Maya & Unreal 3D Character Kpop Dance Animation Fundamentals
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Maya & Unreal 3D Character Kpop Dance Animation Fundamentals

Complete Guide From Beginner to Pro Body Mechanics & VFX Basics: Autodesk Maya, Unreal Engine, Unity, Game Development
5.0 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
52 students enrolled
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Last updated 6/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Animating with Keyframes using Autodesk Maya
  • Understanding Unreal Engine's A.R.T. rigging tools for Autodesk Maya Animation Creation Process
  • Animating Production Ready Dance Animation
  • Learn Step by Step How to Animation in Layers Using VIdeo Reference to Create Pro Level Game Animations in Maya
  • Animation Ready for Exporting Character Animation to Unreal Engine or Unity Game Engine
  • VFX creation timing for production ready game asset (animated texture, mesh, and effect)
  • Understanding Production Process of Animation Using Unreal Engine's A.R.T. rigging tools for Autodesk Maya
Course content
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8 lectures 01:17:18

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Posing, body, hands, fingers for starting position, and setting up character position

Preview 09:30

Posing the details in the fingers from the video reference

Posing the Arms & Fingers

Animating the root, and footwork for the first dance spin

Animating the Root & Basic Timing

Breaking down extreme poses

Extreme Pose Creation

Breaking down extreme poses

Adding Breakdowns

Extreme position for start of dance section

Finding Next Extreme Pose
6 lectures 58:43

Animating the root down positions

Lower Body Timing

Animating the shoulders and arms

Upper Body Rough Timing

Animating rotations of the shoulders and wrist transitions

Refining Shoulders, Wrists, Neck, and Head

Finding extreme pose in the reference to end section's dance

Extreme Pose to End First Part of the Dance

Transition from dance portion to end extreme pose

Finding Extreme Anticipation Pose to Blend Breakdown

Cleaning up upper body poses for transitions in posing

Upper Body Breakdown Transitions
4 lectures 39:03

Finding the extreme poses in the video reference to create transitions and core posing

Animating the Heart Extreme Pose Transitions

Adding additional transitions for pose to pose animation

Continuing Heart Extreme Pose Transitions

Animating the heart gesture movements based on the video reference

Animating the Heart Movements

Continuing to break down the heart animation posing based on the video reference and previous posing

Animating the Heart Movements Cont.
3 lectures 31:25

Lower body animation for the next extreme poses based on the video reference

Finding the Next Extreme Pose/Lower Body

Upper body movements and timing, based on the video reference driven by the lower body movements created in previous section

Animating Upper Body Movements

Additional upper body posing, and breaking down poses for animation transitions

Finding Extreme Pose Upper Body/Adding Breakdowns
5 lectures 01:08:54

Extreme lower body pose creation based on the video reference

Finding Extreme Lower Body Poses

Finding the extreme upper body poses from video reference

Extreme Upper Body Poses

Refining upper body poses that were created in previous section

Refining Upper Body Posing

Lower body posing for final section of the dance based on video reference

Defining Final Lower Body Extreme Poses

Upper body pose based on the lower body posing and timing

Adding Upper Body Pose
10 lectures 02:27:34

Adding breakdown pose to where video reference cut occurs to smoothly transition to core poses created

Adding Breakdown to Video Ref Cut

Understanding the importance of footwork, and the best practices to create the movements

Footwork Polish

Understanding the importance of overshoots, how to create them, and best practices for use

Adding Overshoot to the End Pose

Polishing overshoots and adding additional breakdowns where necessary

Polishing Ending Overshoots & Breakdowns

Polishing overshoots for body spin section

Overshoot Polish for Body Spin

Understanding keep alive posing, the importance of it, best uses, and additional footwork/overshoot animation

Overshoot, Keep Alive Posing, & Footwork

Additional footwork to polish the marching section of the dance

Footwork to Polish the March

Animating arcs in the shoulders

Shoulder Arc Polish

Polishing arm animation for transitions

Arm Polish

Understanding VFX timing to animate a rig with animated textures, which can then be given to VFX artist for timing, or to implement as is in game engine.

