Mini Guitar Course For Starters

A Comprehensive Start For Beginners
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Guitar Anatomy
Types of Guitars
Tuning the guitar
Beginner Exercises
Your first guitar tune
Practice schedule


  • Desire to learn
  • A working 6 string guitar


Learning to play the guitar is a dream of many people, but majority of such people give up to even begin their journey, because they do not get or find the right direction to begin. This "Mini Guitar Course For Starters" a mini starter pack for all those who desire to start their journey learning the guitar.

A perfect place to start for beginners. This mini course covers all the rudiments and essential topics. This includes a detailed discussion of the types of guitars, checking the sound of some of the guitars, important things to consider while choosing YOUR choice of guitar, guitar tuning, exercises, and your PRACTICE SCHEDULE.

Even if you do not own a guitar, but are keen to start learning, this course will give you a step by step guide to everything from buying your first guitar, to learning your first tune.

This can also be helpful for those who have just started learning, but are not sure about the basic and core concepts of the guitar or practice in general.

What will you learn from this course?

-Guitar Structure (Anatomy)

-Knowledge of Different Types of Guitars (Acoustic, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar)

-Standard Tuning

-Orderly Exercises (Step by step approach)

-Reading Tablature in it's simplest form / Your First Tune

-2 Beginner Chords

-30 Day Systematic Practice Schedule (A generalized schedule for 4 weeks)

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Guitar Students
  • Guitar Lovers

Course content

2 sections15 lectures52m total length
  • Introduction
  • All About Guitar - Which one is the best for YOU
  • Soundcheck Of Different Types Of Guitars
  • Guitar String Names
  • How To Tune The Guitar
  • How To Hold A Pick & Choosing The Right Size


Musician | Guitar Tutor
Sanket N
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My name is Sanket, and I'm the founder of Roll and Twang - A foundation of Guitar coaching since 2015 started for the sole purpose of Guitar Education to students who wish to learn from scratch. The word 'Roll' derived from the Rock and roll genre and the sound that the strings generate - 'The Twang' coming from The electric guitar sound which was popular in the 60's.

I have taught beginner to intermediate level students, from the time I started teaching full time. I have trained 400+ students since it's inception, arranged live performances for students who have concluded 1+ years in the institute.

I'm also working professionally in the field of music (as a live performer artist) for the past 10 years. Learner since past 14 years.

My goal is to help students learn and most importantly UNDERSTAND everything that I put out.

My classes will save your time of not knowing where to start, what steps to follow, and all the INFORMATION that already is free, will hopefully become KNOWLEDGE - And the goal!