Military to Civilian Transition

Easy steps to transition into the civilian world
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (15 ratings)
710 students
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Military to Civilian Transition
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (15 ratings)
710 students
How to easily transition into a corporate, federal, private sector, or defense contractor job.
Military-to-Civilian transition assistance.


  • The typical student is veteran trying to transition into the civilian work environment.
  • Job seekers looking for corporate, federal, private sector, or defense contractor jobs.


This course will walk you through the steps to easily transition from your military career into a civilian career. The course will show you how to Network for a Job so you can get referred to the hiring manager, which will drastically increase your level of success. The course provides you with a FREE in-depth workbook that will help you keep track of your network, translate your military leadership skills into civilian leadership skills, and translate your military work experience into civilian work experience. 

Who this course is for:

  • Active duty military transitioning into the civilian workforce.
  • Spouses of active duty military transitioning into the civilian workforce.
  • Veterans who are having a difficult time finding a civilian job.

Course content

1 section • 7 lectures • 1h 1m total length
  • Military to Civilian Transition 1
  • Military to Civilian Transition 2
  • Military to Civilian Transition 3
  • Military to Civilian Transition 4
  • Military to Civilian Transition 5
  • Military to Civilian Transition 6
  • Military to Civilian Transition 7


Battlefield Resumes
Bruce Benedict
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I’m Bruce Benedict, founder of Battlefield Resumes.

When I retired from the military after serving 21 years as a Non-Commissioned Officer (E1-E6) and Commissioned Officer (O1-O4), I wasn’t ideally prepared for the diverse employment structure – or really lack of structure – in the civilian employment world. Like many of you, I “grew up” in the military, having my life and career plan all laid out in front of me.

I served in Germany, Panama, Japan and numerous locations throughout the U.S. I deployed four times to the Middle East, proudly serving in Bahrain, Qatar, Afghanistan, and Iraq where I received the Bronze Star Medal. In 2007, I retired from Active Duty as a MAJOR/O4 and transitioned to a senior intelligence consultant with a top government contracting agency.

In 2009, I transitioned to the Federal Government, becoming a GS15 Supervisor and Hiring Manager, learning from my expertise and peers that moving from a military model to a government agency or defense contractor was the most effective and efficient way for prior-military personnel to start new careers.

I witnessed the struggles of veterans suddenly needing to figure out their next career on their own encountering uncertainty, miscommunications and inefficiencies. The career advancement structure they used to excel and achieve was gone.

Civilian employers spoke a different language than the military. Training, motivation, drive and energy were not enough. Interviews were rare, if ever, in the armed forces, and now expected. No different than the uncertainty encountering an IEDa new job search strategy was necessary.

On top of that, many wondered how they could ever replicate the level of esprit de corps and camaraderie they felt with their military family and fellow veterans, not to mention maintaining their lifestyles, status and even personal pride.

In 2011, I decided to take this problem into my own hands by starting a job search firm serving ex-military. My expertise was solid. I specialized in interviewing my clients to understand key competencies from the specific military positions they held at every level of their careers, their willingness to commute, and what they were willing to do or not do in their future careers. I would focus on targeted jobs, while coaching and educating in the process.

This was a unique twist to how most other military resume writers prepare resumes. They would highlight competencies which in many cases were unrelated to the jobs the veteran sought. Their generic biographical resume was only differentiated when applying for different jobs by using a tailored cover letter.

My focus for my clients was opposite of the “one size fits all” generic resume approach. I set up their resumes to target specific jobs and would search federal, state, county, and local government sites, federal and defense contractor websites and job boards. I would dig into how those jobs were created (ex: job analysis, position descriptions, government contracts, etc.) in order to write form-fitting resumes with significant success.

Fast forward to today.

In addition to owning Battlefield Resumes, LLC, I am an Executive Coach with ACT Government Services, a Federal Career Coach with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and certified coach, international trainer and speaker with the John Maxwell team. I hold a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) designation and have perfected job search strategies over the years to make them understandable, efficient, and easy for both sides of the employment process – the veteran job seeker as well as the civilian employer. To stay current with industry trends, I am also a member of The National Resume Writers’ Association and the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches™.

Understanding that veterans are used to a structured path, I created a path!

Developing the Battlefield Resume Methodology (BRM), I took the guess work out of how to successfully and efficiently translate your military talents and expertise (duty assignments and specialties) into skills and competencies of civilian employment language.

This system provides pre-written downloads for each of your military positions, already translated to civilian employer language. Simply copy and paste the content into your resume then modify as needed or use the help of our resume writing team.

The career security and employment stability you’ve experienced in the military is most often found in Federal government jobs. We offer resume writing services and coaching for targeting jobs in the government workforce as well as online courses. All of our tools are designed to give you every shot at the best strategy necessary to land your next career.

It’s time to create your battlefield!