Matlab crash course

Learn Matlab like a professional. Start from basics and then go to build complex solutions and applications.
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3,354 students
1hr 17min of on-demand video

Using Matlab in solving math problems
Using Matlab in creating perfect graphs
Data visualization using Matlab
Curve fitting and regression using Matlab
Using Simulink in some Engineering problems


  • Basic Knowledge of Algebra and Calculus
  • A computer with Matlab Software


Matlab is a great software package and tool that helps you in many disciplines in Engineering and science. It has many, easy to use and multi-functioning tool boxes. Practicing Matlab  helps you to solve, visualize, simulate and model as many tasks as you like.

This course takes you from the beginning, step by step, to be proficient in  using Matlab in solving  real problems, building great solutions, and some applications (functions). Also, you'll learn how to use Simulink in simulation of some real problems.

Who this course is for:

  • Any one needs to be proficient in using Matlab
  • university students
  • Researchers that needs to solve complex problems in Engineering or science or need to visualize their research results
  • Machine learning and software development using Matlab


Sayed Hussein Haggag
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 189 Reviews
  • 5,377 Students
  • 2 Courses

     Engineering is very interesting but it needs high and accurate understanding of detailed, deep and complex  concepts. I'm very interested in explaining these concepts.

- M.Sc. in electrical communications engineering "Applications of photonics in optical logic circuit design "

-Now, I'm a Ph.D student at Mansoura University, studying applications of artificial intelligence(AI) in biomedical engineering.

     I've a very long experience as an instructor. I had started as a teaching assistance at Mansoura   university, faculty of engineering, Egypt. After that I've worked as an instructor for electrical communications engineering courses for pregraduate and postgraduate students at many private training companies.

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