Master Your Excellence
4.6 (7 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
33 students enrolled

Master Your Excellence

Find Your Life's Purpose and Know How to Achieve It.
4.6 (7 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
33 students enrolled
Created by Joanna Broughton
Last updated 11/2016
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What you'll learn
  • At the end of this course, you will be able to identify and change negative thinking patterns and behaviours, so that you can live your life with intention, in healthy and successful ways
  • You will understand what drives you and what holds you back
  • You will have challenged your underlying belief systems and created new stories which give you the motivation and courage to move forward
  • You will have an understanding of how your default reactions take control of your behaviour, as well as strategies to enable you to respond in more effective and helpful ways
  • You will be able to read the reactions of others and will be better equipped to respond to them in healthy and effective ways
  • You will have a series of daily strategies to keep you focussed on what you want, which will make you feel energised and determined
  • You will have worked out what you want from life and dispensed of the things you thought you should do, which were making you unhappy
  • You will be able to work through the coaching session, as and when you need to, in order to make your dreams reality
  • You need to ensure that you have uniniterrupted time to work through all of the material in this course, as you need to be able to apply your full attention. The course explains some complex ideas in an easily understood way, that is accessible for people who have no prior knowledge of neuroscience.
  • Although each video has an accompanying PDF of the key learning points, it is useful for you to make your own notes also. So, a pen and paper or electronic device would be of use, so that the material can be re-read in your own words.

This course is for you if you you fall into any of the following categories:

  •  You long for more out of life, but talk yourself out of trying new things
  •  You are not satisfied with the life you have, but aren't sure what you want instead
  •  You are trying to improve your situation, but you give up at the first sign of trouble
  •  You don't genuinely believe that you can do better for yourself, because of the beliefs you hold about yourself
  •  You have great ideas, but don't know where to start
  •  You are overwhelmed by your current stresses and desperately need this to change    
  •  You don't know why you work so hard getting nowhere, while others breeze past you

Master Your Excellence unveils the secrets behind all of these problems.  

Most of what keeps people trapped within their unsatisfying existences is down to their own thoughts.  Thoughts are planted by other people and by learned reactions to difficult situations and events. 

This course shows you how to recognise the damaging stories that you insist on believing, as well as what to do to change them. 

It makes you re-evaluate your systems for thinking and making meaning of the world around you, so that there is nothing left to keep you where you currently are. 

You will understand why you react in certain ways, which damage your relationships and your reputation.  

It will help you to create new ways to respond to stressors in helpful ways which give you the control that you need to be successful in whichever areas you are seeking to improve.  

It will also highlight many things that go on in your subconscious mind that you didn't even realise were contributing to your feelings of discontentment.

You will learn what really motivates you and what holds you back. 

Then you will learn to get into the driving seat and begin a new path towards success. 

The course consists of 12 videos, which explain complex issues in easy to understand ways. There's also a mindfulness session, and a coaching session, to get you going in the right direction. 

The videos come in bite-sized chunks, so that you can take in the information with ease.  

There is a whole host of simple and highly effective activities for you to complete that will get you to the core of your issues and will bring you out the other side feeling hopeful, energised and full of optimism and motivation. 

Some of these activities will lead you to big discoveries about yourself that will enlighten you as to why you may be stuck in a rut. 

Other activities will help you get into daily habits which, when done consistently, will garner life-changing results. 

When you immerse yourself fully into all of the material, you will understand yourself and those around you much better, leading to greater fulfilment in your current circumstances, better relationships and the motivation and positive beliefs to enable you to take successful forward action.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for you if you want to achieve a purposeful and fulfilled life and you are prepared to take positive daily action.
  • This course is not for you if you expect a quick fix and are not willing to explore what is happening beneath your conscious awareness.
Course content
Expand all 14 lectures 02:31:05
+ What is Keeping You From Success?
2 lectures 12:56

The introduction gives you a brief overview of what to expect within the course, along with information about the underpinning theories of the course. 

Getting Around 

In order to complete the course, you need to work through each module in the order in which they appear and complete the exercises relating to the learning.  Some of the activities need to be used daily, in order to create useful habits to aid self-development.  Other resources are for the purpose of discovery, which you will use in order to gain insights into what drives you and what you need in order to be fulfilled. 

Each module has an accompanying PDF of the Key Learning Points (KLPs). It will be useful for you to also make your own notes. The PDFs can be found with the exercises in the resources section beneath each video.

As you will learn in the introductory video, the material in this course is brought to you from the world of neuroscience. There won't be hundreds of complicated words for you to remember though, but you will be introduced to some important parts of the brain, such as the amygdala (responsible for your emotional reactions to incoming information, especially threats) and the prefrontal cortex (the CEO of your brain, which is in charge of your executive decision making). 

Take Regular Breaks

It's important to take regular breaks during study of any kind. Studies show that taking regular breaks improves concentration and knowledge retention. 

We recommend you take at least a 5 minute break every 45 minutes to rest your eyes and at least half an hour away from the screen every 2 hours. 

Don't worry, your position in the course will be saved, so when you return you can continue where you left off.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this course and look forward to hearing about your success story!

Preview 02:31

This lecture gives you an overview of what will be discussed in more detail as the course progresses. It introduces some of the key concepts of the course and introduces you to the main issues that prevent people from living the lives that they desire. 

Right away, you will find issues which resonate with you, safe in the knowledge that the following modules will enable you to rid yourself of your ongoing self-sabotaging patterns and replace them with new ways of thinking and being.

