How To Turn Strangers into Clients Without Having to Sell

No Persuasion, No Objections Handling, No Being Needing...My unique Sales Strategy
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Selling is waste of time....

I remember in my early days of sales

I was perplexed by the nature of sales

There was something about it I wanted to figure out.

Like it held the answers to the universe

Like if I could understand how sales worked I would be forever confident

Everything I wanted money, women, fame...

I would able to glide my way through life with a winning sales smile

Some days I would have 'it'

I don't know what 'it' is

I don't know how I got 'it'

But I had 'it'

I was in magical state of indifference and confidence

I could do no wrong

I could tell the potential customer that I wanted to fuck his wife and still close the deal.

Some days I wouldn't have 'it'

It was as if the whole universe would just turn on me

Random harsh animosity

Awkward silences

Rejection after rejection after rejection

And then I would stink of neediness and desperation.

People would feel embarrassed for me.

Of course I value my growth and I look back on those days now as precious lessons.

That was not a waste of time.

However those 'good days' were over

Think about it

That day your sounded amazing and your sales pitch was perfect.

Who did you influence? 1 customer...

Who did you perfectly build the value of your product for? 1 customer

Whose considering buying your product? 1 customer...

All that time, energy and spontaneous magical sales state which is so hard to manufacture

Just for 1 customer.

Nowadays you an you use the internet to sell for you.

Cold calling is not dead

But selling is.

Below I've created a diagram of my sales strategy.

It's designed to sell, follow up and build trust over time in a automated fashion.

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HI I'M ZAID, I'm fortunate to have a passive income in an area that I'm passionate about, Affiliate Marketing

I'm Middle Eastern and born in Australia. I love my culture, religon and living in a country with abundant opportunity.

My affiliate marketing profits allows me to live stress free and become self-reliant. Beginning of this year I moved to Sydney and am now renting a nice apartment near the city.

Life hasn't always been this free and easy. Fired from my job at 23 years old, I spent the first next 2 years working as a door to door salesmen. I endured a lot of rejection and animosity before deciding to go into business for myself.

My first business didn't go so well. I bought Tai Lopez's Social Media Marketing course and set up an agency after 1 year I found myself burnt out. Cold calling everyday, closing resistant business owners, managing clients and setting up their campaigns. I was struggling to have any free time for myself not to mention the pressure of having to perform. Finally I felt completely depressed and moved back home at 27 years old.

It was very soon after this low point that I stumbled across Clickfunnels and knew everything would change. I'd found a product worth promoting and it actually produced a financial result that I was more than able to support myself on. Life would become fun again. I was no longer stressed. It was surprising how easy it was to get going and how much support there was if needed.

If you're looking for a way to be rewarded for your time and talent. If you have some get up and go and some energy to devote to a new venture feel free to contact me

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