Master Your Well-Being: Self-Development & Personal-Growth

Be Your Own Healer - Learn a unique method in 4 Dimensions including Yoga & Meditation, self-care & empowerment.
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Tools for self-development
Mindfulness Practices
Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work
Cultivating self-love and self-inquiry
How to transform your life
How to find your Ikigai
Ways to deal with anxiety and fear
Ways to relax and be more calm
Intuitive creative writing
Self-inquiry Practices
How to Master Self-Healing
Tools and techniques to deal with stress and\or depression
Learn true self-love and embrace yourself fully
Personal Growth


  • Be open for a personal development and change
  • Trust the process
  • Come as you are


Welcome to the Intro Guide to Master your Well-Being and Deepen Your Journey of Conscious Healing & Transformation.

This is based on a Unique Method works by separating the Dimensions - an aspect of our ‘self’ that usually operates as part of an integrated Whole but can be explored and understood as its own individual entity.

This is the mini version of the Inner Healer's course "Healing From The Inside - Out". To experience the course fully - please at our website innerhealer4d. com

This course is an invitation to actively participate in the creation of your life. It will take you to another level of intimacy with yourself with personal development. With the combination of ancient wisdom and systems for self-healing, blended with modern tools to make the practices accessible and easy to integrate into day-to-day life.

We remain authentic to how we have professionally trained, but understand the importance of utilising science, technology and digital platforms to connect with people, spread tools and techniques and reach as many people as possible who are seeking lasting change and transformation.

The tools you will be introduced to have been specifically chosen because of their effectiveness, simplicity and ease of integration into your everyday schedule. It takes into account that each individual journey is unique and highlights the important of first hand experience with taking regular practices and exploring the range of tools to see what works for you - in this moment!

Practice makes progress and through persistence, with the roots of love, you can shift your perspective, open your heart and change your life. It is the act of you showing up for yourself, for the good of yourself and then naturally for the benefit of those around you.

This is a course for those who want to step on the path, for those who want to deepen their self-knowledge and also for those who are already well on the way and sharing what they know with others - it is a brilliant resource for therapists and coaches to build your repertoire and toolbox while continuing to practice what you give in your service.

We have a special Facebook Group for course participants to interact and share their experiences, tools and tips that have helped them in their lives so far and also through the course.

Who this course is for:

  • All levels of meditation
  • If you want to transform their life
  • Interested in making a positive change in your life
  • If you wish to become more relaxed and calm
  • If you want to know yourself better
  • If you want to know how to heal yourself
  • All levels of yoga

Course content

7 sections18 lectures15m total length
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Self-Development · Personal Power · Health & Well-being
Inner Healer 4D Transformation
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Inner Healer is a holistic health company, platform and method focusing on the journey of transformation in 4 dimensions: body, emotions, mind and heart.

It is founded by two professionals who focused on cultivating their own self-healing and self-love practices and how to share this with others.

Inner Healer provides simple and effective tools and techniques to ignite and enhance personal power, self-healing and self-love to those seeking lasting transformation.

Our method is the separation, transformation and reintegration of the 4 Dimensions. We synthesize contemporary methods and sciences with ancient wisdom techniques that have been tried, tested and are delivered in a way that emphasises the necessity of personal experience with the roots of love.

Our aim is to bring out the true essence, the strengths and the self-love one has for oneself through our teachings and to deliver the different dimensions of the "perceived self’’, by acknowledgment and healing in order to move into the vibration of unconditional love for the "true self".

Our service includes but is not limited to; mindfulness, guided meditations, self inquiry, reflections and contemplations, yoga and movement, breathwork and creative writing. We offer one-to-one sessions, online workshops and retreats to those who are seeking to begin or deepen their inner healing journey.

About the founders:

Idit Nissenbaum and Jennifer Louise are both with backgrounds in the Creative Arts and understanding how fortunate they have been to study and train around the world in Heath, Wellness, Sciences and Philosophy.

Their mission is to synthesis powerful techniques and concepts with creativity, simplicity and love. To make these tools accessible and easy to integrate and implement into everyday life and work.

Healing Artist | Creative Media | Sacred Photography
Idit Nissenbaum
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I'm Idit, your friend, guide and mentor, and my mission is to help you fall in love with yourself using the power of art, creativity and photography.

I’m a multimedia artist, healing photographer, podcaster, conscious entrepreneur, yoga instructor, light worker and a self-love promoter!

I've been creating self-portraits for more than a decade, and I demonstrate self-portraits’ techniques and tips for using the camera as a healing tool to look inside, at the soul. I've developed an immensely rich, colorful and curious photography and a self-portrait as a self-love practice.

My mission is to guide and support people on their transformational journey to conscious and blissful life through self-observation, art, creativity, spiritual rituals and ancient teachings of yoga & meditation. With the help of my camera, I help women find their self-love and embrace themselves. I live a healthy, inspired life that is full of love and gratitude.

I’ve created Self-Love Portrait, a platform enabling women to express, create and connect with themselves through self-portrait photography. I teach The Art of Observation - observing ourselves and our form from the inside to the outside - from the inner world to the outer.

I hold a bachelor's degree in Fine Art & Photography from The School of Visual Arts in New York City, where I received the Chairman’s Merit Award, and have also studied photography at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem.

Committed to
 empowerment from the Inside - Out.
Jen Anthony
  • 4.8 Instructor Rating
  • 4 Reviews
  • 410 Students
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I have travelled studying the healing arts, spiritual sciences and meditation and combined this with my love of contemporary science. Being incredibly fortunate to take my formal training in Nepal and India, I am passionate about creatively integrating and sharing the synthesis of what I have learned in a way that is accessible to all. Yoga and healing is a place of deep connection, to self and others, full of incredible tools allowing us to be scientists, explorers and healers of our inner world and to grow in balance, kindness and compassion in the outer world.