Microsoft Excel for Mac - From Beginner to Expert in 7 Hours
4.3 (878 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
11,415 students enrolled

Microsoft Excel for Mac - From Beginner to Expert in 7 Hours

This Microsoft Excel class will make you a master of Microsoft Excel. The training uses Excel 2011 for an Apple Mac.
4.3 (878 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
11,415 students enrolled
Created by Todd McLeod
Last updated 12/2014
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This course includes
  • 8 hours on-demand video
  • 79 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
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What you'll learn
  • Learn the most current version of Microsoft Excel for APPLE MAC
  • Learn from a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor with over 15 years of experience teaching individuals of all ability levels
  • From the fundamentals, to the most advanced features, this training covers everything you need to know about Excel
  • Presented with high-quality video lectures, this Excel course will visually show you how to easily do everything in Excel
  • Lifetime access to this Excel class allows you to easily review material and continue learning new material
  • Excel Project Files and Excel Templates are included allowing for enhanced learning through hands-on activities
  • After taking this training, you will be an expert at Microsoft Excel
  • Money Back Guarantee - Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
  • In order to participate in the hands-on portions of this course, you will need to have Microsoft Excel.

This course is for the benefit of everyone. If financial constraints prevent you from enrolling, simply send me a message and I will give you access to all of my courses for free.

This training provides you everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel. From the fundamentals, to the most advanced features, after taking this online class you will be able to use Microsoft Excel at an expert level.

You can learn Microsoft Excel easily and quickly if it is taught correctly. Developed by a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor, this course covers the most recent version of Microsoft Excel for the Mac - Microsoft Excel 2011. As tenured college faculty in computer information technology, and with over fifteen years of experience teaching individuals of all ability levels "how to use" Microsoft Excel, Todd McLeod has designed, refined, and perfected a method for understanding Excel which will allow you to learn what you need to know about Microsoft Excel as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With over five hours of video, you will learn all of the following about Microsoft Excel:

  • Learn how to navigate around Excel
  • Learn how to enter and edit data in Excel
  • Learn how to adjust the way data and information are displayed in Excel
  • Learn how to write formulas quickly and easily with the point-and-click method
  • Learn how to use relative, absolute, and mixed references in Excel
  • Learn how to create powerful calculations with Excel functions
  • Learn how to visually represent your data with charts and graphs in Excel
  • Learn how to use Excel data tools like sorting, subtotaling, and filtering
  • Learn how to "freeze columns and rows" with freeze panes in Excel
  • Learn how to remove duplicates from data in Excel
  • Learn how to "transpose data" - switching the columns and rows in Excel
  • Learn how to use Excel to leverage data with Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts
  • Learn how to format worksheets in Excel for impact and appeal
  • Learn how to automate Excel tasks with time-saving macros
  • Learn how to integrate Microsoft Excel with Microsoft Word
  • Learn how to use passwords in Excel to protect your work in multiple scenarios
  • Learn tips and tricks about Excel, as well as Excel secrets and shortcuts
  • Learn how to use printing and sharing in Excel
  • Learn how to harvest data from the web
  • Learn how to create online forms which allow you to gather data from individuals
  • Learn how to use templates to quickly create stunning spreadsheets
  • As a bonus, you can download all of the Excel project files used in the videos so that you can get a “hands-on” approach to learning the material

This class is guaranteed to teach you Microsoft Excel. Once enrolled, you will have access to this Excel course for the rest of your life. You will always be able to come back to this Excel class to review material or to learn new material about how to use Excel. Described as “fun” and “amazing” and “life changing,” Todd McLeod’s Excel training will forever transform the way you work with numbers. Try this course for yourself and see how quickly and easily you too can learn Microsoft Excel.

Who this course is for:
  • From beginners, to advanced users, this course is perfect for all ability levels
  • Lifetime access to this Excel training allows you to come back to review material or learn more about MS Excel
Course content
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+ Course Information
5 lectures 19:58

Welcome! Since 1997, I have been teaching people of all ability levels to use Microsoft Excel. I am tenured faculty in Computer Information Technology at a community college in Fresno, California. Through experience, I have learned the best ways to teach people how to us MS Excel. This course will teach you how to use MS Excel on the Mac. I am glad you're hear and look forward to helping you quickly become a master of Microsoft Excel.

Preview 01:13

Most people don't know this - you can receive great discounts on computers and software by searching for "academic discounts" or "student pricing." This video will show you how to get Microsoft Office at a great discount!

Preview 03:00

What is the most current version of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel? This video will show you how to determine the most current versions. This video will also explain differences in versions.

Preview 11:09

Adjusting settings on videos can improve the video quality and make the video more clear. Many video players allow you to not only adjust the video quality, but also the speed at which the video is playing. Learning about these settings will allow you to adjust videos so that you can watch them in the method that best suits your needs.

