How to monetize your Construct 2 games using Admob ads 2020
4.6 (18 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,654 students enrolled

How to monetize your Construct 2 games using Admob ads 2020

Learn how to use phonegap to build your Construct 2 games containing Admob Ads
4.6 (18 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,654 students enrolled
Created by Paul Chin
Last updated 6/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Use admob plugins and insert admob into your game
  • Export cordova projects
  • Create and use github repositories
  • Use phonegap cloud build
  • Generate and use keystores to sign apk files
Course content
Expand all 46 lectures 02:52:22
+ Introduction and welcoming message
1 lecture 01:14

This lecture welcomes the students and gives them a high level overview of the entire course contents as well as learning outcomes.

Preview 01:14
+ Creating a simple layout for testing Admob
3 lectures 15:17

Informs the students the section learning outcomes, i.e. to be able to create a simple layout containing 2 buttons to be used for testing admob ads.

Preview 00:27

How to create a 16:9 portrait layout and add 2 buttons and a test message object.

Creating a layout and adding buttons

How to set the name, description and id for your game and how to save it.  Downloadable Construct 2 project up to this stage.

Preview 04:50
+ Adding button event handlers
4 lectures 09:26

Learning outcomes in this section:

  1. Working with event sheets

  2. Insert touch objects

  3. Adding events

  4. Handling touch events from buttons

Preview 00:33

How to add touch object to layout and also creating a handler for the show banner ad button.

Preview 05:39

Exercise to apply knowledge learnt in previous lesson to add event handler for the show interstitial ad button

Exercise: Adding an event handler for the show interstitial ad button

Solution to the exercise on adding a handler to the show interstitial ad button. Downloadable .capx project is also available as a zipped file.

Solution: Adding an event handler for the show interstitial ad button
+ Downloading and installing the Admob plugin
2 lectures 06:52

Introduction to the section. By the end of this section students will be able to:

  1. Download the Admob plugin

  2. Install the plugin into Construct 2

Introduction to downloading and installing the Admob plugin

Download and install the admob plugin.  Resources for this lesson is available for download.

Download and install the Admob plugin
+ Creating Admob event sheet
3 lectures 20:07

Learning outcomes:

  1. Create admob event sheets

  2. Use admob plugin to create admob functions

Preview 00:25

Adding an Admob event sheet and creating 3 functions for initializing Admob, showing banner and interstitial ads, respectively.

Creating admob event sheet and Admob functions

Where to get test ad ids and also how to add them to our Construct 2 game.

Preview 03:51
+ Exporting a cordova project
4 lectures 12:20

Learning outcomes:

Export cordova projects

Configuring config.xml for building the apk file

Preview 00:34

How to export a cordova project for android.

Exporting a cordova project

How to configure the config.xml to get it ready for building an apk file

Preview 05:44

Adding the phonegap version to the config.xml file.  The exported cordova project is available for download with this lesson.

Adding phonegap version to config.xml
+ Using github
7 lectures 44:09

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understanding the need for github

  2. Create github account

  3. Install and use git-scm

  4. Creating repositories

  5. Uploading files to github

Introduction to using github

Understanding why we need to use github.

Why do we need to use github?

Step-by-step practical on signing up for a new github account. If you already have a github account, you may skip this lesson.

Signing up for github

Where to download git-scm, how to install it and how to check if installation is successful.

Installing git-scm

How to create a new github repository and use git client to upload files to github

Creating a repository and uploading files

Differences between using git for the first time on a machine, pushing updates  and creating subsequent repositories.

Summary of github commands

What is the difference between cloning and synchronizing?  When would you use each and how to do it?

Cloning and synchronizing github
+ Building an apk file
4 lectures 09:26

Learning outcomes:

  1. Create new phonegap build accounts

  2. Link github repositories to phonegap build

  3. Download and install apk files on android devices

Introduction to building apk files

How to create a new phonegap build account.

Signing up for a phonegap build account

Fixing 2 errors in the config.xml file.  Construct 2 exported cordova project available for download. This download contains the fixed config.xml file.

Fixing errors in config.xml file

How to link your github repo to phonegap, then build the apk, download and test on an android device.

Building an apk file
+ Directly uploading a project to phonegap build without using github
1 lecture 03:18

For those who do no want to learn github, or, use github, there is a simpler way.  Direct upload to phonegap build. This lecture will teach you how to directly upload your project to phonegap build.

Directly uploading a project to phonegap build without using github
+ Using live ads
7 lectures 19:39

Logging into Admob console and generating live ad ids.

Generating live ad ids

How to use the live ad ids in Construct 2.

Configuring Construct2 using live ad ids

How to export a new Cordova project containing the Admob live ad ids.

Exporting new Cordova project containing live ads

Configuring the config.xml file for  the new cordova project which contains live admob ids.

Configuring new config.xml file

Creating a new  github repository for our new cordova project which contains live admob ads, and uploading our project.

Creating a new github repository for live ads

Changing name, id and description of the live ad app.

Changing name of live ads app

How to create a new app in phonegap build and link to your new github project

Building a live ad apk
  • Already know how to make games using Construct 2
  • Windows PC and Android phone
  • Admob account and Google play developer account

This course will teach you how to insert AdMob ads into your Construct 2 Android mobile games, and build it using PhoneGap build. At time of writing, trying to find out how to do this from the Internet, is almost impossible as there is no one reliable source that seems to work. Everything seems to be in bits and pieces all over the Internet. Some partially works, and some just fails. I have done the research and put together everything you need to know to get it to work. And this course is the culmination of my work. The contents of this course is geared towards Construct 2.

I created this course because… CocoonIO has died. Yes, you heard it right. CoccoonIO by Ludei was the only workable way to add AdMob into your Construct 2 Android mobile games. Unfortunately, the owners decided to close it all down in early 2019, leaving us with nothing.  So what else is there? PhoneGap. But getting AdMob and PhoneGap to play along was no easy task. It was almost a hackish activity trying to figure how to put AdMob into your Construct 2 game and yet be able to convert it to an apk file for publishing on Google Play. So I started experimenting with AdMob and PhoneGap, and had to endure the frustration of the lack of support and tutorials from Scirra .  After much sweat and tears, I finally found out how to put AdMob into your Construct 2 and make it work with PhoneGap. Hence this course. This course was created for 2 reasons. First, it is to document what I have found and second to help others who are facing this issue as well.

If you are unsure about this course, just go ahead and enroll anyway, you have a 30-day money back guarantee. See you inside! Hope you enjoy the course!

Who this course is for:
  • Those who already know how to use Construct 2 and want to add Admob ads
  • Those who want to use phonegap build to create their games