Mastering Linear Algebra and Group Theory for 2023

Learn Linear Algebra Concepts with simple examples.
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You will analyze the solution set of a system of linear equations.
Learn elemantary matrix operations.
Express a system of linear equations in a matrix form.
Perform the elementary row operations for the matrices and systems of linear equations.
Learn Gauss Elimination.
Solve systems of linear equations using the inverse of the coefficient matrix when possible


  • Simple math basics


  • analyze the solution set of a system of linear equations.

  • express some algebraic concepts (such as binary operation, group, field).

  • do elementary matrix operations.

  • express a system of linear equations in a matrix form.

  • do the elementary row operations for the matrices and systems of linear equations.

  • investigate the solution of a system using Gauss elimination.

  • apply Cramer's rule for solving a system of linear equations, if the determinant of the matrix of coefficients of the system is not zero.

  • generalize the concepts of a real (complex) vector space to an arbitrary finite-dimensional vector space.

  • definite a vector space and subspace of a vector space.

  • explain properties of R^n and sub-spaces of R^n.

  • determine whether a subset of a vector space is linear dependent.

  • describe the concept of a basis for a vector space.

  • investigate properties of vector spaces and sub-spaces using by linear transformations.

  • express linear transformation between vector spaces.

  • represent linear transformations by matrices.

  • explain what happens to representing matrices when the ordered basis is changed.

  • describe the concepts of eigenvalue, eigenvector and characteristic polynomial.

  • determine whether a linear transformation is diagonalizable or not.

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