Mastering art creation for games and VR with Blender 2.79
4.7 (13 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
114 students enrolled

Mastering art creation for games and VR with Blender 2.79

Beginner to advanced, the comprehensive guide to game art creation in Blender 3d
4.7 (13 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
114 students enrolled
Created by Ludwig Heijden
Last updated 5/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Model and texture assets for the VR and game industry
  • Create beautiful stylized game art in Blender 2.79
  • Work with Blender's texture paint mode, create brushes and work with brushes
  • Create a VR scene in SketchFab
  • You should be able to use a PC/Mac
  • You should have a pen tablet like a Wacom Bamboo or different brand or type
  • Cardboard or better VR goggles and a mobile phone for viewing your result in VR

How awesome would it be to create your own game art or VR scene? Maybe you have tried Blender or another 3d application before but got overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Fear not, help is here!
My name is Ludwig and I have created this exciting course. I have helped game developers all over the world with their code and art with success. One of these games (Amico Ragnolo) even won an award! I have been a Blender user for over 8 years, like working with Unity, Unreal Engine and SketchFab. I would love to share my knowledge with you!

This course is for Blender 2.79. As you may have noticed Blender 2.80 and up is released. I'm working on a new course for version 2.8 and up. It will be released in may/juni 2020.

Content of this course

You will create a model in a stylized form like Fortnite, World of Warcraft or Dota2. You will only use Blender, so no Photoshop or other applications. You will not use any prefab textures but paint everything yourself. You will get your hands working as much as possible and most theory is woven into the hands-on practice so you will not be bored with long theoretic lectures. Each lecture you will learn more about how Blender works. You will not have to do the same over and over because every lecture you will learn new things. You will create materials and textures and learn how to apply them on your model. Then you will set up the lighting and learn how to render. In the end you will setup the model in a Sketchfab scene. Then you will setup VR in your SketchFab scene and you will be able to look around in your scene in VR*! It is also possible to view your scene with Augmented Reality** in SketchFab. This scene can be used to show friends, family and maybe more important be used in your portfolio!

You will learn

  • correct 3d terminology like vertex, edge, face, etc.

  • modelling

  • uv unwrapping

  • texture painting

  • make particles

  • set up light

  • work with HDR backgrounds

  • upload and recreate your scene in Sketchfab

and a lot more!

Come and join me on an adventure! Don't be afraid, it's great fun!

*For VR in Sketchfab a cardboard or better VR device with a mobile phone is needed **For AR in Sketchfab a mobile phone or tablet with a gyroscope is needed (for specifications see sketchfab)

Who this course is for:
  • You never used Blender and want to start learning Blender in a pleasing way
  • You are a beginner Blender-user and want to start learning Blender with stylized assets
  • You are an intermediate level user but have no experience in making stylized assets
  • You want to texture your 3D models using traditional paint methods
Course content
Expand all 48 lectures 08:40:35
+ Introduction and Blender Basics
6 lectures 15:27

I will introduce myself to you and you will get an overview of what you will learn in this course

Preview 02:18
Installation on Microsoft Windows 10
Installation on macOS (OS X)
Your course goal

This is the first QuizTime. During this course you will get quizzes so you can check your progress. You will get the answer after each question is answered. No pressure, have fun!

QuizTime: Shortcuts
3 questions
+ Your first model: A voxel well
11 lectures 01:46:03
Navigating the viewport
Getting started with modelling
Box modelling the well
Understanding UV-unwrapping

Check if you found the right answers in the previous quiz!

QuizTime: Your answers to "Guess the UV-map"
3 questions
Unwrapping your well
Introduction to nodes
Paint your well texture
Light, camera and render!

You have created your first model and added a texture! Very good!

If you want you can now test your knowledge by answering some questions about this Section: Your first model: A voxel well

Quiztime: Your first model: A voxel well
4 questions

Wow! You have made it through the first part and created your first model. That is a major achievement. Using all the theory you learned and putting it to practise, well done!

If you want to show your progress or maybe want advice from other users or me please do upload your render from 2.9 in the Q&A. If you want to comment on renders from other users feel free to do so but keep it nice and friendly!

  • Navigating the viewport 
  • Getting started with modelling 
  • Box-modelling the Well 
  • Understand UV-unwrapping 
  • Unwrap your well 
  • Introduction to nodes 
  • Paint your well texture 
  • Light, camera and render!

In the next section you will improve your painting skills. This is the most important section of this course. We will use the same Well model as in chapter 2 and upgrade the mesh. You will be surprised by what a better texture does to the model. Let’s continue, adventure awaits! :)

What have you learned
+ Mastering texture painting
18 lectures 04:37:12

Welcome again! This is the third section already. You have learned all the basics about making a model, adding materials and textures. In this new section you will learn painting like a master.

This is a very important chapter because here you will learn techniques that are hundreds of years old and were used by the old masters like Rubens and Rembrandt as well as newer techniques from contemporary artists like van Gogh, Matisse and Monet. Your painting skills will improve a lot!

You will need to use a pen tablet like a wacom for this part. It is practically impossible to get a good result with a mouse.

The pace of the course will be faster because a lot is repetition. That way you will not be bored by the same concepts although repetition is key when learning something new. I will not always call out the shortcuts specially the ones you should be familiar with after doing the first two sections.

Don’t forget, if there is anything you need to remember you can type B at anytime during the videos and add a bookmark or comment. You can always press Browse Q&A to ask a question.

In this sector you will:

  • Clean up your file structure and setting up your canvas

  • Go in depth with brushes 

  • Create custom brushes 

  • Do pen practice 

  • Learn the painting fundamentals 

  • You will upgrade your mesh 

On your well texture you will do:

  • Do colour practice 

  • Learn to block in colours 

  • Learn Lighting block in

  • Add shadow 

  • Add creases 

  • Add colour variation 

  • Add detail 

  • Check consistency and do touch-ups

  • Learn baking and adding margins

File structure and setting up your canvas
Going in depth with brushes
Custom brushes
Brush practice
Painting fundamentals
Upgrade your mesh
Colour block in
Lighting block in
Colour variation
Adding detail part I
Adding detail part II
Adding detail part III
Consistency and touch up
Baking and adding margins

If you want you can now test your knowledge by answering some questions about this Section: Mastering texture painting

Quiztime: Painting
3 questions
What have you learned
+ Particles and improved light and rendering
7 lectures 01:21:58

As you heard in last section you will take a little side step before you continue. What we will do is add a floor plane and grass to the scene to make it more complete. We will use a particle system for the grass. This all we give the scene a better ambiance

In this course you will learn:

  • How to paint a grass texture 

  • How to modelling the grass object 

  • How to make your first particle system 

  • How to make a procedural texture

  • How to Improve your renders

Modelling the grass object
Your first particle system
Your first procedural texture
Improve your renders

If you want you can now test your knowledge by answering some questions about this Section: Particles and improved light and rendering

Quiztime: Particles, light and rendering
3 questions
What have you learned
+ Bring your well to Sketchfab
6 lectures 39:53

High five... I mean Chapter five, Sketchfab! Maybe you are not familiar with Sketchfab At this moment. It is the biggest online place where you can show your 3D models. It has Virtual and augmented Reality possibilities and you will make use of VR and AR* in this chapter!

*(AR doesn’t work on all phones, see for more info)

  • Exporting and uploading your Well 

  • Adding Materials to your Sketchfab well 

  • Setting up VR in Sketchfab

Cleaning up your project
Exporting and uploading your well
Adding materials to your Sketchfab well
Setting up VR in Sketchfab
Quiztime: Sketchfab
3 questions
What have you learned, la grande finale