Make every Project a Success with the GIDAR Method

How to Consistently Grow businesses using Information and Data
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How to trigger change upwards by using a step by step methodology.
Turn Information and Data into real Business Impact
Learn to use the GIDAR Analytics Canvas
Articulate Powerful Business Goals
The difference between information and data
How to source data for a solid analysis
The elements of a good data analysis
How to support change through data-driven change management
How to measure Analysis results
End to end project Management using the GIDAR Methodology


  • Know the basics of business analytics and business analysis
  • Basic knowledge of Excel or any other data analysis tool.


GIDAR is an Analytics Method that ensures systematic Business Impact.

Still today, 80% of Business Analytics and AI projects FAIL.

Why do we still struggle to make sense of the enormous amount of data available in the information era?

  • Unrealistic Expectations: Analytics requests often include “mission impossible” questions that not even God is ready to answer. There is no magic button that you can press and tell you what to do with 100% of accuracy. That is what you need a method.

  • Lack of Methodology: Because a company has the money, the technology, and even the people don’t mean that they will succeed using analytics. This part is where tools like the GIDAR Analytics Canvas can help put everyone on the same page.

  • Change Management: Companies must understand that we are in a speedy humanity period and that people need time and support to embrace change.

GIDAR Analysis method addresses these points for you to avoid the Big Data hype trap. By setting up SMART Goals, applying a step by step process and using change management techniques, you will move from meaningless Reports to Results. How? Delivering insights, triggering change and measuring results.

GIDAR offers an easy yet powerful tool called the GIDAR Analytics Canvas that ensures that Information and Data translate into Change and Results.

The Canvas is free to use, and you can download it at GIDAR.ORG.

My teams and I have used the GIDAR methodology for years with outstanding results. I extracted all the successes(also failures), uncovered the patterns, and developed this free methodology to not worry more about its analysis.

If you think that data-analytics is just a trend, you find it challenging to drive results or convince your manager that you need to change, then this course is for you. These 90 minutes training will change how you use information and data at work and even in your personal life.

GIDAR is a “Business Success Stories” factory.

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals working with data to answer business questions
  • Business Managers that want to see real impact in their goals
  • Data Analysts that want to succeed in their data missions
  • Marketing People that is struggling to make sense out of their Marketing data
  • Students willing to learn how to use data and analysis for business
  • Entrepeneurs looking to grow their businesses
  • Business Owners with little knowledge about data that want to start using it
  • Data Professionals in General
  • Professionals that think that Big Data is not worth the hype


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Santiago Tacoronte
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I have worked for more than 15 years for large and small companies and I have extensive expertise in business analytics and strategy.

I solve complex problems and simplify business processes using information data and analysis.

I am the author of GIDAR, a Business Analysis framework.