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The next step on your mentor-coaching journey
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Introduction to the basic concepts mentor-coaching
Introduction to compassionate listening
Introduction to the IDEA Model for discovery learning
Establish a baseline for future courses in mentoring, coaching, and leadership development


  • No prerequisites or prior work are required for this course. You are welcome to come, as you are, ready to learn and grow.


We invite you to take this short course as your first step in your mentor-coaching journey. We don't pretend you'll be a master mentor-coach at the conclusion. That takes ample study and practice. We do, however, promise that you'll get your feet wet, become familiar with the paradigm, and spark some ideas of how you can be a better leader by being a better mentor-coach.

This course is broken into a few key components:

  • A brief introduction to the course

  • Space to assess your current understanding of mentoring and coaching as well as share your experiences

  • An introduction to mentoring and coaching

  • An introduction to active listening, one of the key tools of effective mentor-coaches

  • Best practices for establishing healthy mentor-coaching relationships

  • When you're "in over your head" and how to refer to someone else

  • And what your next steps might be

This course is great by itself; but, it is also part of a larger Certificate in Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership Development from Grand View University in Des Moines, IA. If you want to continue your growth as a mentor-coach through deeper study and lots of practice, don't hesitate to reach out. I would love to help you continue with a course-plan that will help you become a certified mentor-coach!

You can expect this course to take 1-2 hours depending on how much time you spend reflecting on each of the sections.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for people in all stages of life and career ready to become better versions of themselves and more effective leaders in their spheres of influence by growing in their mentor-coaching skills.


CEO of the Convergence Group
Paul Leavenworth
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 54 Reviews
  • 1,156 Students
  • 1 Course

Hello, my name is Paul Leavenworth. I'm the founder and CEO of The Convergence Group, director of the Center for Mentoring, Coaching, and Leadership Development and professor of leadership at Grand View University, author, and mentor-coach with over two decades of my experience. It is my passion in live to help people become better versions of themselves and more effective leaders in their spheres of influence.

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