Video Settings

This video will show you how to locate and download the files used in the course.

Locating Files Used In Course

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Section 1 Review
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+ Quick Start
8 lectures 01:10:17

You love Excel. You are an Excel maniac. You're about to begin a lifelong love-affair with data crunching and numbers and Excel. This is it right here, baby, your first glance at the amazing wondrous soon to be realized love of your life.

Preview 02:15

Cell addresses, writing formulas, understanding relative references, creating relative references, using autofill - this video is going to show you so many amazing things, you will need a cigarette afterwards ....

Preview 08:54

AB$OLUTE REFERENCES allow you to create amazing formulas which always reference the same cell or cells. Learn how to create formulas with absolute references. Learn the difference between absolute references and relative references. Watch this video!!! Watch it now. Watch it again. Watch it many times!!!

Preview 08:20

Learn how to easily use incredibly complex functions in Microsoft Excel. This video will teach you how to appear like an amazing genius. Even if you already are an amazing genius, this video will take your amazing genius qualities to the nth level. This video will show you the differences between formulas and functions. It will also show you how to easily use functions.


Learn how to create charts in Microsoft Excel.


Let's apply what we've been learning in an actual project. Using many of the skills learned so far, I will show you how to calculate your grade in a course. I will also show you resources for learning more about the differences between the "points" method and the "percentage" method when calculating a student's grade. And not only that, also included in this amazing video, you will see how to copy/paste data from the web and what the difference is between paste and "paste special." As if that wasn't enough, I will also marvel you with the history of spreadsheets and how a hippy named Dan Bricklin almost became one of the richest individuals in the world.

Calculating Your Grade

This video is amazing; it's awesome. You will love what you learn in this video. It will show you how to copy data from the web and get it into Excel. It will also show you some amazing awesome sources for data like As if that wasn't enough, you will also learn about which is absolutely, completely, totally mind blowingly cool.

Copying Data From The Web

One last video in this quickstart series - and it is one of the best! This video is going to show you how to use Google forms to gather data. You will learn how to create a form which you can then distribute to people to fill out. All of the data from people's submissions will be put into a spreadsheet!

Gathering Data With Online Forms

These quiz questions will give you a quick review of what you've learned in section 2.

Section 2 Review
7 questions
+ Getting Started
4 lectures 29:01

In addition to everything listed here in just a moment, in this video you will also learn about Google Location History, which is mind blowing! So now here is everything you'll learn about excel in this video: columns, rows, cells, name box, formula bar, worksheets, workbooks, ribbon, menus, the top left area, the bottom right area, adjusting the horizontal scrollbar, the status bar, views, gridlines, and printing.

Introduction To Excel

While using Excel, your mouse pointer will change depending upon the context. Paying attention to the way your mouse pointer looks, and knowing what the different looking mouse pointers mean, will help you use Excel more effectively.

Mouse Pointer Awareness

Learn the basics of writing formulas in Excel including the point-and-click method for writing formulas.

Preview 04:16

Learn how to use relative, absolute, and mixed references when writing formulas in Excel.

Relative, Absolute, and Mixed References

This quiz will help you review what you've learned in section 3.

Section 3 Review
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+ Working With Functions
9 lectures 01:17:02

Learn the differences between functions and formulas. Learn about some of the most commonly used functions. Learn about data and time functions, and about count functions. Learn how to discover new functions with the function reference. Learn how to use the function builder to easily build functions. You are learning, learning, learning so much awesome stuff!

Introduction to Functions

Learn about some of the most commonly used financial functions, and see how to build them using the function builder.

Payment Functions and Loans

Learn how to create a loan amortization schedule.

Create A Loan Amortization Schedule

Learn how to measure the value of an investment like a pension.

Future Value Functions & Pensions

Learn how to determine how much money you will receive each month from an investment like a pension.

Investment Amortization

Learn how to create a gradebook and use the awesome amazing vlookup function!

Gradebook & VLookup

Learn how to use the "IF" function to add conditional logic to our spreadsheets.

The "IF" Function

Learn how to change the way things look based upon certain criteria. This is known as conditional formatting and this video is going to make you an expert at making your spreadsheets look beautiful!

Conditional Formatting

Learn how to get rid of crappy errors in your spreadsheets. Learn how to make your spreadsheets appear amazingly dynamic, filling in content when it's there, and then just having the cells be empty when it's not.

The "IfError" Function

This quiz will allow you to review the material you learned in this section.

Section 4 Review
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+ Creating Charts & Graphs
13 lectures 01:15:42

Microsoft Excel charts - when we were in school and learning math, we called these graphs. Microsoft, however, calls them charts. Whether you call them charts or graphs, this video is going to introduce you to how use them. In addition, you'll learn about the nebulous art of manipulating people by how you present data.

