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let var and const
switch case
template literal
arrow function
spread operator
primitive vs reference
import and export
array function
iterate through object and array [for\of for\in]


  • No prior JavaScript knowledge is required
  • Vscode and browser


While there are a ton of Javascript courses available for you to choose from, none compare to this course. Instead of focusing on writing code and building one large project this course is focused on learning Javascript and what the code you are writing does. I focus on simplifying and explaining in depth every complex Javascript topic so you have a deep understanding of something that you may miss out.

In order to accomplish such a highly focused all unrelated concepts are kept to a bare minimum. This means no extra time will be wasted on building out huge CSS files or writing html, and instead every minute of this course will be focused solely on learning Javascript. Because of the focused nature of this course you will learn the important things about Javascript in a shorter time.

Why Javascript important? Javascript is important for you not just frontend but also backend nowadays. Angular,React and Vue are very popular framework, they not just can build the website, but also build apps for iOS and Android. Nodejs  is also an open source server environment which allow to use Javascript on server side. So, no matter you are a frontend developers or backend developer, this course is perfect for you.

Who this course is for:

  • People that want to learn modern JavaScript
  • With basic Javascript skills who wish to improve


Registered teacher, MSc in Computer Science, Statistics
Kim Chen
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He is a registered teacher who has experience in teaching javascript, physics, maths and statistics for over 10 years.

He got a master degree in data science and statistics, computer science in the  University of Hong Kong.

He got GPA 3.55/4.0 and got A in the following subjects

Foundations of Data Science

Statistics of Management

Regression in Practice

Stochastic Modelling

Simulations and Statistical Computing

He now enjoys teaching others and continues to learn every single day.

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