Modern Calligraphy - learn to become a Calligraphy artist
4.3 (511 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,141 students enrolled

Modern Calligraphy - learn to become a Calligraphy artist

Calligraphy Masterclass - Learn the secrets to creating beautiful Calligraphy writing, even if you aren't the arty type!
4.3 (511 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
3,139 students enrolled
Created by Maria Tomlinson
Last updated 7/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Create amazing Calligraphy artwork
  • Learn the best way to make sure your work is beautifully consistent
  • Become a calligraphy artist
  • Have the skills and knowledge to be able to create beautiful artwork for yourself or others
  • Become better than most people doing Calligraphy as you will learn the fundamental basics which others do not even know exist!
  • Learn the best way to create beautifully consistent artwork time after time
  • The perfect course for beginners and more experienced artists
  • Learn the fundamental calligraphy stokes that most people do not even know exist! This makes your calligraphy beautifully consistent allowing you to produce amazing designs time after time.
  • No prior knowledge or artistic skills required.
  • Tools required: paper and a brush pen, or simply a crayola felt tip marker can work too! No need for expensive calligraphy starter sets.

Discover the simple secrets that will make your writing beautiful and consistent every time. Some of the most experienced Calligraphers do not even know these steps!

No need to be the arty type either.   Calligraphy can be done by anyone, as long as you learn the correct way from the very beginning.  This course will set you off learning all the skills you need to become a Calligraphy Pro.

Learn how to create beautiful Calligraphy writing the modern way.  No need for the old fashioned pen and ink, you can now create beautiful Calligraphy writing simply using a brush pen these days!  Unlike other courses, this course doesn't ask you to go out and spend lots of money on equipment before you start, simply pick up some cheap brush pens (less than $5 of amazon!) and use some A4 printer paper that you've probably got lying around the house already, and you are ready to start!  To create the course, I've used the very same basic equipment, cheap brush pens and some printer paper, so you can see it can be done.

I will take you through every step, that means some chapters are literally the A-Z of Calligraphy, that you need to know so you can create anything you want to create!

You will learn the traditional Copperplate style of writing, and learn how to put your own unique twist on your creations.  So you will be able to create some truly beautiful pieces of art.

Not only will you learn both the uppercase and lowercase alphabet, but you will also learn variations of letters and flourishing too.  This really is a complete masterclass for calligraphy.

Who's this course for?

This really is the perfect course for anyone with an interest in Calligraphy.   Whether that be someone who is looking to take up a new hobby, a bride who fancy saving $100's on wedding invitations and seating plans by producing their own beautiful wedding stationary, or a bridesmaid who fancy's being a really nice friend and doing it for the bride!  Or a Calligrapher who just can't quite get your letters looking perfect every time or someone wanting to re-skill and set up a business creating Calligraphy items.  This course can help you all!

With simple to follow videos and 'cheat sheets' included as a bonus for you, this course really is the best way to learn Calligraphy.

And to make it super easy for you to learn, I've even included guide line sheets, so you can perfect  that perfect shape for each letter.

You may have been trawling through the internet trying to find how to create this letter here and that letter there.  Wondering why you just can't get that word to look quite right.  Well no need to look any further, I have done all the hard work for you.  I've put together everything you need to know to go from a complete beginner in Calligraphy to a professional artist!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone with an interest in Calligraphy
  • People looking to create beautiful writing artwork
  • Any bride/husband/bridesmaid to be that would like to create amazing signs and place names for the wedding
  • Budding Calligraphy artists, with some or no experience, who are looking to create their own Calligraphy business.
Course content
Expand all 52 lectures 03:21:21
+ Module 2
1 lecture 02:06

Most courses will ask you to buy all this expensive equipment before you get started with learning Calligraphy.  But who wants to shell out for expensive pens, ink and paper, when let's face it, you aren't even sure if Calligraphy is for you yet! On this course I will how you how to get started using modern brush pens rather than old fashioned pen and ink, you can literally get started for less than $5!

In this section you will also find a guideline sheet template for you to use, so you can practice on these sheets to help you get your size and angles right, making learning Calligraphy super easy!

Preview 02:06
+ Learn the secrets to producing beautiful consistent lowercase letters every time
8 lectures 22:19

Learn how to use a brush pen to it's maximum potential!

Preview 03:12

This little stroke makes your letters look beautiful and finished perfectly.

Preview 01:17

This stroke makes up a lot of the lowercase letters, master this stroke and you will be well on the way to mastering beautiful lettering.

Preview 02:41

This stroke is very similar too the one you have just learnt, but just the other way round! 

underturn stroke

This is a lovely shape to create.  Remember to keep the space between each line equal, in order to produce the best compound curve possible.

compound curve

This beautiful stroke will take some time to master.  Remember to keep practising and your ovals will soon look awesome!  To make it slightly easier to master the oval, there is now an additional practice sheet Oval Help, which you can print off and trace over the oval shapes to get that perfect shape.


