Mastering QuickBooks 2018 for Lawyers Training Tutorial

QuickBooks lessons specifically designed for those who practice law.
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Create a legal company file
Setup and manage trust accounts


  • Basic knowledge of Windows and Introductory QuickBooks skills


Are you using QuickBooks in a law firm and finding you are coming across unique challenges? Well, we would like to assist you with that. During this media-rich learning experience, you will see each function performed just as if your instructor were there with you. From being able to set up and maintaining a legal company file to managing different trust accounts, QuickBooks includes several powerful features for attorneys and lawyers and we are here to help you learn.

Our courses were developed from our original classroom trainings. This helped to develop the curriculum of course topics we present that address the student’s real-world concerns and usage, and we understand the needs of attorneys when it comes to computer software training.

Our course design helps maximize the learning retention of our self-study courses. Each course contains different learning modalities that help reinforce the topics. We initially present each topic’s information in a course manual in a written, conversational style to provide a conceptual overview. These overviews are followed by instructions, showing the specific actions required to perform the tasks related to the topic. These topic actions are then combined with each other into exercises at the end of each chapter to show their interconnected relationships.

Each course topic is also enhanced with an audio-visual lesson in the form of a video. The video lesson shows how to perform the topic’s actions as the instructor simultaneously narrates the topic’s overview.

Watch, listen and learn as your expert instructor guides you through each lesson step-by-step. During this media-rich learning experience, you will see each function performed just as if your instructor were there with you. Reinforce your learning with the text of printable classroom instruction manual, additional images and practice exercises.

This complete QuickBooks tutorial includes the entire training for the software, but also extra functions specific to the practice of law. Teaching you how to be more proficient and familiar with the things you need to do in the QuickBooks software. Mastering QuickBooks Made Easy for Lawyers will include 23 audio and video lessons with 1.5 hours of instruction for QuickBooks Pro version 2018. Enjoy watching, listening and learning as your expert instructor guides you through each of the lessons step-by-step. You can also reinforce your learning with the written text of our printable classroom instruction manual, additional images and practice exercises.

Who this course is for:

  • Attorneys
  • Law Firm Employees
  • Law Students


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Founded in 2001, TeachUcomp, Inc. began as a licensed software training center in Holt, Michigan - providing instructor-led, classroom-style instruction in over 85 different classes, including Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, Peachtree and web design, teaching staff at organizations such as the American Red Cross, Public School Systems and the Small Business Association.

At TeachUcomp, Inc., we realize that small business software can be confusing, to say the least. However, finding quality training can be a challenge. TeachUcomp, Inc. has changed all that. As the industry leader in training small business software, TeachUcomp, Inc. has revolutionized computer training and will teach you the skills to become a powerful and proficient user.

In 2002, responding to the demand for high-quality training materials that provide more flexibility than classroom training, TeachUcomp, Inc. launched our first product - Mastering QuickBooks Made Easy. The enormous success of our first tutorial led to an ever-expanding product line. TeachUcomp, Inc. now proudly serves customers in over 80 different countries world-wide including individuals, small businesses, non-profits and many others. Clients include the Transportation Security Administration, NASA, Smithsonian Institution, University of Michigan, Merrill Lynch, Sprint, U.S. Army, Oracle Corporation, Hewlett-Packard and the U.S. Senate.

Our full-time staff of software training professionals have developed a product line that is the perfect solution for busy individuals. Our comprehensive tutorials cover all of the same material as our classroom trainings. Broken into individual lessons, you can target your training to meet your needs - choosing just the lessons you want (and having the option to watch them all if you like). Our tutorials are also incredibly easy to use.

You will listen and watch as our expert instructors walk you through each lesson step-by-step. Our tutorials also feature the same instruction manuals (in PDF) that our classroom students receive - and include practice exercises and keyboard shortcuts. You will see each function performed just as if the instructor were at your computer. After the lesson has finished, you then "toggle" into the application and practice what you've learned - making it the most effective interactive training solution to learn on your own.

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