Learn Mobile Photography Techniques For Jaw-Dropping Photos

The Secret Techniques To Outstanding Mobile Photography (Samsung S21 Ultra)
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Take World Class Photos With Your Mobile That Your Friends and Family Will Love
Powerful Composition Techniques To Drastically Improve Your Photos
Important Mobile Camera Features For Better Photos
How To Think About Mobile Photography


  • All you need is a mobile phone with a camera (filmed with Samsung S21 Ultra)


Finally, World Class Techniques For Taking Better Photos With Your Mobile Phone.

This mobile photography course will show you everything you need to know to take stunning photos with nothing more than an mobile phone. It is designed to show you practical tutorials so that you can easily learn how to apply the killer techniques in this course.

Learn The Secret Techniques Outlined in This Course and Take Your Mobile Photography To The Next Level.

Photography is not about the gear or mobile so much it is more about learning how to compose your photos. You must remember a camera is just a tool and you can either take great photos or terrible ones.

Capture Memorable Photos That Your Friends and Family Will Love...

This course is designed for:

-Photography Beginners that have little experience and want to learn how to take better photos with their phone without learning technical photography.

Learn The Techniques in This Course and develop your Photography Skills for life.

You'll learn the key composition techniques the pros use to take professional mobile photos. There are also plenty of tips and tricks that you can apply to make your photos visually appealing. This course gets practical with screen recordings showing exactly the steps you need to take for better photos.

Who this course is for:

  • Mobile Phone owners interested in taking better photos

Course content

1 section18 lectures1h 45m total length
  • How to Use The Telephoto Lens For Stunning Landscape Photos
  • How to Use The Rule of Thirds To Take More Balanced Photos
  • Rule of Direction - How Direction Dictates The Way You Compose Your Photos
  • The Rule of Odds and its Enemies
  • How To Use Negative Space for Attention Grabbing Shots
  • When To Use Central Placement in Your Compositions
  • How to Use Diagonal Lines For Dramatic Photos
  • Diagonal Balance in Your Photos
  • Powerful Circular Composition Techniques
  • C-Curve Shapes
  • How To Use Rectangles in Your Compositions
  • How to Use Strong Composition Lines in Your Scene To Improve Photo Depth & Feel
  • How to Place Horizontal Lines in Your Landscape Photos
  • How to Use Patterns in Your Photography To Get Great Photos Anywhere
  • How to Leverage The Power of Symmetry For Visually Compelling Photos
  • How to Take Amazing Reflection Photos
  • SAMSUNG: Why You Should Use HDR Option
  • iPhone: Why You Should Use Smart HDR Option


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I have been doing mobile photography for the last 10 years and I have compiled the best tips into this course so that you can drastically improve your photos. The key is to learn composition techniques and learn how to apply them in real time. You will see this in my videos as practical examples.