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Students will become master on Microsoft Word 2016 after taking this course because i have cover every smallest to complex topics in M S Word 2016. Students will become confident to answer any question on M S Word 2016 at the time of interview and they will not find any difficulty to use it once they join any organisation after learning M S Word 2016 from this course. Once students complete all the topics from this course then they will end up with becoming master in following concepts.
A complete introduction of M S Word 2016 Window in easy and understandable way.
A quick explanation on different components of M S Word 2016.
A complete explanation on File Tab and its different commands or options.
Starting from simple concepts from Home Tab and then moving to intermediate and complex features of M S Word 2016.
How to use Mail Merge, Envelops and Labels.
How to import different types of data into documents.
How to use charts.
How to customize charts.
How to integrate M S Word 2016 with M S Excel and M S Powerpoint.
How to use make formatting in Microsoft Word 2016.
How to apply formatting in Microsoft Word 2016.
How to create/draw tables in Microsoft Word 2016.
How to use conditional formatting in Microsoft Word 2016.
How to use quick access toolbar in M S Word 2016.
Alignments in MS Word 2016.
How to Create, Open, Save and Save as documents in MS Word 2016.
A Complete tutorial guide for Microsoft Word 2016.
Learn Microsoft Word 2016 step by step for beginners.
M S Word tutorial series.
Microsoft Word 2016 Advance concepts.
What is format painter in MS Word 2016.
What id paste spacial is M S Word 2016.
How to write a letter using Microsoft Word 2016.
How to prepare a resume/CV/Bio Data using M S Word 2016.
How to set water mark on M S Word 2016 document.
How to make page setup in M S Word 2016 document.
How to record a macro and use it for multiple times in future.
How to use Bookmarks, Cross Reference and Hyperlink.


  • A desktop or laptop is required.
  • No previous knowledge of M S Word is required.
  • Microsoft Word 2016 or any earlier version of M S Office is enough to start.


This video tutorial series is a complete solution for Microsoft Word 2016, design for all types of users includes concepts from Beginner level, Intermediate level and expert level. We have covered almost all the topics of M S Word 2016. An in depth analysis and discussion is provided on each and every topic of M S Word 2016 starting from beginning to end.

Who this course is for:

  • An absolute beginner who don't know anything about M S Word 2016 and yet wants to learn can enroll for this course. An intermediate and advanced users will also get lot of additional information from this course.


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Hi, i am Mehmood Shaikh

I am a web developer with a passion of keep on learning new things and help others. After completing post graduation in computers i started working as a PHP Developer and at the same time i started learning new frameworks on PHP. 

After working for few years i realize that i should start helping others by sharing whatever knowledge i have on PHP to others. That's when i decided to make my first video tutorial series on PHP Interview Questions & Answer series on udemy. 

This video tutorial series i have created to help those students who want to prepare for interviews and to build that confidence before facing the interview.

In this video tutorial series i will discussing some of the basic, advanced and important frequently asked questions at the time of interviews on PHP. I have tried to answer each and every question in quite detail, so that readers won't get any confusion after watching this series. This tutorial series will give you a complete knowledge on frequently asked interview questions and you will be able to crack any interview on PHP if you watch this complete tutorial series.

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