Meditation methods to gain peace of mind, help with circulation, balance the chakras and relaxation.
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4 different meditation methods to help with peace of mind, release of blocked energies and relaxation.


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Welcome to this udemy course with myself Yannimindbodyandspirit.  You will gain knowledge from the first meditation regarding clearing the mind of all negative thoughts and memories re playing in the sub conscious mind which serves you no purpose with Ho'oponpono which means to make right. It is also a great mantra to use wherever and whenever with this Hawaiian clearing method for the mind.  In the second meditation method you will learn Ha breathing to help with circulation and also a great relaxing meditation.  In the third meditation you will learn Om and again great for peace of mind and also to help with any in balances with your chakras.  The final meditation is a bonus meditation and in this it is a silent meditation so you can gain awareness and also to learn how to avoid attaching thoughts to your emotions by letting go.   Sending out love and peace to you all and enjoy the course and share and let others know.  Also let me know how you got on with the meditation methods and feedback regarding your favourite, plus what you experienced during the meditation sessions would be fantastic to know.  Hoping you receive the same benefits that I did with the meditations.

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  • From beginners to experienced as the meditation methods are designed for anyone

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  • Om meditation


Life coach Mindfulness meditation mentoring coach
Yanni Charalambous
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Yanni has been into mindfulness for a number of years.  His own story began after years of being stuck in negative memories that stopped him moving forward and growing up in the emotions of sadness, anger and fear, he found mindfulness to self develop himself thus now being 95% clear in the mind by using the Ho'oponopono method which helped re-program his sub-conscious mind and is now wanting to help you achieve oneness and to experience living in a state of mind control.

He is an advanced Ho'oponopono therapist and received his qualifications a few years ago under the global science foundation of Dr Joe Vitale whom is a well know figure in the self development and spiritual world.  Yanni is a mindfulness meditation and mentoring coach who,s passion now is helping you find your true passion and purpose and with this method will hep you clear the mind to be at a zero state, thus to be at peace and then clear to use the law of attraction method to manifest your goals.  Yanni also is a Reiki master and has knowledge of life force energy.  Also to be at a zero state of mind to receive  inspiration to act upon.  Yanni is a qualified life coach and can help you self improve or change any aspect of your life that needs changing or improving.  Another qualification Yanni has added to his curriculum is a Law of Attraction coach via Joe Vitale global science foundations.