This stroke makes any letter which comes above the waist line look super pretty. 

ascending loop

The descending loop can be a fabulous place to add a flourish.....but more about this later on in the course!

descending loop
+ a-z lowercase alphabet - learn how to put the secrets of lettering into action!
8 lectures 55:32

Learn how to write a,b,c and d and discover why it was so important to learn the secret strokes of calligraphy, spoiler alert..... because you can now produce extremely beautiful letters!!


Put your new found skills of being able to draw each basic stroke into action and create the letters e,f,g and h.


Discover how to write i, j, k and l.  k is just stunning!


Wow you are well on your way to becoming a Calligraphy pro!  Keep at it... now learn m,n,o and p.


Discover how to create gorgeous q,r,s and t's in this lecture.  Remember practice makes perfect!


Learn final two letters of the lowercase alphabet!  Here's your cheat sheet for a quick reference guide on how to create each letter.


Congratulations on now being able to create the prettiest lowercase alphabet around!  This lecture shows you how to join your letters together to create stunning words.

How to join the letters together to make words!
+ Some other beautiful ways to write the lowercase x, p and r.
3 lectures 06:24

Learn how to create another version of the lowercase r, you can decide which you prefer!

Variation lowercase r

This is a beautiful way to write the lowercase p and my preferred way, I can't wait for you to have a go!

Variation lowercase p

Introducing you to the cheat way to write the lowercase x!  So this is a quick and easy way to master that letter x.

Variation lowercase x
+ The secret to creating fabulous uppercase letters.
8 lectures 22:00

Discover the secret to creating beautiful looking uppercase letters, some of the most experienced Calligraphers don't even know this stuff!

Capital Stems and Entry Strokes explained

This stroke makes up many of the capital letters, so make sure you are super happy with it before you move on to the next stroke!

Universal Line of Beauty

This is a unique stroke as it asks you to do a light pressure downwards, whereas you always do heavy pressure downwards, but if you've mastered the shape of the universal line of beauty, you will master this in no time.

Hairline Universal Line of Beauty

The C curve stroke: hack...think of it as half an oval!

C Curve

Remember don't follow the guidelines on this one!

Vertical Stem

Learn the first way to enter a capital letter in this lecture.

Entry: Horizontal Oval

This is a super popular way to enter into capital letters and the good news for you is, you already know how to create this shape!

Entry: Extended Compound Curve

This is a very beautiful entrance stroke.

Entry: Indirect Oval
+ uppercase alphabet
13 lectures 01:00:10

Enjoy learning your first two letters of the Uppercase alphabet.


C is super easy for you to learn as you have already mastered the C curve!  D is a little harder, keeps practicing and it will soon be beautiful.


Capital E is my favorite letter, I hope you enjoy creating it as much as me!


H can be a tricky letter to get right, so remember, practice makes perfect!


Here you will learn to create a fabulous I and J, enjoy!


K looks amazing once you've mastered it!  And i think you will find L super easy to do.


Learn how to create M and N, you are at the half way point now, well done!


If you've mastered the basic strokes that you learnt on the previous module, you will find O and P super easy to do.


Q is very similar to O so you will be writing a beautiful Q in no time!  Discover how to write a fabulous R too.


After this lecture you will be creating S and Ts like a true professional Calligrapher.


This lecture will show you how to produce beautiful U and Vs.


These two letters can be a little tricky, particularly X!  Take your time and you will soon be creating fabulous letters!


After you have completed this lecture, you will now know how to write the full alphabet A-Z.  Congratulations!!

Don't forget to have a look at the cheat sheet for a quick reference guide for how to create each letter.

+ Adding your own style: learn how to flourish to make your words really beautiful
6 lectures 20:21

The descender is an excellent place to add a flourish.  This is where you can really start to develop your own style and make really pretty words.

Descender Flourish

Enjoy creating some beautiful flourishes on ascending letters.

Ascender Flourish

This is a great way to add a flourish when your word finishes with an underturn.

Underturn Flourish

Learn how to add a flourish too words that end with an overturn.  Adding flourishes will make your work even more beautiful!

Overturn Flourish

The crossbar of letters on F and T can be a fantastic place to add a flourish, learn how here.

Crossbar Flourish

Discover how to add a flourish onto uppercase letters!

Uppercase Entry Flourish
+ Putting it all together!
3 lectures 11:04

Discover howto create a beautiful happy birthday, you will never have to buy a birthday card again!

Happy Birthday

Learn how to write Thank You in beautiful modern calligraphy.

Thank You

Discover how to write a beautiful Congratulations card.