Mathematical computing tools

Mathcad, Mathematica, Maple and Geogebra
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Hands-on Start to Maple
Hands-on Start to Mathcad Prime
Hands-on Start to Mathematica
Hands-on Start to Geogebra


  • You must have the principles of mathematics


Learn how to use Mathcad, Mathematica and Maple  so you can   :

Edit math expressions - Define matrix and find its inverse and its determinant - Define functions and draw its graph - Solve equations - Derivatives - Integrals - 3D graph .

Learn how to use Geogebra so you can  :

Draw point, - Draw Line - Reflect regular polygon  and Rotate it - Define Functions and draw it - Move two points on function graph and its derivative graph - use algebra view, graph view , CAS view , spreadsheet view and 3D graph view 

Who this course is for:

  • Math students
  • Math teachers
  • Engineers
  • Anyone who wants to learn math programmes

Course content

1 section5 lectures1h 20m total length
  • An Introduction to Mathcad Prime
  • An Introduction to Mathematica
  • An Introduction to Maple
  • An Introduction to Geogebra part1
  • An Introduction to Geogebra part2


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I am an educational consultant, worked more than 35 years, in the field of education in Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia and interested in the fields of Programming,database systems,information technology,using technology in education, and writing .  I wrote a series of books in mathematics and computer and was given a wide range of lectures and training courses, and I designed many programs that serve my work ...for more see my website.