Master all PHP ideas 2017 to build any project
3.9 (165 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
23,318 students enrolled

Master all PHP ideas 2017 to build any project

Learn all practical ideas used in any PHP project to build any web project simply
3.9 (165 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
23,318 students enrolled
Created by Mohamed Amin
Last updated 2/2017
English, Arabic
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What you'll learn
  • Learn all practical ideas used in most PHP projects simply
  • Build any PHP project whatever it is simple or complex
  • Learn all practical tips used in any web projects
  • Learn how to start coding in a smart manner
  • Start your career as a PHP developer
  • Execute any request from your clients
  • Solve any technical coding problems
Course content
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+ Introduction
1 lecture 01:22

Brief intro about the course,it's content and what will you learn in each lesson

Preview 01:22
+ Building a Multilanguage feature in any script
2 lectures 07:27

How to build a simple page,and adding the change language feature at it's bottom to choose between different languages like english and german

Building the buttons to change between different languages

How to code lang.php file using different sessions.aslo,how to prepare different language files,and finally testing the multi language project to change languages between english and german

Preview 05:51
+ Security in PHP:how to secure your code perfectly
6 lectures 24:12

Introduction about the PHP security and it's importance to guard your projects from hacking them

Introduction to PHP security

How to use prepared statements that introduced in PHP 5,how to use it's functions like prepare(),bind_param(),execute() simply.also you will learn the importance of prepared statements in PHP security to guard against SQL injection vulnerabilities.

Prepared Statements in PHP :the best method to guard against SQL injeciton

Definition of SQL injection,what can SQL inj do?,what are different methods to guard against it using prepared statements,real_escape_string function

SQL injection:How to secure your code against it?

How to encrypt password or any important information using the most advanced PHP features which introduced in PHP 5.5 by using password_hash() and password_verify() functions

Encrypting Passwords in PHP 5.5 using password_hash() and password_verify()

What are best practices in PHP to secure your will learn different tips like how to check numeric value,how to validate form inputs using html5,how to prevent XSS vulnerabilities,how to prevent spamming,how to check who owns data in SQL queries,how to encrypt important information

Preview 03:33

How to use Google recaptcha service,how to register to service,how to add your domain,how to get 2 keys,how to code the PHP snippet that will display the captcha box and how to validate the anti-spamming image before executing the rest of the code of the page

Prevent spamming by using google recapthca service
+ Building an installation System for your script
6 lectures 18:58

Introduction about building the installation system,what will we cover in this series to build a full installation system that fits any project you want to build

Introduction about installation system

How to prepare the SQL file of the project,from importing project database tables,editing SQL file,adding separation statement that will be used later

Preview 02:33

how to build the temporary configuration file config.tmp.php that contains the temporary values that will repace them later with the database details added by the user

Building the temporary configuration file

the first part of installation file which is the installation link,the form that will handle the database details like localhost,db user,db password,db name

Writing the first part of the installation file

We will talk about how to connect to the database,how to get project SQL file,and how to iterate through it to grab it's content to insert project tables.

Writing the second part of the installation file

How to get temporary config file details and replace the temporary values with the permanent values which are database details that added by the owner through the form,and how to replace the temporary config file with permanent config file (config.php) that contains the permanent database connection details 

Writing the final part of the installation file and testing the system
+ Mod_Rewrite in PHP:a complete guide to master url rewriting
7 lectures 20:49

Introduction about Mod_Rewrite in PHP,it's importance and what will you learn in this series about mod_rewrite

Introduction to Mod_Rewrite in PHP

Basics to write a rewriting rule,we will talk about where to write a rewriting rule,how to write a rule?

Essentials of url Rewriting in .htaccess file

the 1st practical example to use mod_rewrite.this lesson will learn how to build a simple,short,readible urls for your project pages simply.

Short PHP URLs with mod_rewrite?

the 2nd practical example to use mod_rewrite.we will talk about how to hide file extensions to appear in the urls in the browser to guard your project from knowing the used language.

Hide file extensions in the URL using mod_rewrite?

the 3rd practical example to use to block images directory from direct access through browser to guard it from viewing it's content by any visitor.

Block users to reach to a website's directory through browser like users folder?

the 4th practical example to use to block any ip to view your website and how to allow a certain ip to reach to your website as ip of the admin.

Block any IP to reach to your website using mod_rewrite

the last practical example to use to display all pages normally without disrupting them after applying mod_rewrite in your project.we will use the best simple method to do that.

