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It is all about Mastering AP Physics & going beyond. Emphasis is more on mastering the concepts of "Vectors" and their application in problem solving than just somehow completing the syllabus.
You become very familiar with the terms like triangle law of addition of vectors ,polygon Law ,parallelogram law ,unit vector , scalar or dot product, vector product or cross product etc .The emphasis is both on concepts building & problem solving.


  • This is much simpler topic to grasp in comparison to topics like rigid body dynamics etc .
  • Go with the flow and you will be there , sooner than you think.


Mostly, when a high school student initially flips through the pages of the chapter on Vectors in the textbook he/she finds it difficult to understand. Avoidance for the topic may set in.

In this course, I have tried to make the topic simple and easy to grasp.

Indeed "Vectors " is not difficult at all.

I have kept this course short and to the point. Once it interests you can choose from my other courses also on various topics. I suggest you begin with "Newton's Laws of Motion" as it works as laying a strong foundation in the understanding of all topics of mechanics, then be it Circular Motion or Gravitation or Work Energy Power or else. It is entirely your choice.

The course is kept free but that no way means it delivers less in terms of content or value. If you patiently go through the entire course, it may change how you looked at this topic.

In life, a little more effort and little more persistence and we can achieve a lot more.

Hi, my name is Pravesh Sharma. I am the instructor of this course. I am a graduate engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology-New Delhi (I.I.T) and also hold a  post-graduate degree in applied psychology.

The formal pursuit of  “Applied  Psychology” & "Philosophy" has truly helped me to serve my students in a way that could not have been possible otherwise, especially those students who have been preparing for fierce competitive examination. Long years of arduous training can shake or break the confidence of young students in their own capabilities to achieve and make it happen. The experience I have gained in all these 25 years of teaching and interacting with my students (and their parents many times) coupled with an elementary understanding of human psyche has helped them achieve better with lesser psychological challenges & hurdles.

Teaching Physics to high school and engineering students is something I love to do.



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Who this course is for:

  • Students in High School, AP Physics, Physics 1 .
  • Students preparing for Subject SAT and freshman engineering.
  • Specially for those young learners who simply love physics and are not bound by boundaries of syllabus. That may be the true realm of creativity , joy and excellence.
  • Students who intend to undertake a journey of Mastering AP Physics.

Course content

13 sections15 lectures1h 19m total length
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25 Years of Joy of Teaching Physics
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Mr Pravesh Sharma is a graduate engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology – New Delhi. He also holds a post-graduate degree in psychology. For the past twenty-five years he has been enjoying teaching Physics in classroom settings and grooming students aspiring to secure top ranks in one of the most competitive examinations known as IIT-JEE. Internet and platforms like Udemy have opened new channels to reach millions of learners and physics enthusiasts across the globe. He wishes to share his knowledge and help them script their own success stories.