Martial Arts Fundamentals of Striking

Learning how to be an efficient striker from home
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Foundational martial arts movements, drills, and techniques that cover the entire spectrum of martial arts
kick boxing


  • a 2 meter X 2 meter space to work in


In this class you will learn the fundamental principles of striking.  Techniques from modern and traditional martial arts will be presented and explored.  You will learn how to generate power with punches and kicks which will allow you to be better prepared if you're ever in a self defense situation.

Who this course is for:

  • beginner martial artists


Martial Arts Instructor
Tom Gillis
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Thanks for taking the time to explore my Udemy Video Courses.  I have been a martial arts student for over 25 years and have spent that time travelling and training with some of the worlds best.  I am a multiple black belt holder, am the state representative for 2 traditional Japanese martial arts, and hold approximately 60 law enforcement instructor certifications.