Meditation | Balancing Energy Through Self-Acceptance

Use this Meditation to develop wisdom and happiness in your life
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Understanding The Power of Self-Acceptance
Understanding how to use Self-Acceptance to transform the mind
Understanding how to Develop-Self-Acceptance, and experience it in meditation
Understand how Self-Acceptance is the key to creating greater happiness in life


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The Cause Of Unhappiness
The state of unhappiness is the state of Self-Rejection, basically when we reject others, ourselves, the world, basically anything in creation, we will experience, fear, negativities of the mind, unhappiness.

So the key to transforming the mind, to release the unhappiness is to develop Self-Acceptance.

Self-Acceptance is the opposite of Self-Rejection, so naturally as one develops self-acceptance one will develop greater happiness.

But how do we develop Self-Acceptance?

In this course, you will be provided a meditation practice, where you will learn what self-acceptance is from actual experience. The goal of the meditation is to provide a practice to serve as a daily reminder of the importance of seating oneself in the state of Self-Acceptance in the purest way, which will help one to align themselves in the efficient direction on the journey of Self-Transformation.

So this course is suitable for those who wish to transform their minds to create greater happiness.

This course is designed for people who are willing to put in effort and patience into transforming their mind. The Journey Of Self-Transformation will be indeed challenging it will be, so no doubt you will experience discomfort and pain in the meditation as the states of Self-Rejection surfaces. 

So take this course if you are up for a challenge. Because the meditation will bring out inner states of self-rejection which will be experienced as discomfort, but through overcoming this discomfort there will be great rewards.

Good luck!

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Who this course is for:

  • People who are on the journey of self-transformation i.e. people who wish to develop greater happiness in life through addressing their unhappiness
  • People who want to learn the ways to create happiness in their lives
  • people who want to know what kind of frame of mind to be in to see the lessons in life experiences and use it to transform their mind

Course content

4 sections8 lectures42m total length
  • Introduction to Balancing Energy With Self-Acceptance


Teacher - Transforming Fears and Sufferings
Jonny John Liu
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Jonny John Liu is the founder of CreationWithinCreation - a website where he teaches people how to address their Sufferings - Fears - Negativities - everything to do with addressing Unhappiness to create greater Happiness. There you will be able to find all of his written work and techniques.

Jonny has an unique way of teaching. Instead of feeding his students truth, he also instructs them to validate the truth from experience. Thus with all information in which he gives he provides the students a Path to actually experience it for themselves, because it is only through this way that one can achieve inner transformation at the deepest level.