Modern Wordpress Theme Development

Developing a custom theme using Sage 9 starter theme
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Custom Wordpress theme development
Modern Wordpress theme development
Understand WP Query
Understand how to create custom post type
Understand how to create Advanced Custom Fields
Understanding wordpress template hierarchy
Learn how to develop themes the modern way
PHP Development
Laravel mix


  • Basic understanding of Wordpress
  • Basic understanding of PHP


If I could be bold enough to say that theme development in Wordpress sucks. I remember how much I dreaded the repetition i.e. copying and pasting code. Views were always tightly coupled to the business logic with no clear separation of concerns. Templates would end up having spaghetti PHP code scattered around. Wordpress plugin development is, however, somewhat better compared to theme development; where at least you can isolate the logic in classes.

Wordpress itself is evolving drastically by introducing features like Gutenberg and WP Rest API. However even with these advanced and cool features, unfortunately, theme development experience hasn't changed much. But don't despair, Roots have you covered. The community behind Roots has introduced some awesome development tools like sage starter them, Bedrock and Trellis, which makes theme development fun.

In this course, I will walk you through the process of setting up sage theme. I will walk you through some of the basic concepts in Wordpress  and an alternate way of developing themes which will help you to stay DRY ( Don't repeat yourself ).

Who this course is for:

  • Wordpress theme developers
  • PHP developers
  • Web developers
  • Backend developers

Course content

5 sections13 lectures3h 1m total length
  • Introduction
  • Installing and configuring Wordpress on your local machine for development
  • Installing Sage 9 starter theme and configuring your editor for development


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Ali Shah
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My web development journey kicked off when a friend of mine needed some help with his website. I still remember the pain that I went through while trying to change text and some images. However, I was completely mesmerised by the whole notion of instructing web browser to do as how i would instruct it .

It was around 2008 when i decided to pursue web development as a career. In contrast to lot of great self taught programmers, I took the traditional route of going to university and did my B.Sc ( Hons ) in Applied Computing. Since then I have never looked back and have only moved forward.

Programming and any thing web related is my passion and I have put endless hours in  acquiring the required theoretical and practical knowledge to get where I am.

My goal is to sum up the knowledge I have acquired over the years; break it down and teach others in simple English, hoping that some body out there might find it beneficial.