Meditation - An Inner Vision Journey
4.4 (4 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Meditation - An Inner Vision Journey

Meditation to Joyfully Expand Your Heart/Mind Cherie Peterson, Masters in Esotericism, Quantum Healing Professional
4.4 (4 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
84 students enrolled
Created by Cherie Peterson
Last updated 1/2016
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What you'll learn
  • Establish an on-going practice
  • Be more peaceful and contended
  • Have deeper insights about yourself, others and the world around you
  • Grow perception, creativity and insightfulness
  • Be more awake and aware
  • Have more energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Be able to quiet the mind anytime and anywhere (!)
  • Guidebook can be downloaded
  • Website with additional materials:

The main goal of this course is to establish a meaningful Meditation practice designed to:

  • BE Empowered to establish the practice that is right for YOU
  • Connect with your Core Essential Self
  • Practice Being Still, Quiet and Empty of Distractions
  • Open to New Perspectives and Possibilities
  • Grow or Balance Your Self-Worth
  • Release Worn-out Thought-forms and Beliefs
  • Shift into Greater Joy, Love and Compassion

Ultimately students will:

Be More Aware of thoughts, words and actions

◆ Know Yourself in deeper ways

Focus on Qualities you would like to develop in yourself

Develop Concentration Skills to expand your heart/mind

Contemplate for extended periods of time

Meditate – still the mind to allow new perceptions to arise

Live in Synthesis as an integrated Soul/Personality

Inexplicable KINDNESS AND COMPASSION may result!

Meditation remains the tool, the vehicle and the way of knowing ourselves, others and the world in which we live.

We are reminded that the inner journey leads us to a more refined frequency where our true purpose reveals itself.

As we lift and expand our alignment, we become increasingly aware and insightful, enabling us to consciously create our world in ways we may never have imagined.

The course is designed to empower the participants to go at a pace that is comfortable for them. Exercises leading to Seven Gateposts can be practiced as many times and as often as desired.

Because this practice of focussing, then silencing the mind becomes a habit that brings huge rewards, students are encouraged to view the lessons, follow along with the guidebook and listen to the guided meditations as often as they like.

The best way to become more comfortable and proficient at Meditation is to get started now with this course.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is interested in learning to Concentrate, Contemplate and Meditate
Course content
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+ Your Inner Vision Journey
2 lectures 11:24

My purpose in presenting Meditation - An Inner Vision Journey, is to help you establish an on-going practice that can change your life in infinite ways. Taking this course will help you become more observant, know yourself better and create what you want and need in your life.

Learning to concentrate, contemplate and finally meditate helps to refine your life to achieve a place of deep peace, joy and contentment. Finally, through synthesis, you will practice Being. Being still, Being present, Being open, Being empty, Being filled with all the precious gifts so available to us all.

My 30 plus years as a Meditation Facilitator and Instructor as well as a Healing Arts practitioner, has allowed me to guide others into expanded physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being. While it may take some determination and time to learn to still the mind, the benefits received will bring well-deserved rewards.

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Discover how to awaken from dearly held beliefs and expand your perceptions of the world. Learn to clear the mind and open the heart to discern what new concepts to include in your world view and which ones we let go.

Awakening - from old beliefs so new perceptions can emerge
+ Entering the Seven Gateposts
27 lectures 03:12:28

Your first challenge is to fully and knowingly observe where you are as you begin the process. As you learn to develop this skill, a more inclusive view can become available, allowing you to gently release old patterns that are no longer useful. With an expanded view, Superconscious or High Self shines through, spotlighting areas of your life where you can thrive and feel more alive.

Gatepost I Observing

An alignment to the Higher Self begins first of all with recognizing it, then remembering how it can serve you, and finally connecting you with infinite life-enhancing possibilities.

The benefits of this training include activating parts of the mind that have previously not been available and now can be tapped for propelling you into worlds of self-discovery.

Gatepost I - Exercise One
The process of Observing yourself and others begins the journey through the Seven Gateposts. As you are guided into a quiet, peaceful place, witness the state of your physical, emotional and mental bodies. As these parts of yourself integrate more completely, you may notice subtle shifts of consciousness.
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Looking deeply into self does not always easy. The process takes time and resolve. You will be guided to probe and examine all aspects, influences and areas of your life.

Your shifting perspectives will be increasingly more apparent as you begin to allow yourself to consider where you are now and where you want to be on this path and more specifically in life.

This is where the creative mind steps in to begin imagining your life’s journey without boundaries.

Gatepost II - Knowing the Self

This exercise is designed to enable you to move forward. You are asked to focus on a quality that you would like to develop in yourself and you are encouraged to consider subjective things like a peaceful mind, joyfulness, enhanced creativity, greater compassion which will in turn empower you to feel more loved, empowered, with a higher sense of self-worth.

This in turn leads to more concrete advantages such as a more stimulating, higher paying job or more fulfilling relationships.

Gatepost II - Exercise Two

Practice meeting the unknown by imagining a vision quest on an inner vision journey and go into a place of peace, allowing for something greater than the lower mind can consider. Visiting a place of emptiness, openness and quiet brings a shifted perspective for deepening the work of knowing the self.

Meditation for Gatepost II - Knowing the Self

Calling upon the skills and personal power gained as you traveled the path through the first two Gateposts, you are now ready to choose qualities that can guide you into ever expanding perception, more purposeful living, greater awareness of Self, deeper understanding of the world, enhanced abilities to focus and concentrate, higher levels of creativity and a continually evolving life view.

Gatepost III - Cultivating Qualties

Practice trusting yourself and ‘acting as if’ in order to Be that which you are intending. As an apprentice to this awareness training, you should begin to notice yourself becoming and being more of what you focus on.

