Meditation Course for a Calm, Harmonious, Compassionate Mind
4.6 (4 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
12 students enrolled

Meditation Course for a Calm, Harmonious, Compassionate Mind

A Introductory Guide to Meditation
4.6 (4 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
12 students enrolled
Created by Anya Walsh
Last updated 6/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Easy, practical and tranquil meditations
  • Feel the sensations in your body more than you ever have!
  • Become aware of your breath
  • Connect your Mind and Body
  • Love and Compassion for everyone you meet
  • Learn how to sit in meditation (with variations)
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Cultivate and sustain a calm mind
  • Develop greater mindfulness in your daily life
  • Keep an open mind to new techniques!
  • Be willing to apply and maintain the practice
  • Want to meditate but just don't know where to begin?

  • Find it hard to sit still and meditate?

  • Sleeping poorly because of a restless over-thinking mind?

  • Can't focus on one task without the mind wandering away?

  • Stressed out?

  • Scared away from meditation by the idea of 'sitting in silence'?

These meditations will help change that!

In today's age, the mind is used to jumping from one thing to the next, or doing multiple things at the same time, whether we realise it or not. So when we come to sit, we continue to feel restless because the mind thinks it should still be doing 3 different things at once. This is known as the "Monkey Mind". So we continue to over work our minds, and eventually because there is never a break we end up feeling exhausted, stressed and even depressed.

Meditation can help with this, but it takes time and dedication. It is like re-training your mind, just like any training in your life you can't give up after 5 minutes of it not working out like you want it to. Stick with it, and slowly you will find you can sit for longer and longer with a peaceful mind. The 'Monkey' will wander off less and less, and your mind will become clearer, more focused and calm. This will benefit you in your daily life also - developing greater efficiency, concentration and clarity.

In our generation, simply sitting in meditation and trying to be in "complete stillness, both in mind and body" as many monks traditionally have been known to do, feels virtually impossible when starting out. That is why I will teach you 3 meditations that gives your mind something to focus on, something for that Monkey to look at otherwise it will get bored and go play.

These meditations will cultivate awareness of the breath and the body, and the love from your heart for all beings around the world. You will radiate with love, compassion and happiness as any ill feelings of anger or hatred will be eradicated. These meditations are thousands of years old, having being used in the Buddhist tradition since the time of the Buddha. And still they are being used today, even more so, because of their effectiveness. If you commit yourself, you will see results as  thousands of others have!

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner meditators
  • Those who have never meditated before but are interested
  • Those who wish to try new and different meditation techniques
Course content
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+ Mindfulness of Breathing Meditation
2 lectures 34:57
Introduction: Mindfulness of Breathing

Stage 1: Label 1 - 10 as you naturally exhale, once reached 10 then start back at number 1. Not counting to quickly get to number 10, but only observing the natural breath and numbering the breaths

Stage 2: Label 1 - 10 as you naturally inhale

Stage 3: Observe the flow of the natural breath just as you have the first 2 stages, but now no numbers are involved

Stage 4: Narrow your focus to observing the natural breath only just the tip of your nose area, do not follow the breath up and down the airways

Meditation: Mindfulness of Breathing
+ Body Scan Meditation
2 lectures 40:34
Introduction: Body

Scan your body from the crown/top of your head, moving throughout the body until you reach the toes. Move your focus from each part of the body as you scan.

Observe ANY sensation: hot/cold sensations, pulsations, vibrations, tingling, numbness, heaviness, respiration, pain, perspiration... or ANY other physical sensation, anything that is happening physically on the interior of the body or exterior. Just observe it. If there is no sensation in one area, wait a moment and move on if there is still nothing.

Body Scan Meditation
+ Metta Bhavna (Loving Kindness) Meditation
2 lectures 40:37
Introduction: Metta Bhavna (Loving Kindness)

Repeat the following for each of these people below, "May I Be Well... May I Be Happy... May I Be Free From Suffering..."

Stage 1: Yourself

Stage 2: A family member or friend (not a romantic partner)

Stage 3: Acquaintance

Stage 4: Someone you don't like (not a previous romantic partner)

Stage 5: All beings

Meditation: Metta Bhavna