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Raise a happy child in a happy surrounding
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Parents of kids of age between 3 - 12
Parents who are having difficulty to understand their kids
Parents who want to raise a happy child
Parents who want their kids to understand them better
Parents who are having difficulty communicating with their kids


  • About to become a parent
  • Already a parent
  • Handling a pre - teen


A world of kindness and compassion starts with kindness in the home. Do away with "reactive parenting" habits, and raise children that are confident, kind, and cooperative.

Here, you'll find effective yet simple ways to cope with challenging emotions. By practicing mindfulness, you'll learn to de-escalate a stressful situation. You'll also discover important ways for effective communication, like being respectful and reflective in your listening. Here, you'll find ways to calm your stress response and find peace. You'll learn how to communicate better and resolve conflict effectively. Communication tends to be challenging when we get stressed out or frustrated. This resource will help you stay strong in the face of adverse situations.

When children witness their parents responding with kindness, they learn to react in a more kind manner. This is the beginning of a positive change that leads to a better future. Studies have shown that when a parent reacts with kindness and patience, their children learn to act in the same way. In turn, this type of behavior slowly begins to form a better future for everyone.

Parents will now have an even higher standard of care, and you need to ensure they are taking it seriously. This applies even more so to parents of young children, who face the skyrocketing costs of living in America, as well as increasing pressure of finding educational opportunities for their kids.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is dealing with kids of age 3 to 12


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