Maths: Fractions (EAZYasPi)

Whether you're a school pupil or an adult looking to master this area, become the master of fractions!
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Learn how to think for yourself instead of memorising questions styles
Fully grasp and understand the theory that supports Fractions
Learn how to answer ANY question on fractions
Practice with carefully designed questions that can only be answered with understanding


  • You should probably be UK high school age (approximately 16 years of age)
  • Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide


Do you (or does your teenager) manage questions in class, to then be completely stumped upon trying an exam-style question?

EAZYasPi is all about ensuring student understanding as opposed to memorisation. Its development began after first hand observation of repeating and common gaps in students' understanding of topics. Students are needlessly 'swimming' in material that is taught at school, preventing material absorption. This is written in a way that encompasses and addresses common misunderstandings or gaps.

It is important to recognise there is a significant difference between taught material and exam-style questions. It is also advised that the student has already completed this topic in class, but everything is indeed covered here.

If you understand everything in these in here, you will understand what the exam questions are asking!

We comprehensively address all possible angles of approaching the topic of fractions so that the goal is understanding and not memorisation. Normally, students are taught with 100s of practise questions with styles easily memorable preventing any real understanding of the topic at hand. Instead, we tackle the concise theory required and with several questions, rotate enough to solidify understanding to allow problem solving to take place. We encourage the use of our process throughout to be able to excel comfortably in exams!

Who this course is for:

  • UK high school pupils looking to sit exams
  • Any adult looking to fully grasp fractions


Maths Tutor & Chartered Engineer
Louise M
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I began 1:2:1 maths tuition in 2016 where I noticed some fairly fundamental problems in student understanding. Pupils were memorising, and not learning. This wreaked havoc upon attempting exam-style questions.

I decided it was time to do something about that! I designed a new way of working which all of my pupils benefitted from.

Because it's more than ok to not know the answer straight away!

I’m a professionally registered engineer in the UK as a Chartered Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and a STEM Ambassador.

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