Gatepost III - Exercise Three

As the body becomes increasingly more refined, sensitivities to others and the world in general can result. It is important that empathic people learn to tune into various methods of protection or integration to be fully engaged in the world.

Gatepost III - Teaching - Working with Chaotic Energy

Holding the quality or qualities you are developing within yourself, this exercise brings you closer to becoming what you envision and is designed to bring you into greater alignment with your true self or Soul.

Meditation for Gatepost III - Cultivating Qualities

The power of concentration develops the mind for deeper reflection, including contemplation to allow the heart/mind to grow new pathways. Thoughts come and go rhythmically, guiding the mind into an altered place where no-thought eventually sweeps the consciousness into stillness.

Gatepost IV - Concentration

Visualizing energy running through the body is a form of concentration that moves chi and creates good health and well being. Each exercise brings greater surrender, creating a space for something more than the little (concrete) mind can conceive.

Gatepost IV - Exercise Four (cont)

Begin by using the creative imagination to become the quality considered in the last gatepost. Bring all your senses to the experience. Create the space to practice concentrating on an object while allowing the ‘mind chatter’ to dissipate. Once this is mastered, the groundwork for your meditation practice has been created.

Meditation for Gatepost IV - Concentration

Here we develop the mind to become increasingly agile, open and receptive to insights. You will experience shifts in perception with the liberated mind as it is released through these exercises. Keeping a journal of what is noticed contributes to growing awareness and is encouraged throughout these exercises, even if there is resistance at first.

Gatepost V - Contemplation & Exercise Five

Here we develop the mind to become increasingly agile, open and receptive to insights. You will experience shifts in perception with the liberated mind as it is released through these exercises. Keeping a journal of what is noticed contributes to growing awareness and is encouraged throughout these exercises, even if there is resistance at first.

Gatepost V - Exercise Five

It takes courage and determination to establish a practice that will endure the tests of endless distraction. Discipline, self-control and tenacity are being developed through doing this work.

Keep the rewards in mind as this path is traveled, because without a “Why,” without fully understanding and believing in the benefits, there most certainly will come a time when a little voice comes forward to disparage the work you are doing.

Gatepost V - Contemplating Being New

It’s a choice - whether to let go of those beloved habits and patterns that have become so dear, yet have resulted in contraction, or leave them for something as yet unknown. Master this concept and open yourself to the possibility of a more joyful, fulfilling life.

Gatepost V - Changing Habits

As you move down this path towards being the True Self, Higher Self, often called Soul, contemplation trains the mind to be thoroughly engaged on the chosen area of focus.

This work goes to the depths of a quality, a thought or an object, exploring it so completely that thought can then begin let go in order to move into the rewards of true meditation.

Meditation for Gatepost V - Contemplation

Through Meditation, we dissolve into the goodness, the serenity, the peace that truly does make all things new. The expanded perspectives gained in this practice make space for a precious and profound way of Being, enabling a new, more conscious creative spirit to emerge.

Gatepost VI - Meditation

Receptivity to something beyond what is already known grows, and with that expansion comes a readiness to embrace the unexpected. What comes to the heart/mind is seldom what what imagined or longed for, but something so much greater, so much more subtle, that at first it may not be recognized. Here we learn to cherish it.

Gatepost VI - Meditation Training & Exercise Six

The breath takes us into a flow beyond the ordinary waking mind where awareness becomes heightened and our senses open to dimensional shits. Our sense of self, idea of others, our purpose and our plans can suddenly shift into something so much greater than ever considered.This can bring confusion before greater clarity sets in.

Gatepost VI - Meditation Training and Exercise Six cont.

A Practice for Being Aligned and Still, Being mindful of the posture, keeping the mind quiet where insights can be received. Visualizing Light flowing through the central channel, creating an open, empty space where the magic of Being resides.

Meditation for Gatepost VI - Meditation

All that has been experienced during this journey though consciousness culminates when the mind is able to hold deep stillness and access the point of Synthesis. As we pass through Gatepost Vll we find we are able to be increasingly more Present in the moment.

Gatepost VII - Synthesis

In this exercise, the practice encourages merging with all of creation in a place without resistance and boundaries. Residing in stillness, peace and acceptance can result in

a sublime place of simply Being Present in the Moment.

Gatepost VII - Exercise Seven

Waking to new possibilities, the spiral of life turns, showing continually greater ‘truths’ and preparing us for greater service in the world. With expanded perspectives and opened heart/minds, we blend into the Love, Light and Will beyond physical form.

Gatepost VII - Teaching - A Changing New World & Blending Energies

Greater Joy, Compassion and Love continue to explode within, paving the path with an even deeper commitment to Be All We Can Be. Moving through dimensions and portals of light, we blend our energies with the energies of Source, knowing ourselves and others in a new way.

Gatepost VII - Teaching - Blending Energies cont.

Living in the ever-expanding qualities of the heart/mind, we have reached a place of Synthesis. We remember who we are and why we are here on this planet as we increasingly remain Present in each moment of the day. We give gratitude for this work and for the expanded perspectives gained as we continue to invoke pure Presence.

Meditation for Gatepost VII - Synthesis
+ Assimilating and Practicing the Steps to Expanded Insight
1 lecture 02:52

Through this Inner Vision Journey there has been a myriad of challenges to the body, feeling nature, mind and spirit, but the practice of Mindful Awareness has guided and encouraged movement forward towards the goal of establishing a practice that will last a lifetime. Forging through life in a more unified, connected and conscious way, there are no boundaries that can stop the eternal expansion that Meditation provides.

Moving Forward