Metrology - a GD&T approach

Measuring Instruments & Limit Fit Tolerances
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Basics of Measurements and Measuring Instrument and the Tolerances


  • Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing


The course exposes the students to the principles of measurement, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance concepts and their practical use. At completion of the course of Metrology a GD&T approach, students find confidence for applying the jobs in testing, inspection and quality control. Metrology is usually the basic terms used in the Industry specifically for the measurements and the use of the instruments for the measurement and inspection. This course elaborates about the concepts related to linear measuring instruments which are basically used for the various types of dimensioning and checking the sizes for the manufactured components maybe on the manufacturing line, quality department or in the R&D sections of Industries. This course mainly focuses on the concepts of Limit Fits and Tolerance which is very much helpful in the Interchangeability of the components. The Basic calculation of Tolerances on the sizes of the component is explained in the course. GD&T techniques and the symbolic representation of the different manufacturing components such as parallelism, concentricity, cylindricity etc is described. Application and stackup of Tolerance and the representation of different symbols on production drawing, machine drawing will provide the learner a basic Knowledge. At the end of the course learner will be confident about the Measurement of machine components.

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  • Beginners and Practicing mechanical Engineers

Course content

3 sections9 lectures1h 43m total length
  • Introduction to Metrology
  • Errors in Measurement


Rohit V Bhaskar
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The instructor Rohit V Bhaskar is working as Assistant Professor in K K Wagh Institute of Engineering Education and Research Nashik, India. He has 8 Years of Teaching Experience in the field of Design and Metrology. He has taught various subjects such as Mechanical System Design, Metrology and Quality Control, Design of Machine Elements, Engineering Metallurgy