these skills come from? Men! Fathers! They were desperate to keep up with you. You're desperate to keep up with you! Now you can learn the skills that help you keep up with all the changes. 

Preview 01:16
+ The 10 Skills
1 lecture 02:01
Think about what men feel they lack.
For Those Who Didn't Care First Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy
1 question

Here are the 10 skills. Thank your father, husband/partner, brother, son, uncle, grandfather, nephew or male cousin. Any of those men could have helped develop these pregnancy skills. 

Think about it. Men are absolutely desperate to know how-to. Who is going to teach them? Most women can't. We don't know what we want or WTF is happening throughout lots of pregnancy. 

Men have taken it on to themselves to figure out what skills were the best. 

10 Pregnancy Skills
+ See What Needs To Be Done And Do It
1 lecture 02:01

Unless you have kids this skill calms down a bit during this phase of pregnancy. Always be grateful when you can be less attentive and don't have to be on task. 

This frees you to be on task when it's necessary. 

Preview 02:01
Diary/List/Scribble ... we're going ask you to write something down
What does need to be done?
1 question
+ Attention to Details
2 lectures 03:28

For those who didn't take the Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy Conception to 12 Weeks, this is an introduction to this skill.

Preview 01:55

When we are pregnant, we have to balance paying attention to details about ourselves and those around us. There's a biological mandate to turn inward. This is good and a protective mechanism. 

We also live Life and everything in our Life places demands on us. 

What makes all Women deeper and more consciously aware is this pull between going Inward and needing to keep our Life's stuff functioning. 

Attention to Details to Self
Every pregnant woman takes a Heroine's Journey
Heroine's Journey
1 question
+ Awareness
4 lectures 10:18

Awareness is step one followed by Attention to Details followed by See What Needs to be Done and Doing it. 

Preview 03:26

Your awareness to your baby is all about 'when will I feel my baby move?', 'Am I showing yet?' or 'Is there a health issue?' 

Or, there is a defined health issue concerning yourself or baby then your awareness will be on high alert.

Awareness to Baby

Because conception to 12 weeks turns on a type of awareness that most of us have never experienced ... or just a few times in Life. Pregnancy turns on a particular type of awareness. 

Thankfully there are periods in pregnancy where this subsides only to be picked up again closer to the Birth and during Birth and of course during the early newborn period. 

Awareness to Self

Just plan give the Gift of Awareness to your baby's other parent and don't always expect them to be aware of everything you need or want. 

Awareness to Baby's Father
Pregnancy causes us to turn inward.
Put Your Awareness Some Place
1 question
+ Patience
4 lectures 08:28

One of those keep on, keeping on skill. Something we all deal with. 

Patience Introduction

Keep paying attention to your Inner Thinking. You can adjust it to some extent so keep working on being patient with yourself.

Patience to Self

By 12 weeks we start to get very impatient about feeling our baby move. 12 weeks is 3 months. Long time to wait. We have to wait longer! 

Preview 02:03

This is another Gift to give your baby's other parent. Pregnant women can consume all the oxygen in the room. 

Patience to Baby's Father
Children have no control over their 'tone of' voice but you do. Let's play around with varying it.
Playing around with 'tone of' voice
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+ Kindness
4 lectures 09:08

Fathers who developed these skills absolutely knew that kindness was of utmost importance. Would you be so kind if men got pregnant and went through all the changes you're going through? 

Kindness Introduction

As you go through all the changes of pregnancy, do remember to be kind to yourself. You are not in control. You need to work with your growing baby.

Kindness to Self

One of the kindest thing you can do to your baby's other parent is to thank them for their kindness to you. 

Kindness to Baby's Father

Whether this is your 10th pregnancy or 1st you are not in control. You're sharing your body with your baby. You're growing another human being inside you. All of this is hard work without moving a muscle. If you feel a bit overwhelmed that's natural. If you're feeling out of control, you are. 

The best approach to all your weird and wild feelings is kindness. 

Kindness to Self
We want you to do one act of Kindness to yourself, your baby and baby's other parent
Acts of Kindness
1 question
+ Recap 1st 5 Skills
1 lecture 03:21

Just what this lesson is about ... a short recap of the first five skills.

Recap 1st 5 Skills
+ Clarity
2 lectures 03:51

Use this skill as a basis for all the other skills. Use this skill as you're making choices. Find your 'yes'. Find your 'no'. Sit with your uncertainty until you come to a clear understanding of your 'yes' and 'no'. 

Clarity Introduction

Clarity to self is absolutely a vitally important skill for you to develop. We are in an epidemic of post-natal depression. There is absolutely no doubt that if you lack effective skills throughout pregnancy, skills to prepare for your baby's actual Birth as well as useable birth skills then you are much more likely to have some level of post natal depression. Why? 

Post natal depression is a disconnect from Self and sense of feeling out of control. Birthing Better women rarely experience post-natal depression and if they do ... and are reminded to use some of the skills they've already learned ... then they come right. For a moment they forgot to use the skills they already had. 

Men developed these skills because too many experience the same disconnect. Our Birthing Better Udemy Academies are designed to change pregnancy, birth preparation and birth for the positive. 

Clarity to Self
+ Delight
4 lectures 07:23

Store delightful moments and use them as memories during challenging times. Delight for the shear delight. Find ways to delight even the simplest things.

Delight Introduction

As a woman who is becoming a mother you are facing all sorts of changes. We don't need to tell you that. You know. Those changes drag you away from the ability to delight. 

This passage from 'becoming' to 'being' is all about maturing, becoming deeper and a richer person. Delight in your maturing. You're going through another phase in your Life. That's delightful. 

Preview 02:01

Give your baby's other parent the Gift to feel delight even when you're going through all the changes in pregnancy. Your changes are real and need to be respected and honoured but men will give up delight because they feel they are the cause of all your unpleasant changes. 

Delight to Baby's Father

The delight to your baby zooms into focus once you start to feel your baby's movements. 

Delight to Baby
Delight is a skill that you should totally develop if it's not a basic part of your personality
How's your delight factor?
1 question