How to preserve files path(css,js,..) if you use mod_rewrite in PHP ?
+ Image uploading:how to build to use it in any script
3 lectures 12:37

How to build a simple,complete file or image to make form,how to handle uploaded file,how to store it in the server after uploading it in any location.

Building the Image uploader

How to secure file or image uploader by making different checking processes to secure your to check that the uploading file is image,how to check it's size,it's extentsion...and a lot of checking processes.

Securing the Image uploader

after building the image uploader,how to display the uploaded images in the browser simply.

Displaying the uploaded Images in the Browser (simple gallery)
+ Top PHP features used in any script
23 lectures 01:30:38

How to make a feature to approve multiple topics once from control panel before displaying them.

Preview 05:18

How to code a simple Ajax snippet to post form data by PHP without refreshing the will learn how to make the request,how handle data,how to disable inputs,how to perform the AJAX Query,how to output a successful message or an error message if the posting failed.

Preview 05:45

How to code a simple snippet to close your website or project against visitors 

Close website against visitors

How to make a brilliant simple feature to count number of views of a topic

Counting number of views of a topic

How to make a full currency converter to convert any currency by using the google currency API can apply this method and integrate it in any project you code it.

Preview 03:30

How to set the time and date of the post in the best format by using date() function

setting time and date of any posted data

How to make a code to set an expiration date for your script,after it,it will block script from working

Setting Expiration date for your script

Learn the most important SQL queries to get,insert,delete and update data in the database simply.

SQL queries to get-insert-delete-update data in the database

How to get real ip of the visitor using ipinfo service and how to integrate it in any project

Get IP address of the visitor

How to make a feature to check latest version of the script in the control panel to inform owner about the latest version and the already used version

Checking script latest version feature in your script

How to grab a topic and the associated user that he/she wrote it,how to combine between 2 tables like users and topics in the database by using SQL keyword "left join".

Combining 2 tables together to display users and their associated topics

How to select multiple options not one and approve them all once.and how to insert them once in the database

How to choose multiple options and executing them all once

how to code a feature to optimize and repair all project tables through project's control panel.

Optimizing and repairing project database

how to prevent duplicating data in the database by using "add unique index" feature

Prevent duplicated data in the database simply

How to code a snippet to display part of the whole topic and replace the rest by "read more" link to view the full topic

Adding "Read more" feature to your project topics

How to prevent duplicating post if the user refresh the page by mistake by using the redirect method

Prevent duplicating post if the user refresh the page

How to return to the same page you was on it after you logged in 

Return to same page after the user logged in from any page

How to display the previously selected option in the control panel,and how to add a feature to change it.

How to save selected option to display them constantly

How to build a search-engine in your project by using SQL keyword "like"

How to build search feature in your project simply

How to send email by using phpmailer library,and how to add beautify it by html code to send a perfect email

Sending email with best format including HTML code

What are URL parameters like ?page=,it's importance,and how to deal with them easily

Understanding URL paramters and it's importance in PHP

How to display database data in the browser correctly without disrupting it's shape whatever the language used by using UTF-8 format

Use UTF-8 to preserve database data from disrupting it's integrity

How to make a feature to replace the xx-xx-xxxx date format wih yesterday,2days ago,tomorrow simply like social media websites

Adding "yesterday-2 days ago" feature to your project posts
+ The end of the course
1 lecture 00:40

our final advice to get the full benefit from the course

Our advice to get the full benefit from the course contents
  • Basics of HTML
  • Basics of PHP programming
  • Basics of SQL
  • Basics of Javascript

This course is a complete reference for all ideas used in any PHP's an outcome of our 7 years experience in web developing.PHP is a powerful Language to build any web project .in this course,you will learn practically all methods,tips,tricks and ideas used by any developer to build a PHP web project.the advantage of our course it's simplicity,we focused only in a pure PHP code to make you more attention.we provided the simplest way to deliver each idea without any complexity.also,all lessons attached with it's final code files to use them as a reference if you wish to use the code discussed in the lessons later in your project.we guarantee at the end of this course that you will be able to build any PHP web project,you will be able to start your career as a PHP developer,you will be able to solve any technical problems your clients may face,you will be able to convert your basic skills into a real practical skills to produce awesome projects and distribute them among your clients.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone wish to convert any idea into a real code
  • Anyone wants to learn the practical side of PHP
  • Anyone wants to improve the coding skills
  • Anyone wants to learn PHP from it's practical aspect not academic aspect
  • Anyone wants to know all practical ideas used in most web developing
  • Anyone wants to start his/her career as PHP developer
  • Anyone wants to know the power and simplicity of PHP in web developing