An Abundance Mindset: How to Craft Yours
4.7 (15 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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An Abundance Mindset: How to Craft Yours

Abundance is a specific mindset characteristic & habit. Learn the art of creating abundance today.
4.7 (15 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
130 students enrolled
Created by Allison Sutter
Last updated 6/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Discover the top 3 things that are going to stop you from achieving your goal and what to do about it.
  • Utilize 16 rich habits to get on the right abundance track.
  • Establish calm, clear, confident decision making skills allowing you to be more productive and focused in a 24 hour, 30 or 90 day period regarding money. Indecision and anxiety, be gone!
  • Learn how tiny habits create big changes and how to create your own, bolstering your monetary success.
  • Become more consistently hopeful, appreciative, and trusting about your current money path in life instead of always feeling fear, doubt and anger.
  • Distinguish whether or not, using two simple questions, you've altered your limiting beliefs about money. You'll know what steps to take if you haven't.
  • Become more consistent in your ability to create more abundance based outcomes you want in life.
  • Shift from feeling worried about money to feeling easier about it.
  • Ask yourself, "What it's worth to me to create the change in my life I desire?" and "What's the cost (emotionally) of me waiting another 6 months, 1, or 2 years before I make the changes I want?"
  • Please understand that creating anything, including greater abundance, takes TIME, ENERGY and the fine-tuned ability to FOCUS regardless of distractions. It takes a willingness to do something different, even when that something is challenging thoughts, feelings, and actions. This course is a behind the scenes look at what MY FAMILY does to cultivate an abundance and success mindset that enables us (using a partnership from the start approach) to earn a 6 figure income. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. (Those methods are shady. Don't fall for them.) This course is about HOW to set the necessary mental foundation to create increasing wealth, over TIME. I'm thrilled to be sharing the tips and and strategies to our PERSONAL abundance mindset with you, here.

Welcome to An Abundance Mindset where you'll learn the mental strategies I believe are essential to experiencing abundance in all it's forms, from health, to relationships and even finance.

This course was formerly called: Mindset of a 6 Figure Income Earner: How to Craft Yours 

Examine the course image more closely. Notice how there are many different emotions?

How you feel about money is a clue regarding your current mindset.

Your mindset is effecting your results ... for better or worse.

This course covers:

1) how (I believe) an abundant mindset looks and feels. I'm giving you a pictorial representation of mindset (mindset is normally invisible) that's easy to work with, understand, and use to foster your mental changes.

2) how to craft your own abundance mindset.

3) what to do, and how to tell, when you don't know if you're mindset is changing.


The information in this course is practical and applicable, immediately. I'm giving you the structure for our family money mindset— which contains the same components, the same structure, that I've discovered to be among many wealthy individuals.

I explain the "wealth money mindset" in a simple way so you can see HOW it takes shape just by living a normal, everyday life. I teach you how an abundant mindset looks and FEELS.


Everything in this course can be applied immediately to help get on the abundant path you desire. It's specifically tailored for individuals with families—how I speak in the lessons and how I approach this topic—because this is how my husband and I work: partnership from the start.

This is how I'm inviting you to enter this course ... as a partnership from the start (between you and I). If you're willing to put in the time and effort to create the results you want, I will be here to help you along the way. I am truly dedicated to your success!

Consider this:

A healthy, structured mindset is to success as teeth brushing is to nice smelling breath: ridiculously necessary. You're going to learn how to craft your strong, healthy and abundant mindset in this course.

***I realize money is a sensitive topic for many people. I want you to know upfront that this course is not about spouting doctrine I do not follow myself. It's also not a promise that you'll earn six figures.***

It's about coaching you to a strong mental foundation, on a very practical level, so you can progressively move toward earning the income you desire. Earning a six figure income, which my husband and I have achieved for over twelve consecutive years, takes time and dedication. It takes being patient with yourself as you work out the kinks in your thinking, feeling, and actions. 

I know you understand when I say I make no promises of what you will ever earn. It's not up to me; it's up to you.

Get excited you've found this course, if you're looking to create new outcomes this year for yourself and your family. You will love the simplicity of the ideas and exercises as you see the results in your own life unfold.

I'm very glad to have you in class! Enroll today! What do you have to lose?

