Mastering Melodyne (How To Tune Your Vocals)

Tune any vocal or instrument!
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You will learn how to work with Melodyne
You will learn how to tune Vocals
You will learn how to tune any instrument
You will learn about Melodyne advanced techniques


  • No specific knowledge is required. This Audio Course is made in Ableton, but the techniques can be applied in any DAW.
  • You will need a computer capable of running any DAW.
  • You will need an internet connection to watch this videos.
  • Basic Music Production Skills is desirable, but not necessary.


Melodyne is one of the most popular production tools for processing and tuning vocals. In this series, Josh Isaacs will show you best practices, tips, and tricks using Melodyne to take your vocals, and even other instruments, to the next level.


In this video, Josh introduces the overall theme for the course and discusses what will be learned in later chapters. Get ready to dramatically improve your music!

Vocal Tuning Basics

In this lesson, Josh explains the many tools and methods that can be used in Melodyne to tune and manipulate your vocal stems, ensuring that even a mediocre vocal will shine.

Creative Vocal Techniques

In this lesson, you’ll learn that Melodyne can be used for much more than tuning your vocals. Josh will discuss various creative methods to take Melodyne from simply a powerful production tool into a sample-based instrument of its own.

Melodyne & Non-Vocal Instruments

In this lesson, you’ll learn ways to use Melodyne’s powerful processing capabilities on monophonic and even polyphonic stems of all kinds, not just vocals. Make your organic instruments sound their very best!

Advanced Techniques

In this lesson, Josh shows you some additional lesser-known features mainly found in the Sound Editor window to help modulate and manipulate your sounds on a deeper level.

Mastering Melodyne Recap

In this video, Josh reviews the various subjects that have been discussed and concludes the Mastering Melodyne series.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that is interested in music production.


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