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Learn to do Multiplication 1/20x Learn 2/30 Squares, Learn 2/30 Cubes in your mind.
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Mental Math Multiplication 1/20x, Squares 2/30, Cubes 2/30, and how to Compartmentalize Answers.


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Learning Math can be fun, play a game while you learn!

You will learn how to do Multiplication 1/20x, 2/30 Squares, and 2/30 Cubes in your mind, you will also learn how to compartmentalize answers, while you are figuring out the next answer, this will speed up your Mental Math, and make you more fluid at calculating solid numbers. Everyone first needs to learn Basic Multiplication very well before we move on to more difficult math. Once you have a great foundation, learning more difficult math will be much easier.


     Hello Everyone, I am here to recruit (V.O.S.) Virtual Observation Scouts who are good at Multiplication, or who wish to be good at Multiplication. This is your chance to lead your Soldiers to Victory! Enroll for Free.

     You are Sgt. Joe, an Observation Scout. It's your duty to tell your Soldiers where to aim to take out Enemy Soldiers. If you fail to tell them the correct coordinates, The Enemy Soldier will shoot your Soldier, if you tell them the correct coordinates, your Soldiers will shoot the Enemy Soldiers.

     We all Use Math, we usually are in need of Basic Mental Math, the most while calculating everything in every-day life. Basic Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication, well this App is meant to make your calculations very Robotic. I want to teach you a method of multiplying in your mind, it requires you to learn how to "Compartmentalize" part of the answer, while you work on the other part in larger problems. You will first need to practice until you can recite 1/10x multiplication very quickly without trying, I have a tool to help you get to that level within the App. I also do a complete walk-through of every section of the App, so that you can learn it easier.

     Enrolling is free, You have nothing to lose, so join up and give it a try! For those of you who can make it through the,

"Marathon Mode" without using "hints" you'll have a shot at displaying your score with your name in the Top 10 Leaderboard for this App, Good Luck Virtual Soldiers!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wishes to be more efficient at Math.

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1 section10 lectures2h 7m total length
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