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Use Threads, Handlers and AsycnTask effectively in your apps
Build Full asynchronous apps that enhance User Experience
Perform network operations, download files such as images and videos in your app
Perform XML parsing with DOM


  • Programming Basics
  • Object Oriented Java
  • Android Basics: Activities, Intents and Fragments


The 3 primary ways of running an operation in the background in Android is using Threads, Handlers and Services. Though Threads and Handlers are primitive and involve boilerplate code, a more sophisticated way to manage background processing such as loading of images, performing complex computations, downloading Network data is with the help of an AsyncTask, This course covers the following items

  1. Processes in android, their architecture, operation
  2. Threads in android and why you can't use them
  3. Handlers and how they are superior to threads
  4. AsyncTask and how its clean and modular
  5. Handling AsyncTask lifecycle based on activity or fragment destruction
  6. XML Parsing APIs
  7. DOM API and a BlogReader app based on this API

Who this course is for:

  • This course is best suited for you if you are looking towards learning multi-threading techniques in Android using Threads, Handlers and AsycnTask
  • This course is probably NOT meant for you if you are not familiar with the basics of Android such as Activities, Fragments, Intents etc.


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