Quick Mental Math Tricks & Shortcuts for Competitive Exams
4.3 (66 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,346 students enrolled

Quick Mental Math Tricks & Shortcuts for Competitive Exams

Mental Math/ Mental Algebra/ Vedic Math for Quant/ GMAT/ CAT/ GRE/competition Math covers Trigonometry/Geometry/Algebra
4.3 (66 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,346 students enrolled
Created by Ruchi Chhabra
Last updated 6/2020
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This course includes
  • 18.5 hours on-demand video
  • 12 articles
  • 62 downloadable resources
  • 2 Practice Tests
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn
  • Learn solving Trigonometry fast with short tricks.
  • Learn, Revise & Apply full Plane Geometry Concepts. (Lines, Angles, Polygons, Triangles, Quadrilateral, Circles)
  • Crack complex Algebra (including Sequence & Series, Quadratic equations) multi choice problems through magical tricks.
  • Simplify challenging problems of complex fractions, square roots, cube roots, exponents without much knowledge.
  • Learn to find Unit Digit of very complex exponent Problems.
  • Learn fastest techniques to solve Mensuration of 2-Dimensional Geometry including area related to Circles.
  • Apply short tricks and logical method on Time & Work, Pipes & Cisterns, Speed & Distance, Boats & Streams, Person & Wages, Leaving & Joining of Persons, Average Speed, Comercial Math problems etc.
  • Learn to apply Digital Sum Techniques of Vedic Math to choose correct answers out of multiple choice questions of heavy calculations without actually calculating.
  • Special short tricks of solving tough problems on Percentages.
  • Become confident in cracking Quantitative Aptitude section of your Competition Exam.
  • Able to apply right approach and easiest technique to tackle Math problems.
  • Get rid of fear of solving quantitative aptitude section of exam with easy short tricks which require very less knowledge of actual Topic.
  • If you are Math lover and likes solving challenging problems of Math, then this is the right course for you.
  • Basic knowledge of middle school pre- Algebra and Algebra topics

This mental Math course is designed to prepare students for the ‘Quantitative aptitude’ of the Question paper. The course is a complete guide in itself and the course provides everything you need in order to study for different Math Competitions. The course covers Basic facts, Notes, Formulas, short cuts, logical techniques, downloadable pdfs, Tasks and Practice tests. In every section, Resources are provided in the form of downloadable pdfs of Practice problems and Assignments with the answers.

Tricks and shortcuts used in the course are very easy, can be applied mentally and a person with less knowledge of Math can also easily understand.

The course covers almost all common topics of competitive exams (around 2000 solved questions) and there is constant upgrading in the course.

Topics covered are

- Algebra Short Tricks

1.30 hr. section of Algebra short tricks requires very little knowledge of the actual methods of solving. Very fast techniques to solve Sequence and Series, Quadratic equations, reducible to quadratic equations, problems involving α & β, real-life word problems based on linear and quadratic equations, Linear Equations & Polynomials.


Nearly 1hr. section of Logarithm short tricks explaining Logarithms and its Laws in detail. Three lectures on the application of short techniques to crack the problems in the first attempt. The last two lectures of this section are based on past paper Problems from the CAT exam.

- Geometry

Revision of complete Geometry Concepts with all the Formulas, Definitions, Notes, Theorem, Facts & Tricks. Topics covered are Lines and Angles, Parallel lines, Triangles, Pythagoras Th., Inequalities of Triangles, Sine and Cosine Rule, Median, Altitude, Angle bisector, properties of Equilateral & Isosceles Triangles, all types of Quadrilaterals, Polygons-interior angles & number of diagonals, Angle Bisector Theorem, Congruent & Similar Triangles, Circle, Cyclic Quadrilateral, Tangents to circle, Areas between two parallel lines, etc.

- Trigonometry shortcuts

Nearly 3 hours of Topic, divided into two sections. First Section is based on Revision of Complete Basics and Formulas of Trigonometry, explained with the help of examples. In the second section, you can learn the fastest techniques of solving Trigonometry problems based on Identities, Height & Distance, Geometry & Solution of Triangles without the help of too high knowledge of Trigonometry.

- Basic Topics of middle & High School

You will find separate sections and step by step explanations of short techniques & logical methods to handle highly Skilled Problems based on Time and Work; Pipes and Cistern; Speed, Distance and Time; Work and wages; Percentage; Profit & loss; Discount; Tax and faulty dealer; Boats and streams and many more…

- Simplification Problems

Magical short tricks to find solutions of simplification Problems Based on Percentages, Fractions, Square roots, cube roots, tricky fractions, and successive square roots, etc. in seconds.

- Finding Unit digits

Finding Unit digits of tough exponents numbers and calculations.

- Simplification by Digital Sum Techniques of Vedic Maths

Very Fast technique of finding correct answers out of multiple-choice questions of heavy calculations

without actually calculating.

