Mechanical and Pneumatic Comparator of Engineering Metrology

Learn the Mechanical comparators from Engineering Metrology
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Mechanical Comparators ,Construction and Working ,Applications.


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In Metrology , The comparator is a Precision Instrument, which is used to compare the dimensions of the given component with the actual working standard.

• Employed to find out, by how much the dimensions of the given component differ from that of a known datum.

  • A comparator is used in mass production to inspect the components to close tolerance with high degree of precision and speed. It employs mechanical means for magnifying the small movement of the measuring stylus.

  • The movement is due to the difference between the standard and the actual dimension being checked .

  • This course will help the diploma and engineering students to understand Mechanical Comparators and how the comparator works i.e  internal structure of comparators. It will help the students that how to use comparator  in the industries.

  • In this course you will have brief description on Dial Gauge indicator , Sigma Comparator and Pneumatic Comparator.

In this course you will learn :

  • What is Comparator ?

  • Classification and different types of Comparators.

  • Characteristics / Requirements of Good Comparators.

  • Application of Comparators.

  • How to use Comparator?

  • Construction and Working of Main three types of Comparator i.e Dial Gauge indicator , Sigma Comparator and Pneumatic Comparator.

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Who this course is for:

  • Diploma and Engineering students


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I am a Lecturer at Renowned Polytechnic Institute from Nashik Maharashtra. I have 09 years of teaching experience in diploma engineering. I have completed M.E. in Production and Machine Design. I used to teach Metrology and Quality Control,Theory of Machine,Engineering Drawing Subjects to diploma students. I also have Sushrut Raijade Official YouTube Channel for Engineering Students.

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