Introduction to Charts (graphs)

This video will get you up and running with creating charts. Learn the basics of creating charts: (1) select the correct data, (2) use CMD to select non-contiguous data, (3) select the correct column headings and row headings, (4) choose the type of chart you want to create.

The Basics of Creating Charts

There are many different types of charts: pie charts, bar charts, column charts, line charts, scatter charts, combo charts, pivot charts. This video will introduce to the different types of charts and show you how they're used.

Chart Types

This video will show you how to create a pie chart! Creating pie charts is awesome and you're going to love creating pie charts!

Creating Charts - Pie Chart

Learn how to create line charts. Learn one of the most common uses for line charts.

Creating Charts - Line Chart

Learn how to create column charts!

Creating Charts - Column Chart

Learn how to create bar charts!

Creating Charts - Bar Chart

Sparklines are absolutely amazing. They're so super-cool. Making sparklines in your spreadsheets will make you look super-smart. You will "WOW" even experienced Excel users with this simple technique of creating sparklines.

Creating Charts - Sparklines

Scatter charts are the unloved ugly ducklings of charts. Why would you use them? They're scattered; they're all over the place. Just like in the ugly duckling fairy-tale, however, once you get to know scatter charts, you will see their full-potential and beauty. Watch this video to learn how to create scatter charts and to learn about one of my favorite charts of all time, which is a scatter chart, at

Creating Charts - Scatter Charts

Area stacked charts are the chart equivalent of crazy drunk stumbling down the street with a bottle of Jack Daniel's in his hand - they rarely make sense to most people. Fortune is shining down upon you today, however, as I possess the unique ability to teach you how to understand these horrible charts.

Creating Charts - Area Stacked Chart

Okay. If you watch no other videos in this training, you have to watch this one. Combo charts are, by far and away, one of the best things ever. Combo charts and sparklines, these are a few of my favorite things!

Creating Charts - Combo Chart (AWESOME!!!)

Of course, there's always something, isn't there, that just throws a snag in it all. If you drink, go get a drink. Then sit down and watch this. (and if you don't drink, go get a cookie, then sit down and watch this).

Creating Charts - Troubleshooting Charts

In Microsoft's eyes, you are a second-class citizen. Why? Because you're on a MAC, of course! And this is why you will not be able to easily create amazing awesome pivot-charts which is something, apparently, they have saved for only the Windows version.

Creating Charts - Pivot Charts

This quiz will help you to review what you have learned in this section.

Section 5 Review
7 questions
+ Working With Data
10 lectures 01:18:08

An introduction to leveraging the power of data.

Introduction to Data

Many people aren't aware of Google Adwords. This video will take you on a tour of both Google Adwords and the power of Excel to work with data.

Data & Excel - Google Adwords Example

There are many tips-and-tricks to extracting data from the web. This video will teach you how to be a master and harvesting data from the web.

Extracting Data From The Web

There are a few pitfalls to avoid when it comes to sorting data. This video will quickly show you the best practices for sorting data.

Sorting Data

There are two ways to filter data in excel: the right way and the wrong way. This video will show you both ways so that, from now on, you can always filter data in the best way.

Filtering Data

It's easy to remove duplicates in Excel - this video will show you how!

Removing Duplicates

Here's an old adage which I love: when you're learning something, if you want it to stick, you gotta be like a dog and just keep rolling around in it. This is true with anything: the more you do it, the more you learn it. We've already seen transposing data previously but here's a single video devoted to it. In addition, as an AMAZING BONUS, in this video I will show you an INCREDIBLE HACKING TECHNIQUE which you can use to WOW YOUR FRIENDS and GENERATE WARM "I LOVE YOU's" FROM YOUR DEAR ONE.

Transposing Data

This is an absolute need-to-know for anybody (this means you) who is using Excel. Freeze panes are wonderful, amazing, an essential. As a matter of fact, I don't know why they call them freeze panes, they should have called them "freeze pleasures," because using this tool makes working with Excel that much more of a pleasure. As an ADDED BONUS, I'm going to show you a wonky resource for Mac enthusiasts.

Preview 03:35

Data subtotaling is awesome and powerful. Often I keep using these words of praise, but they're true. There's a lot in Excel which is amazing, and subtotaling is one of these things. In addition, as a BONUS, I will introduce you to another amazing awesome tool for backing-up, and recovering, your work: git & github.

Subtotaling Data

Data Tables are not my most favorite thing in Excel. They're not very intuitive, however, what they can do is pretty powerful. Data Tables are a mixed bag, but they're worth knowing about. In the right situation, Data Tables are just the tool for the job. It's good to be aware of Data Tables so that, if the need ever arises, you know they exist and can then go use them.

Data Tables

This quiz will help you to review what you have learned in this section.

