Momentum, Collision and Elasticity

Concept and Application
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Linear and Angular Momentum
Physical Quantities from Angular Motion


  • Should have basics of Science
  • Completed Secondary Examinations


The course will enable the students to understand about

  • · Mass

    · Inertia

    · Weight

    · Newton's Laws of Motion

    · Laws of Inertia

    · Linear momentum,

    · Newton's Second Law,

    · Archer Example,

    · Conservation of Linear Momentum,

    · Impulse,

    · Angular Momentum, Moment of Momentum

    · Torque or Moment of Force

    · Different types of Collisions,

    · Elastic and Inelastic collisions,

    · Two Dimensional Collisions,

    · Rocket Propulsion,

    · Center of Mass and Center of Gravity,

    · Motion of COM

    · Acceleration of COM,

    · Spring example

    · Rocket Propulsion,

    · Elasticity and different elastic Moduli ( its Types),

    · Young's Modulus of Elasticity-Young's modulus (E) describes tensile elasticity, or the tendency of an object to deform along an axis when opposing forces are applied along that axis; it is defined as the ratio of tensile stress to tensile strain. It is often referred to simply as the elastic modulus.

    · Bulk Modulus of Elasticity- The bulk modulus (K) describes volumetric elasticity, or the tendency of an object to deform in all directions when uniformly loaded in all directions; it is defined as volumetric stress over volumetric strain, and is the inverse of compressibility. The bulk modulus is an extension of Young's modulus to three dimensions.

    · Modulus of Rigidity- (G or {\displaystyle \mu \,}Lamé second parameter) describes an object's tendency to shear (the deformation of shape at constant volume) when acted upon by opposing forces; it is defined as shear stress over shear strain. The shear modulus is part of the derivation of viscosity.

    · Thrust.

Who this course is for:

  • Students Learning Physics at intermediate level
  • Higher Secondary Students


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