MongoDB from scratch in Urdu/Hindi language

Learn step by step the basic mondogoDB concepts.
Rating: 3.6 out of 5 (35 ratings)
2,539 students
MongoDB from scratch in Urdu/Hindi language
Rating: 3.6 out of 5 (35 ratings)
2,538 students
You will understand the basic concepts of mongoDB
CRUD operation
Downloading and installing mondogoDB


  • Relational database
  • SQL

In this series you will the basic concepts and operation of MongoDB, you will also learn the CRUD operation in MongoDB.
I will teach you step by step with examples, I will also compare the relational database queries with MongoDB.
You will also learn the installation of MongoDB on your local machine.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone Who want to learn NO-SQL databas
  • Anyone who want to learn MongoDB
1 section • 25 lectures • 3h 3m total length
  • why MongoDB
  • How data insert in databas
  • Collections in mongoDB
  • Documents in mongoDB
  • Downloading mongoDB
  • Installing mondoDB in widnows
  • Checking databases in mongodb
  • Collectiobns in mongoDB
  • Documetns in mongoDB
  • Inserting documetn in mongodb
  • Introdution to objects in mongoDB
  • Arrays in mongoDB
  • Nested documents in mongoDB
  • Retrieve data from mongodb
  • Greater than and less than in mongodb
  • LIKE in mongodDB
  • AND in mongoDB
  • OR operator in mongoDB
  • OR with AND in mongoD
  • $gt with $lte in mongoDB
  • Anonymous function in mongoDB
  • NULL in mongoDB
  • Type in mongDB
  • Adding array in document using mongoDB
  • Array matching in mongoDB

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