Animating Heart Mesh Fx
+ Heart VFX Modeling
4 lectures 19:22

Heart Modeling Goals and Expectations

Preview 02:29

Breaking Down Maya's Hotkey Menu

Hotkey Menu

Modeling Timelapse of the Heart VFX

Modeling the Heart

Timelapse and Voice Over for Concepting VFX

Concepting the Heart Rig
+ Heart VFX Rigging
10 lectures 43:18

Overviewing the Two Heart VFX Rigs

Preview 02:03

Joint Tool, Parenting Joints, and Joint Radius


Parent and Scale Constraints Overview


Binding the Heart Model to the Joints

Skin Weights

NURBS Controllers and Control Vertices


Joint Placement and Joint Rig Hierarchy

Creating the Joints

Control Rig Creation and Setup

Creating the Controllers

Connecting the Joints to the Controllers

Connecting the Controllers

Skinning and Finishing up the Rig

Polishing the Rig

Timelapse with Voice Over of the Heart VFX 02 Rig

Heart VFX 02 Rigging
2 lectures 21:21

Animating heart rig with 3D meshes utilizing timing made from animated texture rig.  This shows process of how to apply animation timing from previous assets to an updated asset, which happens often in production

Animating Heart Rig Meshes

Creating animation from heart rig, that creates a beam effect which can then be rendered out for the final effect based on the animation timing created

Creating Animation for the Second Heart Rig
1 lecture 15:59

Time lapse sections of polish plus phase to get animations to the next level of detail. 

  • Refining footwork polish

  • Core Pose Refinement - Cleaning up the heart dance core movements to delay motion and add weight to the performance

  • Upper Body Polish Hands/Arms

  • Additional Arm Polish Animation

Refining Animation
  • No prior knowledge of Autodesk Maya, Unity, or Unreal Engine needed.
  • The course utilizes Maya 2018, but prior knowledge of any 3d animation/modeling package is a plus.
  • Programming is a plus, but not required.
  • All Concepts Taught Can Be Applied to Any Animation Software or Animation Creation Process of User's Choice
  • No VFX experience necessary

Hi there!

Welcome, and thanks for choosing Class Creative’s Maya & Unreal: 3D Character Kpop Dance Animation Fundamentals | Complete Guide From Beginners to Pros | Body Mechanics & VFX Basics!!

In this foundation course we will be learning the fundamentals of Character Animation for games (specifically for the Unreal engine, but this method will also work for other game engines such as Unity).

Learn everything necessary for a Character Animation Dance (Kpop example) utilizing Autodesk Maya taught by a AAA game professional with university level accredited instruction!  This process can be applied to any style of dance animation for your project!

Autodesk Maya is the industry standard 3D animation software, understanding the concepts in this course will help you land a job in the game, film, tv, or music industry.  In this course you will learn how to rig and animate your custom created character from scratch.

We will cover the following core skill sets:

  • Getting started with Maya and understanding the animation process

  • Understanding how to utilize the reference image plane in Maya to create a realistic game engine ready Dance (Kpop) Animation

  • Strong Fundamentals of Animation Body Mechanics

  • Process of using IK/FK controllers and best practices of Unreal Engine's A.R.T. tools for Autodesk Maya

  • How to create animation timing for VFX using 3 different styles of rigs (animated texture, mesh, and visual effect rig)

  • Animation timing of these VFX rigs for pipeline production process

  • Unreal Engine's A.R.T. rigging tools for Autodesk Maya

  • Understanding hotkeys to animate and rig quickly

  • Animating with keyframes

  • Animating a production ready dance animation (Kpop) quickly and efficiently

  • Advanced polish process to create professional level animation ready for game engine (Unreal/Unity) export

***NOTE Course does NOT include custom character mesh.  ART tools will include mannequin mesh which will allow all animation and lessons to be animated without a mesh or completing a custom rig.  Course is strictly showing the process of animating a character of choice,  for ANY character regardless of software or rig limitations.

We’ll be utilizing the latest software packages that top tier gaming studios of today use to create all of your favorite titles!

  • Autodesk Maya, Unreal Engine’s Maya Animation Rigging Toolset (A.R.T. for short), and the Unreal game engine.

Why Learn From Class Creatives?

This course features an accredited university level animation instructor who has over 15 years of experience animating both keyframe, and motion capture for studios such as Naughty Dogg, Guerilla Games, Sucker Punch, Google, Disney and more.  Whether it be a complex hyper realistic animation or a cartoony stylized “Disney” character animation it ALL starts with the fundamentals which we cover in these lectures.

Who This Course is For:

Whether you are just a beginner interested in Character Animation, or a Master professional looking to brush up on your current skill set, this course has material you surely won’t want to miss!

As with all Class Creative’s courses, we’ve laid out a structure that covers the full spectrum of industry standard character workflows from start to finish.

Please remember, if this is your first time creating animating a 3D character, we highly recommend that you follow the outline carefully, according to how our instructor’s have structured the course. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on any details!

However, if you are an advanced user and are looking for something specific to add to your repertoire feel free to dive in and skip to any sections you’d like to focus on.

Who this course is for:
  • Competency using a computer.
  • Developers who want to add game development to their skill-set.
  • Anyone with a passion for learning game development.
  • Anyone who wants the ability to create assets for games.
  • Anyone Interested in Character Animation
  • Anyone Wanting to Develop New Skills for Unreal Engine, or Unity