***This course is unique in that it's not just about earning a certain level of income. It's about learning to be the best version of yourself you can be in all areas of your life ... which translates to happy, health, and wealthy ... not JUST wealthy. Once you understand mindset in general, you can build a strong foundation around any topic you choose.***

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for the person who's taking lots of action and not seeing the monetary results they want. They are deeply frustrated by that fact and would prefer it changed.
  • This course is for the person who struggles with money: getting it to come in, keeping it flowing, or holding onto it once (s)he gets it to come it, or spends for emotional reason and then has problems because of it. Learn to break the pattern for good starting at the ground level by shifting your mindset, rendering actions more effective.
  • This course is for the person who wants to move away from chronic fear and anxiety regarding money and into a state of ease and flow.
  • This course is NOT for the person looking to get rich quick. Earning a (honest) 6 figure income takes TIME, ENERGY, FOCUS and the ability to craft a particular type of MINDSET. This course is not for someone looking for money management, financial advice, or industry specific financial training information. This course is 100% about the MINDSET behind our family's results and how, using the proposed ideas, to craft your own.
Course content
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+ Welcome!
6 lectures 20:17

This is a brief video introduction to me, my teaching philosophy and the expectation I have of you, my students. I've added this video in all my classes.

Preview 02:43

This brief introduction tells you: who this course is for, what the transformation is from doing the work and how you can get it.

Preview 02:51

Learn the purpose, design and transformation you get from this course.

PLEASE READ FIRST!! Purpose, design and transformation of this course.
5 pages

To find out if this course is right for you, take this 30 second assessment.

Preview 1 page

Please watch this video about my 10 rules for success in this course.

10 Rules for Success

Some times when we enroll in a course, we struggle with how to make the information useful and meaningful. This lesson gives you a clear structure of how to make the information you're learning real—for you—stimulating change.

Preview 05:10
+ What mindset is and how it works. DO NOT SKIP THIS SECTION!!
6 lectures 54:36

This is a short introduction to this next section.

Preview 01:24

Learn the components of mindset so you are clear on what you need to do to improve your results. Even if you are just previewing this lesson as part of your "Udemy window shopping experience", I encourage you to do the suggested exercise in this lesson. See if it works for you! If it does, be sure to enroll so you can create on a bigger and bigger level.

(P.S. I know the video preview display is small which makes the images blurry. It's crystal clear when you watch it on the big screen.)

Preview 11:00

Learn the components of mindset so you are clear on what you need to do to improve your results. Be sure to download and answer the questions on the worksheet.

What is mindset? Part 2.

This book should be considered assigned reading for students who want deep understanding and big results. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza will help you better understand the science and what's happening in the brain regarding mindset.

Resource for the science behind changing your mindset.
1 page

Everything has a structure ... your body, a building, nature and even your mindset. If changing your mindset has been a struggle for you, look no further. This clear representation of mindset allows you to make sense of why change has so hard in the past and how to make it easier from now on. Be sure to download the worksheet.

What is the structure, or mathematical equation, of mindset?

Now that you've done the exercises in the above lessons, discovery what to do with your data to create dynamic change in your reality regarding money.

What do I do with the personal data I've collected?
+ Answers to the course goals and more.
12 lectures 01:33:43

A short video introduction to this section.

Preview 00:37

The condition of having money, is not about your ability to earn it. It about how you feel about it and whether or not you believe you're worthy of it. Discover the top 3 things that are stopping you from earning the income you desire and transform them.

What are top 3 things keeping me from my goal?

In today's virtual age, information is coming at us faster than every before. If you don't know which information to focus on, and when, you're going to feel like a "deer in headlights", frozen and unable to move.

How do I shift from feeling worried about money to feeling easy about it?

Learn 16 (plus 1 bonus) powerful wealth building mindset strategies and habits.

16 rich mindset strategies and habits.

Do you understand the power of a decision? Do you struggle to make them spending more time feeling stressed and anxious than easy and calm? Learn how to make clear, confident decisions so your inspired actions are more effective.

How do I take clear, confident action increasing my productivity in 30-90 days?

The magic of consistent, steady progress lies in tiny habits. Learn to change the small things to get big results, monetarily. Be sure to download the worksheet.

How do tiny habits create big results?

Feeling hopeful is essential to one's success in life. Find out the best way to ensure you can find hope in the darkest of times ... even with topic such as money.

How can I become more consistently hopeful and trusting about my desires?

Believe it or not, you're not just a physical blog. Aligning with your True Self, the spiritual version of yourself, is a critical step to earning more money. The more comfortable you are with yourself and the more you allow your ideas and inspirations to come forth, they more you'll attract, create and realize abundance.

How do I uncover my innate ability to see past what is and invoke what's coming?

This is an article that was sent to me when I joined the Bob Proctor Coaching Program as a student and can also be found in the Thinking Into Results Program (created by Bob Proctor) which I am certified by The Proctor Gallagher Institute to facilitate.

Read this article many times, without distractions. Once a day for 30 days would be a good start. It contains information about the power of a decision that wealthy people understand and practice. You want this understanding about the power of a decision to sink into your skin. You want it to become second nature, a habit, an automated function of your mental process. When you do, your results will show you proof you're different, immediately.

