Meat, Poultry and Fish Technology

Meat processing, products, meat plant sanitization, rigor mortis
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This course creates knowledge about Meat processing, products, meat plant sanitization, rigor mortis mainly


Sources and developments of meat and poultry industries in India and importance in national economy, Muscle structure, chemical composition and physico-chemical properties of meat muscle, Abattoir design and layout, Pre-slaughter transport and care and antemortem inspection. Slaughtering of animals and poultry, post-mortem inspection and grading of meat, Factors affecting post-mortem changes, properties and shelf life of meat. Egg structure: Composition, quality characteristics, processing and preservation of eggs, Processing and preservation of meat- mechanical deboning, aging or chilling, freezing, pickling, curing, cooking and smoking of meat, Meat tenderization. – principles and methods, Meat emulsions, Technology of manufacture of meat and poultry products Meat plant sanitation and safety By-products utilization of abattoir.


Pre-slaughter operations of meat animals and poultry birds; Slaughtering and dressing of meat animals; Study of post-mortem changes; Meat cutting and handling; Evaluation of meat quality; Preservation of meat by different methods and preparation of meat and poultry products; Evaluation of quality and grading of eggs; Preservation of shell eggs; Experiments in by-products utilization. Classification of fish (fresh water and marine), composition of fish, characteristics of fresh fish. Fish products: surimi; Fish protein concentrates (FPC); Fish protein extracts (FPE), fish protein hydrolysates (FPH);

Who this course is for:

  • B. Tech Food Technology

Course content

1 section5 lectures1h 50m total length
  • Processing of meat and meat products
  • Rigor mortis and postmortem changes
  • Classification and types of Fish
  • Meat Tenderization (Theory + Practical)
  • Preparation of Blood Meal


Asst. Prof. at K.K. Wagh College of Food Technology Nashik
Asmita Thorat
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Hello everyone, I am Prof. Asmita Thorat, Currently working as Assistnat Professor in K. K. Wagh College of Food Technology, Nashik. I am teaching Meat, poultry and Fish Technology since last 6 years. Also I am Teaching Food Packaging Technology course as a part of curriculum. I believe in delivering the knowledge without any hurdles of education system, so started on Udemy.