Preview 10:25
+ Rewriting Your Story
5 lectures 56:59

Here, you will learn about your values - what drives you towards and away from certain things.  You will gain a deep understanding of what is most important to you and what motivates you to make decisions about your life. 

You will work on finding out what you really want from life, from your heart, as opposed to what you think you should aim for according to what you have learned from other people. This is the first step to acquiring the lifestyle you crave. You will make enlightening discoveries about who you are and what you need in order to be happy in your skin.

Get Out of Your Head

In this module, you will uncover a world of beliefs that you have been carrying with you for years, which are the very reasons that you are not making the headway in your life that you are striving for.  What you will discover will open your eyes to a lifetime of bullying, which you have inflicted upon yourself. 

The "Beliefs That Serve You" activity will make you think about these beliefs from new perspectives. You will have written new and powerful stories which unleash the strengths that you already possess, but were unaware of, or were denying the existence of .

The Stories You Tell Yourself

Learn about the three zones which people live in, as they journey through life.  There is only one zone in which you will be able to realise your potential.  The other two zones only serve to diminish your efforts to achieve success. 

You will understand the need for courage and know that fear is not a sign of weakness. You will get to grips with dealing with fear healthily, so that you don't experience pure terror.

Get in the Zone!

In this module, you will see how your thoughts can get out of control and make you behave in ways that don't show you in your best light. 

You will understand the power that your thoughts have over you and what to do to make them work for you, instead of damaging you. 

You will come away with a new approach to avoiding over-reaction and understand how you can transform negative reactions into measured responses.

Controlling Your Thoughts

Perception Deception highlights the ways in which we decipher the world around us. It will help you to understand how you see the world differently from others and will enable you to be more empathetic towards people who don't share your views. This will lead to enhanced personal and professional relationships, reducing potential conflict.

You will be aware of the "Three Imposters" at work whilst you are making judgements about people and situations. This awareness will help you to re-evaluate the way that you make meaning from your experiences, helping you to uncover the untruths of your current reality.

Perception Deception
+ Living With Intention
4 lectures 44:24

Understand the damage that is done to human brains by neglecting fundamentally important processes. 

Learn about essential ongoing daily habits that your brain needs you to get into, in order to keep it working optimally, both now and well into the future.  

The Habits of a Healthy Mind

Here, you will learn about some key chemicals and hormones that drive us both negatively and positively. You will have an insight into the emotional processes that happen within your brain and body, as well as how they affect your mood and your actions. 

The "Mind-Health Log" will enable you to see behavioural patterns which will help you pinpoint areas that are in need of addressing, in order to give your brain the love and attention it needs, so that it works FOR you. 

Your car would not move off the drive if you didn't feed it the right balance of chemicals.  Your brain works in a similar way and we all need to know what we should do more of and what we should avoid, to keep it in tip-top condition.

The Chemistry of Emotions

Sink back and relax into this mindfulness exercise.  In just eight minutes, you will feel rejuvenated and calm. You feel better equipped to deal with what life throws at you, because, by focussing on the words in this video, you will be quitening your mind.  If you perform mindfulness regularly, you are training your brain to be able to do what you consciously want it to do.  This will help you to further avoid over-reaction.  

It is perfect for first thing in the morning, so that you can get your brain in a calm state, ready for the day ahead.  It is also great in the evening, so that you can stop your mind from whizzing around to all the places you don't want it to go. So, it's great if you need to switch off your mind and let sleep come to you.

Just make sure you don't fall asleep. You need to be consciously aware of where your mind is going, in order for this little gem to really, really work its magic!

8 Minute Mindfulness

In this module, you will learn some fabulous new habits, which are simple to implement, but will make a real difference to how you feel, as well as making your productivity more effective. 

The "Gratitude Log" is a real game-changer and you must put your trust in this exercise in order to really feel its magnificent benefits. I have to admit, I was a little sceptical when my coach suggested gratitude, but I have found it to be a real blessing.  Make sure you do this one EVERY day, to experience its true power. 

Great Habits
+ The Power of Goals
3 lectures 36:46

Find out about the benefits of creating goals, as well as how not having a conscious and positive goal will keep you stuck where you are now - forever.

Introduction to Goal Setting

Now it's time to get to work on creating your new goal.  By the end of this module, you will know the difference between a goal that will move you to where you want to be and a goal that does not serve you, so that you can effectively sculpt an outcome that really excites you and keeps you motivated to succeed.

The two activities require that you take a good look at the most important areas of your life to see what is most in need of some attention. 

You will also throw a spotlight on the things that you really want, so that you can evaluate what needs to happen first, in order to live your best life now!  

What Do You Truly Want to Achieve?

Finally, now that you are fully equipped to make decisions that meet YOUR needs and not those imposed on you, you are going to work throught this coaching session, in which you will not speak a word.  

Nobody else will see the thoughts that you write down, so really dig deep and be honest when answering the questions.  

This final exercise will set you on the road to your chosen destination and you can come back to it whenever you wish to, in order to keep the steam! 

You will need to pause the video when you find questions that throw up a lot of new realisations.  Make sure you do this, because you will get the most from this session by being completely thorough with your responses.  Everyone takes different lengths of time to answer the questions, so it is up to you to make sure that you don't skimp on documenting your thoughts and feelings.  So, only move on when you are ready.

One final word...

I hope that you have learned a huge amount of new things about yourself, your brain and your mind. 

I wish you the very best of luck and happiness in the new life that awaits you!

With love,


P.S. Below is a list of further reading, so that you can see where our research came from and find out more about the areas of this course that particularly interested you.

Have Fun!

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