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Master the English Letter-Sound Alphabetic System Step-by-Step
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The Basics of the English Alphabetic System
The Letter-Sound Relationships and How they Underpin Reading


  • An English Vocabulary


In under two hours, you will understand how the English Alphabet System works.


The English Alphabet System has a reputation for being tricky. It appears that way, but it is not difficult to master if you study daily.

This course will teach you to master reading STEP-BY-STEP.

I have taught many students to read, even those who struggled and failed to learn to read in primary school.

Reading and writing are skills. They are mastered one step at a time.

It goes without saying you must practise daily so your brain can build the necessary reading circuits.

When learned systematically, the English alphabet system makes sense.

In this course, you will learn the letter-sound relationships and to read words at the same time.

You will develop the essential skills that underpin all reading ability.

By the end of the course, you will know how to read most English words.

You will be ready to read texts to develop fluent reading.

You might be a slow reader at first, so you read easy texts.

Reading children's stories will help you to become a fluent reader. 

Choosing stories and well-planned information books by well-known authors is a fun and interesting approach to purposeful reading.

I know you will succeed when you decide to do the course slowly and methodically.

You may need to do repeat some lessons to master them.

Don't put off completing the course. It will open up a lifetime of learning for you.

Who this course is for:

  • English Second Language (ESL) Students and English Tutors


Literacy Specialist
Marilyn Martyn
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
  • 84 Reviews
  • 7,578 Students
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I am passionate about showing people how easy it is to learn the basics of reading and writing English.

Learning to read and write English does not have to be frustrating or stressful. Nor does a student have to feel overwhelmed because they feel they are not clever enough.

I have spent my professional career teaching English to secondary students, all primary (elementary) school levels, and as a reading specialist.

I have tutored students in literacy as a private tutor running my own business. I have also successfully tutored adults who were struggling with reading.

I have seen first-hand the reaction of students who for years have thought there was something wrong with them realise they have not been taught properly.

Inadequate instruction is one of the reasons for the low level of literacy in many people. There are also other reasons which I don't deny.

But everyone must understand what is involved in the reading process.

Once a person masters the principles of the English Alphabetic System, they are ready to master the higher-order comprehension skills necessary to get the information from texts.

I am determined and proud to provide instruction that enables people to read. I know how life-changing this is.

My course on Udemy is a perfect way to provide this instruction to as many people as possible, children included. 

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