Master a Financial Management Habit & Worry No More

Step by step instructions using CalendarBudget, you'll learn the habit of excellent budget management!
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (157 ratings)
11,834 students
Master a Financial Management Habit & Worry No More
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (157 ratings)
11,834 students
To teach and install a good money management habit
To put you in control of your money, not the other way around
To introduce a FREE and excellent money management tool - CalendarBudget


  • Internet
  • Desire to be in control of your money
  • about 10 minutes/day

21 short 2-5 minute videos intended to be watched once a day (or if you're eager, you can go through them all at once) that will help get you into the habit of managing your money properly

Using our tool, you'll plan for birthdays and vacation spending, budget your monthly spending and keep your budget up to date with reality and plan upcoming major purchases - even on your mobile device.

By the time you're through this course, you'll be equipped with the tools and skills you need to be a master of your own money.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in keeping in control of your money
  • People currently good at budgeting looking for a great tool to help
  • People who's money is controlling them and want a change
  • Wealthy people who want a convenience way to organize their money
  • People facing bankruptcy or credit counselling who need a tool to stay on top of their money
  • People currently using other tools like, who want a better way to PLAN their money, not simply react to what's happened
3 sections • 22 lectures • 55m total length
  • Overview of CalendarBudget's Budgeting Habit Installer
  • Day 1 - Overview and Account Setup
  • Day 2 - Bills and Income in the Future
  • Day 3 - Bill Reminders
  • Day 4 - Gift Spending
  • Day 5 - Planning the Next 3 Months
  • Day 6 - Your Money Plan on Your Mobile Phone
  • Day 7 - Drag n' Drop
  • Day 8 - Budgeting With Categories
  • Day 9 - Keeping Your Plan in Sync With Reality
  • Day 10 - Building an Emergency Fund
  • Day 11 - Consulting Your Budget
  • Day 12 - Highlighting Spending By Category
  • Day 13 - Planning For a Major Purchase
  • Day 14 - Reconciling the Easy Way
  • Day 15 - Responding to Alerts
  • Day 16 - Finding a Lost Transaction
  • Day 17 - Reports and Trends
  • Day 18 - Using Bookmarks
  • Day 19 - Getting Help
  • Day 20 - Making Budgeting a Habit
  • Day 21 - Helping Others

CTO @ Digital Marketing People, CEO @ CalendarBudget
Eric Poulin
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Eric is a web developer and online marketer with experience in technology and design. Eric has presented and engineered many websites and webinars and knows how to distill the important pieces of a solution into easy to understand chunks. Eric is also an expert on web marketing techniques including search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and social media.