Section 6 Review
3 questions
+ Going Pro With Pivot Tables
6 lectures 21:43

Pivot tables are super-powerful. They are also super-simple to understand. So many people don't know how to use pivot tables. In just a few short minutes, this video will make you an expert in pivot tables.

Introduction to Pivot Tables

This video shows you how to create pivot tables.

Creating Pivot Tables

When the underlying data of a pivot table changes, the pivot table does not automatically change. To update a pivot table, you must manually refresh it. This video explains all of this and shows you what to do.

Refreshing Pivot Tables

You are going to see some cool things about pivot tables in this video. You will learn how to create nested data which you can drill into to see underlying relationships.

Pivot Table Examples

Learn how to group your data in pivot tables.

Pivot Table Grouping

You do not have pivot charts, nor do you have pivot slicers, on the Mac. These features are only on Excel for Windows. This video will explain these features and direct you to resources for learning about how to use them on a Windows machine.

Pivot Charts & Slicers

This quiz will help you to review what you have learned in this section.

Section 7 Review
1 question
+ Formatting For Impact
14 lectures 59:21

Formatting your worksheets is important. Join me on a quick tour of some of things we will learn about formatting worksheets.

Intro to Formatting

Let’s take a moment to reflect about content and form. Thinking about content, and the form that it takes, is important in many areas of life. Being able to give the content of your spreadsheets good form will help you more effectively achieve your goals.

Content & Form

We’ve already briefly talked about templates. Here’s a little bit more of an in-depth look at how templates can save you time while helping you produce stunning worksheets

Saving Time With Templates

The next powerful technique for you to remember when formatting your worksheets: right-clicking and choosing “format cells”

Preview 04:53

Learn how to use border and fill options to make your worksheets look amazing.

Border & Fill

Learn how to very quickly use predefined styles to format your worksheets and make them beautiful.

Predefined Styles

This is a quick tour of some of the additional amazing things you can do with Excel to format your worksheets.

Formatting Tour

Inserting and formatting images in Excel is a super great thing to learn. Watch this video to learn the many powerful adjustments you can apply to photos and images in Excel.

Inserting & Formatting Images

Excel lets you inserts many types of media into your spreadsheets: audio files, movies, symbols, clip art, shapes. This video will show you the difference between these various items and how to use them in your spreadsheets.

Inserting Media

This video will show you how to place and format pointing arrows, circle highlights, and even a yellow smiley face onto your spreadsheets.

Arrows, Circles, & Shapes

This video is amazing; fantastic; wonderful; incredible. Superlatives can’t capture the fantastic-ness of this video. Watch it to learn how to add text-boxes with hyperlinks. Seriously, this video rocks, and the skills you are going to get from it will amaze your friends.

Textboxes & Hyperlinks

Word art lets you put in professional looking large typography. This video shows you how to use it.

Word Art

Come explore the home ribbon with me! We’re going to go through it and make sure you understand all of the cool options available to help you make your spreadsheets look great.

Home Ribbon Formatting

You are amazing. You are.

You Are Amazing

This quiz will help you to review what you have learned in this section.

Section 8 Review
4 questions
+ Printing
5 lectures 18:55

An introduction to printing an Excel worksheet.

Printing Introduction

Page layout will allow you to see how your spreadsheet will look when it’s printed. This video is an absolute “must watch video” as it’s going to show you the absolute best way to get your spreadsheet ready to print.

Page Layout

Page setup is the magical place where you can make adjustments to your spreadsheet so that it will print beautifully. This video will show you how to apply gridlines and headings, as well as how to include a column or row heading on every page of your data.

Page Setup

Headers and footers in Excel are not intuitive. It seems as if the header and footer area of Excel was created back in the early days of Microsoft, and hasn’t been changed since. Fortunately I’m here to guide you through this dark forest and show you how to understand them. I will also show you how to put page numbers on every page of your printed spreadsheets.

Headers, Footers & Page Numbers

You can scale the content your spreadsheets. This allows you to adjust how much is shown on each page. Using this technique, you can find the perfect printed display of your spreadsheets.

Scaling Content

This quiz will help you to review what you have learned in this section.

Section 9 Review
3 questions
+ Excel Errata
6 lectures 15:25

Macros don’t run on the Mac. However, you should still know what Macros are so that when you’re talking with people about Excel, you will understand what they’re talking about if they mention macros.


This is my illustration of how macros don’t work on the Mac. Watch me try to create one and not have it work!

Not Creating A Macro

This video will give you an example of what macros can be used for.

Macros Illustrated

This video shows you how to password protect a workbook.

Securing Workbooks

This video shows you how to protect other people from entering data into certain areas of your worksheets.

Locking & Securing Worksheets

This video will show you how to integrate Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Integrating Word & Excel

This quiz will help you to review what you have learned in this section.

Section 10 Review
3 questions