Note: I am still upgrading the course by adding more topics to the course because many students demanded topics like Trigonometry, Logarithms shortcuts, Sequence, and series, etc. I am open to your suggestions to improve the course, contact me through the message box. Your reviews and ratings to the course will be precious gift to the course.

Course is based on solving problems with short tricks, tips and logical methods only so that students can solve competitive exam problems within a few seconds. Traditional methods used in schools are not included in the course.

As from last 20 years, I have prepared students of different caliber for entrance to different competitive Exams. Through this course I am presenting my knowledge of short tricks of various Math topics that can help you crack quants section of various competitions.

So this is the course which will help you learn tricks, tips and shortcuts to crack Quant section of any competition exams.


Match the syllabus of your requirement with topics given in the course before taking the course and  English is not my mother tongue so watch example videos provided with the intro to understand my style of teaching. If you like my style of teaching then only buy the course.

Who this course is for:
  • Preparing for Math Olympiad, GMAT, GRE, CAT , MAT, SAT , Banking exams and any other Math competitive exam.
  • Wants to learn short tricks to crack challenging problems with in targeting time.
  • Course is great for students who want to solve Quant’s section with less knowledge of Math.
  • Wants to learn tips, tricks and Logic to make Math easy, speedy and accurate.
  • Students want to develop new way to think.
  • Students want to improve overall IQ and Intelligent level.
  • Enjoys doing challenging problems of competitive exams.
  • Methods used are based on short tricks so not advised for school home work purposes but from here you can learn basics and right approach to solve problems.
Course content
Expand all 141 lectures 18:39:04
+ Algebra Short Tricks
12 lectures 01:44:33
How to Practice Algebra from this section?
Short tricks for multiple choice questions 1
6 questions
Short tricks for multiple choice questions 2
Short Tricks for multiple choice questions 2
3 questions
Short tricks for multiple choice questions 3
Short tricks for multiple choice question 3
4 questions
Some Important Short Tricks 1
Some Important short tricks 1
11 questions
Some Important Short Tricks 2
Some Important Short Tricks 2
8 questions
Quadratic equations Short tricks 1
Quadratic equations Short tricks 1
3 questions
Quadratic equations Short tricks 2
Quadratic equations short tricks 2
3 questions
Quadratic equations Short tricks 3
Quadratic equations short tricks 3
3 questions
Algebra Practice test 1
Solutions of Algebra Practice Test Part 1
Solutions of Algebra Practice Test Part 2
+ Logarithms
8 lectures 01:16:38
Resources and Assignments on Logrithms
What is Logarithms?
What is Logarithms?
5 questions
Laws of Logarithms
Practice Problems on Logarithms - 1
Practice Problems on Logarithms - 2
Practice Problems on Logarithms - 3
CAT-Past Paper Problems on Logarithms - 1
CAT-Past Paper Problems on Logarithms - 2
5 questions
+ Geometry
21 lectures 02:58:24
Parallel lines (Basics)
Practice Problems 1 (Lines and Angles)
Triangles (Basics)
Practice Problems 2 (angle sum and exterior angle Property)
Pythagoras Theorem
Inequalities in Triangles
Sine and Cosine Rule
Median , Altitude, Angle bisector
Practice Problems 3
Properties of Medians
Practice Problems 4
Properties of Equilateral Triangles
Some special Quadrilaterals
Polygons-interior angles, diagonals etc
Angle Bisector Theorem
Congruent Triangles
Similar Triangle
Practice problems 5
Cyclic Quadrilateral & Tangent to circle
+ Areas
4 lectures 36:29
Areas of parallelogram & Triangles 1
Areas of parallelogram & Triangles 2
Practice Problems based on Areas 1
Practice Problems based on Areas 2
+ Mensuration of 2 dimensional figures
5 lectures 34:29
Mensuration Formulae
Practice problems on 2-d figures
Assignment (Video) on 2-d figures
Areas related to circle
Practice questions on area related to circle
+ Practice Test (Check your knowledge of Geometry after preparation )
0 lectures 00:00

This test is to check your knowledge on Geometry. Questions are neither easy nor hard.

Each question is of 4 marks. Total marks 40.

Marks below 14   --- needs to prepare geometry once again.

Marks 14  to 23  ---- Geometry knowledge is 50%. Try to check the topics where you need to concentrate more.

Marks 23 to 33  ----  Good knowledge but still needs to work on a few topics.

Marks above 33 --- Good Preparation.

Test ( Geometry)
10 questions
+ Concept of Unit Digit
3 lectures 21:41
What is Unit Digit ?
How to find unit digit of numbers with exponents ?
Practice Problems based on Unit Digit
+ Simplification Problems-1
6 lectures 55:49
Simplifications based on Percentages
Simplification based on Exponents
Fastest method of finding square roots
Fastest method of finding cube roots
Simplification based on square and cube roots
Simplification Problems
+ Crack Simplification problems-2
5 lectures 38:39
Simplification problems Type 1
Simplification problems Type 2 (Complex Fractions)
Simplification problems Type 3
Simplification problems Type 4
Finding smallest and greatest from difficult exponents