Win Any Argument

Art of arguments
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Learn the basics of Logical Fallacies
Identify the main errors of an argument
Learn the difference between Formal and Informal Fallacies
Learn how to be objective than subjective
Assess the impact of fallacies on arguments
Provide a flawless conclusion with no error
Develop your critical thinking skills


  • No previous experience or knowledge required
  • Open-mindedness in learning new material


This is a crash course will help you understanding the core key skills to have a successful argument. Will help you to identify the main fallacies in any argument so you can guarantee a well structured conversation and a constructive outcome

Course Overview

A logical fallacy is an error in reasoning which may lead to a major failure in communication if not recognized and countered quickly. Learning about logical fallacies can be a priceless skill to be able to communicate effectively and convey your messages logically.


- Define what is An Argument

- Identify the two types of logical fallacies

· Identify the main errors of an argument

· Assess the impact of fallacies on arguments

· Provide a flawless conclusion with no error

· Learn to spot out informal fallacies in an argument

· Identify and counter the 9 most common informal fallacies in any argument.

Expected Outcome

-To be able to explain and apply the basic concepts essential to a critical evaluation of an argument.

- To be able to evaluate the logic and validity of arguments and recognize and avoid the common fallacies that occur in any argument.

Contents and Overview

This Course contains 13 Sections and 24 Lectures. and includes approximately 60 mins videos, Interviews and slides.  Each section concludes with a quiz that will help you remember what has been learned.

the delivery methods of the course are designed in a way that will keep you interested to go on with the course without feeling bored. as you go on with the course you will be so excited to go and apply the learnt knowledge right away.

By the end of this course, you will gain a priceless skill that will enable you to gain the needed confidence, knowledge and skills to successfully conduct any meeting and participate in any argument with a guarantee of a success.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to understand logical fallacies
  • Anyone who is involved in difficult conversations
  • Anyone who wants to master his Argument Skills


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Sam Zak
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Sam Zak is the founder of I conscious Awakening Coaching institute. His worldwide success as a Coach and a corporate consultant is supported by his unique ability to unlock the potential of every individual he has worked with. He is a charismatic presenter who engages you with his heart as you grapple with the content.

Sam is a learning & development consultant with 10 years of delivering L&D solutions to a range of different audiences including senior management stakeholders, worked for Google, Sirius XM, and Etisalat in the Middle East and northern Africa.

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Embrace this paradoxal fact to expose the ultimate reality”.


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