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Self Hypnosis
Therapuetic Process for Change
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  • Open to New Learning
  • Trusting Mind
  • Ability to focus on recordings


I will be guiding you into a journey into self-hypnosis, where you can make the desired changes in your life. Old resolutions you have made... stop smoking, exercise more, eat healthy etc. They never work. The reason is that action comes from the unconscious mind, deciding is easy, the conscious mind is enough... but action comes from the unconscious mind and it has always been a disturbance for you, here you will dive into it, and change the very roots of your unconscious mind to create the change you truly desire in your life. Once you learn the simple art of self-hypnosis, you will be able to go into it without my guidance, you will be alone on the journey and you will be able to give yourself hypnotic suggestions... this is real growth, so further on, you do not need me, you have learnt the art of it... and now you can go on the journey by yourself. With this process we will be planting a seed into your unconscious mind, and we will be allowing it to grow and grow... to slowly go deeper and deeper into you, and the transformation your life can undertake with this process is immense.

Who this course is for:

  • Interest in Creating powerful change in your life
  • Affirming Positive Patterns
  • Replacing Mind Patterns for higher growth


Jacob Urban
  • 3.6 Instructor Rating
  • 5 Reviews
  • 680 Students
  • 1 Course

I am a Professional Hypnotiser, I have a Certification of Hypnotherapy Completion, when I started truly diving deep into Hypnosis I went to Pune, In India to learn from a Master of Hypnosis, he has been teaching me beautiful ways to create powerful changes and what triggers the human brain as far as sound is concerned, the sessions I do are still experimental in nature, as every individual has his own unique process.

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