Thank you for using this article for your own learning and growth only and not circulating it to your friends or on the internet. Your integrity and honesty is much appreciated. It is meant to enhance YOUR results, not random people who have not invested in changing their results.

How to establish calm, clear decision making skills.

Earning money is not really about money at all. Money, and having lots of it, is an EFFECT of your thinking, feeling, action cycle. Learn how to clean up and fine tune that cycle so you can increase your finances.

What are the two questions that will reveal if I've changed my limiting beliefs?

This is an expanded answer to the two questions that will reveal if you changed a negative belief or not.

Two questions: an expanded answer.

Attitude is one of the most commonly used and yet misunderstood words in the English language. It's more than just being able to think about something in a positive light. It's also about how you feel. Do you know how to shift away from fear and into hope regarding money? If not, do not skip this lecture!

How do I become unstoppable in creating the monetary outcomes I want?
+ Answers to common questions, concerns and ideas regarding money mindset.
6 lectures 50:55

Join me as I briefly explain this next section.

Introduction to this section.

This is a true story about two sisters with different mindsets and how that mindset is effecting each of them today. Learn to identify your patterns of thinking and feeling so you can choose differently. Be sure to download the PDF worksheet that goes with this lesson.

A tale of two sisters: one wealthy, one poor.

If you don't have the results you want but you're taking lots of action, I suggest examining what a "stuck" money mindset looks like so you can change it if you have one.

What does a stuck money mindset look like and how to change it if you have one.

Learn the process anything must go through to become a tangible outcome. This is a process of physics, science and not speculation.

How does anything, including money, turn from a thought to a thing?

Economy is an individual thing. There are always people who thrive, even in the worst of times. Learn the mindset required to be one of the ones who thrive.

Economy is an individual thing. What's yours?

Many people think the money is the first step to being wealthy. In fact, it's the last step. There are four other critical steps that take place BEFORE the money every shows up in your bank account. 2/3 of the process of wealth creation happens before the money becomes a manifestation. Do you know what they are?

Money is the manifestation part, the end result.
+ Additional ways to change your money mindset.
12 lectures 41:59

This is a brief introduction to this section. This section has several activities that are designed to stimulate change internally. Be sure to download the worksheet (under the resources tab below this box) and do the suggested activities!

Introduction to this section.

This activity will cause you to become acutely aware of what kinds of thoughts, or type of consciousness, you have—poverty consciousness or abundance consciousness. If you are aware of what you're mindset is, you can't change it.

Do this activity to become more aware of what you're mindset is—mostly positive or mostly negative. Looking at your results will give you clear evidence as well but that can be too painful for some people to do right away. Start with something easier like this dot awareness activity.

(Review my definition of mindset to fully understand what your results have to show you about your mindset. Mindset is NOT just what you think or say to yourself intellectually!)

The "dots for awareness" journal activity.

More information and a video about the mirror exercise.

The daily mirror exercise—Why reality CAN'T change before you do.

Do not skip this cork activity (even if you're just browsing the free previews!).

This cork activity provides a clear explanation of why things are not working out better for you. There is more to you than meets the eye and mindset has a lot to do with your success and happiness.

Be sure to download the PDF that describes the how and why it works! The PDF is attached to this lesson.

I carry a physical cork with me, in my purse, to remind myself how to shift away from fear and into ease in 3 seconds or less. I practice this daily ... which is why it works for me. I've gotten very good at shifting away from fear and into ease over the years when thinking about money. If you practice this cork activity every chance you get, you will get good at it, too, and feel ease more than fear and your mindset will forever be different.

The abundant cork activity.

Are you resistant? Discover that resilience is, why high achievers have it and how you can get some for yourself.

Resilience is an essential quality of abundance. Are you resilient?

You have a story you keep telling yourself about you and money. How do you know what that story is? Look at your results and pay attention to how you feel. That's the story right there, in "black and white". If you want to earn a 6 figure income, and you don't right now, you're going to need to rescript your money story. Do you know how?

How to rewrite the story you're telling yourself about money.

"When you're self-worth goes up, you NET WORTH goes up with it." ~Mark Victor Hansen

Why self-esteem, self-image and self-confidence matter with regard to money.

Learn a technique to help you move away from feeling scared about moving forward. This is something you can do right now, no matter where you are.

Why do I feel scared about actually acting on this information?

At this point in the course, if you've been through it several times and are still wondering how to get your new results using mindset strategies and how long it will take you ... watch this lesson.

How do I get my results and how long will it take?

Give this sample action plan a try to increase your level of success with this course.

A sample action plan to shift your mindset.
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