4 easy and quick meals : with no meat

discover moroccan food and learn how to make some moroccan food
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after this course you can cook some moroccan food
you will discover some moroccan food and the way each food is prepared
you will know some of the most important spices used in some moroccan food
you will know the basics of cooking some moroccan street food


  • you need a computer or phone


Moroccan cuisine has been one of the most diverse in the world since ancient times. This is due to Morocco's interaction with the outside world for centuries. It is a mixture of the Arab and the Maghreb, the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Africa.

So,in this video i tried to show you how to prepare some moroccan food .At the beginning of the video, i started with a food called MAAKOUDA,consisting mainly of cooked potatoes and some spices.

then,i moved to prepare another food called KRACHEL : is a brioche tha is flavored with anise seeds,this brioche is often served for breakfast with coffee or tea.

after that , i moved to another  classic moroccan street food item called : TAYEB OHARI which means cooked and soft .

Then, i moved to another food called : coconut macaroons is a  coconut cookies. 

                                                                                INGREDIENTS :  

1- MAAKOUDA : _ eggs                   2- KRACHEL : _ flour         3- TAYEB O HARI : _ chickpeas        4_ COCONUT : _ water

_ potato                                              _eggs                                _ water                                                 _ eggs

_ oil                                                      _ sugar                              _ salt                                                   _ coconut

_ spices if you want.                              _ sesame seeds              _ ground paprika                                  _ salt

_ bread to make the sandwich .             _ oil                                                                                              _ sugar 

_ tomato .                                              _ water

_ lettuce                                                 _ salt 

_ flour 

_ salt 

Who this course is for:

  • anyone can see this course
  • everyone can see this course because you will learn how to cook some moroccan street food step by step


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