Mastering Meditation For Busy People

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Life is hard. We run into obstacles, unfortunate events, and sometimes just have too much on our plates. Meditation is key for maintaining a healthy mind and body connection. This course is for your average Business Person, Overworked Parents, Stressed out Student, or just anyone that is too busy to have time to just sit down and meditate. You will learn about some of the myths of meditation, tips on how to meditate and what to avoid while maintaining focus on meditating.  I will take you through many tips


In the modern world, more and more adults are finding that their spare time is

being consumed by never-ending bills, work, and responsibilities.

As a result, they feel stressed but don’t have enough time to relieve or manage that

stress in a healthy way.

Stress can easily overtake your life and leave you feeling like you have no control over

your life.

When you feel like you’re drowning in stress, the only way that you can combat this is

by prioritizing your health.

One of the best ways to prioritize your health is by meditating daily.

This course is for you if you...

• feel drained at the end of each day

• seem to have more stress filled days than happy ones

• are ready to try to improve your daily personal and professional relationships

In this FREE course, we will show you:

• 2 primary categories of meditation

• How meditation improves stress relief and powers the mind

• How to use meditation to calm your mind and body

• How to meditate with affirmations

• How to create a daily meditation practice

• And much more!

  • Another reason you should meditate is that it often leads to a number of positive effects

    on your mental health. The reason for this is that meditation increases the volume of

    brain regions associated with positive behavior and decreases the volume of brain

    regions associated with negative behavior. More specifically, it causes the left

    hippocampus, posterior cingulate, and temporo parietal junction to grow and the

    amygdala to shrink. As a result, you may gain new perspectives, increase self-

    awareness, heighten concentration skills, increase empathy, and gain a better

    understanding of yourself. All the while, you may experience a decrease in anxiety,

    stress, and anger, which are all linked to poor mental health.

Who this course is for:

  • Business people, parents, students, or just anyone under stress

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I am a new Instructor to Udemy. I currently only offer the Meditation for The Busy course but I do have more to come. I also do a lot of other collaboration courses on this platform that cover things like making income over the internet, dieting and exercise routines and I have a series of how to courses for creating art coming in a few months.